Android learning notes: 14-pixel operations

In our games, we often see some image effects, such as translucent effects. It is not difficult to achieve this translucent effect. We need to understand the operation of image pixels. Don't be afraid. In fact, bitmap in Android provides us with

ADB problems of Android Study Notes

I learned how to operate SQLite in full accordance with the video tutorial, but still encountered problems, which I was puzzled. In cmd, enter 'adb' ---> prompt that ADB is not an internal or external command. I think it seems that the SDK has

Android library Summary

  Google Android SDK development example (3rd) People's post and telecommunications Publishing House Google Android mobile game design talents lecture

Gallery of Android controls

Gallery is the image library control in Android. Let's take a look at the effect first.   Source code download I. Introduction Locked in the center to display items in the list horizontally. Ii. Instances 1. layout File

Data exchange between Android activity 2 (usage of onactivityresult)

Main functions: A main interface (main activity) can be connected to many different sub-function modules (Child Activity). After the sub-module completes the tasks, it will return to the main interface, it may also return data completed by some

Android Study Notes: Advanced 19: Adding borders to images

  // Set the color Public void setcolour (INT color) { CO = color; } // set the Border width Public void setborderwidth (INT width) { borderwidth = width; }   Specific implementation: Package xiaosi. imageborder; Import android. app.

Android learning notes bundle

1. Introduction Used for data transmission between different activities 2. Important Methods Clear(): Clear all stored data in this bundle ing. Clone(): Clone the current bundle Containskey(String key): returns the value of the specified

Android learning notes checkbox

The checkbox check button is a special type of button with two statuses, which can be selected or not selected. You can now define the multiple-choice button in the layout file, and then perform event monitoring setoncheckedchangelistener on each

Broadcast of Android Study Notes (2)

Broadcastreceiver is used to listen to broadcast events (itent) To achieve this goal, we must register broadcastreceiver in two ways: ApplicationProgramCode. This kind of registration method is flexible, so we want to register at what time

Android learning notes: Drawing in step 18 and saving images to your local device

1. Create a bitmap image and specify the size; 2. Create a new canvas on the image, draw it on the canvas, and save it; 3. File directory to be saved. Note that if the written directory is "/sdcard/song/", you must first create (file. mkdirs ).. 4.

Android Study Notes handler (1)

Handler is a thread communication tool in the Android operating system, and the package is Android. OS. Handler. There are two queues bound to handler. One is a message queue and the other is a thread queue. Handler can use these two queues to

Android Study Notes: lineargradient

For details, refer to the blog post: Android learning notes. Advanced 15: shader rendering.   Package xiaosi. bitmapshader; Import android. app. activity; Import android. OS. bundle; public class bitmapshaderactivity extends activity {/**

Android video tutorial download (on verycd)

In other words, verycd has a lot of Video Teaching on Android. You can download it and take a look at it, at least it is very helpful for beginners. Certificate ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Learning notes for Android: progressdialog

mian. xml Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height = "fill_parent" Android: Orientation = "vertical"> Android: id = "@ + ID/Information" Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height = "wrap_content"

Broadcast Mechanism of Android learning notes (1)

The broadcast receiver (broadcastreceiver) is used to asynchronously receive the broadcast intent. The broadcast intent is sent by calling context. sendbroadcast (), context. sendorderedbroadcast (), or context. sendstickybroadcast. Generally, a

Android Study Notes: Advanced 16 bitmapshader

Introduction For details, refer to the blog post: Android learning notes. Advanced 15: shader rendering.   PublicBitmapshader(Bitmap bitmap, shader. tilemode tilex, shader. tilemode tiley) Call this method to generate a Renderer with a

Progress bar for Android learning notes)

I. Description In the process of continuous work, in order to prevent users from feelingProgramThe progress bar of the activity is required, indicating that the process is in progress. during some operationsA visual indicator that shows you

Android learning notes-XML parsing (SAX)

Sax is a parser that consumes less memory and is fast to parse. It uses event initiation and does not need to parse a complete document, instead, check whether a part of the document conforms to the XML syntax in order of content. If yes, the

10 development tools required by Android Developers

  The android SDK contains many tools to help developers design, develop, test, and publish Android applications. In this article, we will discuss the 10 most commonly used tools. #1: Eclipse ADT Eclipse ADT is used to develop Android

Android image processing Series 3-image color saturation, color phase, and brightness Processing

Source image: After processing: Below is the code: I. Image Processing Layer: Package COM. jacp. tone. view; Import Java. util. arraylist; Import android. content. context; Import android. graphics. bitmap; Import android. graphics. canvas;

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