Tips for using Android phones

Because the job isProgramThe relationship between members, familiar with the Android system, is disgusting. View More and more friends are using Android phones, but they are not familiar with some skills. I want to summarize this article.Article.

Android Study Notes 02: androidmanifest. xml source code

Androidmanifest. XML isProgramThe required files are located in the root directory of the entire project, describing components in the package, such as activities, services, content providers, intent receivers, and their respective implementation

Android study note 08: relativelayout

Relativelayout is one of the most common layout methods in actual layout. Relativelayout can be used to set the positions of a view relative to other views. These positions can include the upper, lower, and left views. Therefore, it is more flexible

Android study note 26: use of the image switching control imageswitcher

In Windows, to view multiple images, you can use the "Windows photo viewer" to switch between "previous" and "Next" to browse multiple images. In Android, you can use the image switching control imageswitcher to browse multiple images. The

Android study note 33: intent introduction and usage of intent in Activity

This blog post mainly introduces the concepts of intent and the usage of intent in activity.   1. Intent implementation process In Android, intent can be used not only for ApplicationsProgramInteraction between activities and services in an

Android Study Notes 25: Use of gallery controls Gallery

In Android, the gallery control gallery is used to display the image list. You can drag the image left and right with your fingers to move it. Gallery can only display one row horizontally, and the images in the gallery list will move left or right

Android study note 07: Framework layout framelayout

The framework layout is to organize controls in AndroidProgramIs one of the simplest layout types in the user interface. The child view in the frame layout is always drawn to the upper left corner relative to the screen. All views added to this

Android study note 19: imageview for screen adaptation and cropping

In Android, to display an image on the screen, you must create an image display object, which is imageview. 1. Common imageview attributes Before cropping an image, you must first understand the common attributes of imageview. Common

Android study note 24: Use of progress bar

When an applicationProgramIf there is no information on the front-end interface during execution in the background, the user will not know whether the application is being executed or how the execution progresses, at this time, it is necessary to

Android Data Manual 01: Android color code tabulation

In Android Application Development, various controls are often used and the background color is set for the control. It is necessary to color the control using different colors. In the Android system, the codes of various colors are as follows:

Android Study Notes 31: Dynamic Layout loading using the inert control viewstub

In Android development, this situation is often encountered.ProgramWhen running, you can dynamically decide whether to display a widget or layout based on the current conditions. In this case, you can use the inert control viewstub to conveniently

Android study note 23: use of the time and date Control

In Android, the time and date controls are relatively rich. Datepicker is used to set the date input and timepicker is used to set the time input. Datepickerdialog is used to display the date dialog box and timepickerdialog is used to display the

Android Study Notes 03: problems encountered during the learning process and Solutions

I encountered a lot of problems in the process of learning Android development. Fortunately, I finally got the solution through online queries. Now, I want to sort out some of the problems I encountered during the android development process and the

Android Study Notes 05: Layout

1. layout Introduction To adapt to various interface styles and meet development needs, Android provides five layout Methods: linearlayout (linear layout), framelayout (Framework layout), and relativelayout (relative layout) absolutelayout

Android study note 22: Image Color Processing (colormatrix)

In Android, you can use a color matrix to process the color of an image, such as a black or white image, a yellow image, a high contrast, or a low saturation. 1. Introduction to color matrix Color matrix M is a 5*4 matrix, as shown in 1. In

Android Study Notes 09: simple application of paint and canvas

In Android, you need to use the graphics class to display 2D images. Graphics includes canvas, paint, color, bitmap, and other common classes. Graphics supports drawing points, lines, colors, 2D ry, and image processing. 1. Color There are

Android Study Notes 38: Activity of four Android Components

Android applicationsProgramThe four components are activity, service, broadcastreceiver, and contentprovider. This article will give a comprehensive summary of the activity. Service and broadcasereceiver will also be introduced in the subsequent

Android study note 35: using shared preferences to store data

Android provides five data storage methods: (1) files: Use fileinputstream and fileoutputstream to operate files. For details about how to use it, refer to the blog "android study note 34: Using files to store data". (2) shared preferences: used

Android development dip and pixel Conversion

Displaymetrics Class-A Structured description of a display's general information, including its size, density, and character scaling ratio. Public float density; // screen pixel density value. The density value indicates the number of display

Android: development idea and demo of appwidget Widgets

Development Idea and demo of appwidget Widgets This articleArticleLet's talk about the development process of the "Window widget" (also called the main screen widget) in the Android system. What Is A Window widget? It refers to the independent

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