Simple use of layoutinflater in Android

. Some background boxes are often used in the project, but the prospects are different. In this case, you can use layoutinflater. CodeAs follows: Main. xml Inflater. xml Inflater2, XML Background. xml

Android Contact Analysis (II): Read contacts in actual practice, perform fuzzy queries, and return pinyin through Chinese Characters

Part 1Article《Android contact analysis (1): Relationship between data, rawcontact, and contactThe relationship between contact tables has been explained clearly. This article will illustrate some examples to help you better understand them. 1.

Android advanced 2: HTTP access network

Procedure: Generate request object Httpget = new httpget ("request address ..... "); Generate client object Httpclient = new defaulthttpclient (); Execute request Httpresponse = httpclient.exe cute (httpget ); Accept

Important attributes of Android listview

FirstYesStackfrombottomAttributeThe list you prepared after this attribute is displayed at the bottom of your list. The values are true and false. Android: stackfrombottom = "true" SecondYesTransciptmode attributeYou need to use listview or

Android advanced 2: HTTP connection get/POST request

  Procedure: 1. Create an httpget (or httppost) object and pass the requested URL to the httpget (or httppost) object through the constructor; 2. Use the execute method of the defaulthttpclient class to send an http get or http post request

Android contact analysis (1): Relationship between data, rawcontact, and contact

I. Preface: Recently, the task has been completed temporarily. There is one or two days of idle time. Therefore, I want to sort out the android contact to facilitate myself later. All database tables of Android contact have contacts2.db

Vertical and horizontal scrolling view of the android learning note-taking Technique

  Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height = "wrap_content"> Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height = "wrap_content"> Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height = "fill_parent"

Android advanced 2: parsing XML using the sax Method

Introduction What is sax? I used to only hear about Sax and sax, but I never touched it. I want to take a note today. Sax is short for Simple API for XML. It is both an interface and a package. Sax isXML parser with high resolution speed and

Full Screen without title bar for Android

This post is reproduced, not prepared by myself.   During the UI design, we often need to set the screen to no title bar or full screen. It is also very easy to implement. There are two main methods: Configuring XML files and writingCode.

Android selector usage

This post is reproduced, not prepared by myself.   Selector in Android is mainly used to change the default background of listview and button controls. You can follow the steps below to design the method:(Take mylist_view.xml as an example) 1.

Android development 05: linking and passing parameters between activities

Linking and passing parameters between activities are mainly implemented through an object of intent android. First, create a mainactivity:   Package COM. example. androidtest; import android. app. activity; import android. content. intent;

How to add borders to text by using Android notes

Bordertextviews. Java Package xiaosi. bordertextview; Import android. content. context; Import android. graphics. canvas; Import android. graphics. color; Import android. graphics. paint; Import android. util. attributeset; Import android.

Android advanced 2 asynctask implements asynchronous Processing Tasks

asynctask: asynchronous processing of tasks In development Android The single-thread model principles must be observed for applications: Android UI Operations are not thread-safe and must be performed in UI In the thread. In a single-threaded

Android advanced 2 Sina Weibo uses oauth to send pictures and text

I thought Sina's publishing pictures are as simple as publishing text, but they are quite tragic ....... It is far from what we think. Share it nowCode.   /** * posting Weibo posts with images * @ Param token * @ Param tokensecret *@ param

Android Study Notes: Advanced 21 wallpapers

Do not forget to add permission settings in applicationmanifest. xml.   There are three wallpaper setting methods: First, use setbitmap () in the wallpapermanager method () Second, use setresource () in the wallpapermanager method ()

Why can't UC jump in oauth authentication of Android advanced 2?

Oauth is required when developing Android clients such as Sina Weibo, Netease, and Sohu Weibo, that is, to open a third-party authentication webpage for authorization. After authorization, the user will jump back to the response and use up the

Android development my Sina Weibo client-user homepage UI (5.1)

  After the user login function is completed in the previous article, the development of the user's homepage starts. The main content of the user's homepage is the list of Weibo posts that the current login user pays attention to. This article

Android advanced 2 webview (browser)

I. OverviewWebview is a view that displays Web pages. It is based on your web browser or content that is only displayed in your activity.It uses the WebKit rendering engine to display webpages. It includes some methods: browsing records forward and

Android calls Netease Weibo open API

Today, I tried to use Netease Weibo's open platform to develop applications on Android. After the SDK for Java is downloaded, there are still some problems to use. But it was solved later. Next we will record the entire process to some friends who

Android advanced 2 youdao dictionary Development

This blog post only implements the feature of youdao dictionary and focuses on the interface. First, you need to obtain the API key of youdao development platform. Click Open link to apply for one. Use the data interface to obtain

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