Partitions In the Android system


Hboot (the SPL we fl). This partition is the most basic boot partition (similar to the BIOS in a computer). If this partition is broken, it will almost become a brick, so we should be so careful when refreshing SPL. Boot. This partition should be

Android Rom customization knowledge

We usually package the upgraded Rom into a recovery package. Can be rediscoveredProgramThe identified and processed packages should have a fixed format. Some important constraints I understand are as follows: 1) it must be a standard ZIP package;

Compiled Android source code solution: [out/host/linux-x86/obj/shared_libraries/libclearsilver-jni_intermediates/j_neo_util.

This problem occurs when compiling the android source code: Bfind: 'drm/Java': No file or directory Find: 'drm/Java': No file or directory External/qemu/makefile. Android: 1107: Warning: override command about target

Slow Android simulator Solution

1. I have never seen anyone have a detailed test report on a Linux system. I am developing it in Ubuntu now. It seems to be a little faster, but it may also be a psychological effect. 2. If you do not use a simulator, use a real machine. amount.

Three methods for obtaining network images in Android

Obtaining Network images in Android is a time-consuming operation. If you obtain images directly, an application may occur.ProgramNo response (ANR: application not responding) dialog box. In this case, the general method is to use threads for

Attempt to use intellij idea for Android Application Development

Today, I tried intellij idea of jetbrains. Really good. The software runs much faster than eclipse. You can download it from the jetbrains Website:, intellij idea community edition 10.5 is the latest version.

Android Rom package and Package

1. unpack 1. preparation tools JAVA environment, signature tools, 7zip compression software Jave download: Authparam = mirror & groupname = JSC & filepath

Android saves global variables

Data needs to be shared among multiple activities or services 1. Custom Application JavaCode Public class demoapplication extends application {private hashmap map = new hashmap (); Public void put (string key, object) {map. put (Key, object)

Android HTTP Communication -- httpurlconntection

JavaCode String urlpath = ""; try {URL url = new URL (urlpath); httpurlconnection con = (httpurlconnection) URL. openconnection (); con. setconnecttimeout (6000); con. setrequestmethod ("get"); If (con.

Android gets the phone screen size

Develop mobile appsProgramIn addition to the underlying understanding of the API, the most important thing is the screen resolution concept of ligala, because various mobile phone manufacturers use different screen sizes, the presentation and layout

Android parses JSON

The android framework has integrated JSON parsing packages for us.First, a simple example is provided. JSON is directly written in string.Java Code String staticobject = "{\" firstname \ ": \" Steve \ ", \" lastname \ ": \" Jobs \ ", \" cellphones \

Android Development Environment configuration in Windows

Develop Android applicationsProgramInstall eclipse, Android SDK, and ADT plug-in. 1. Download eclipseHttp:// File =/technology/EPP/downloads/release/Galileo/R/ 2. Download the

Android Rom creation and Installation


After the android source code is compiled, three image files generated under out/target/product/generic: ramdisk. IMG, system. IMG, userdata. IMG and their corresponding directory tree root, system, and data. Ramdisk. IMG is the root file system,

Android font change method-typeface

In addition to changing the font size, android can also change the font style. The method is very simple. You only need to copy the corresponding font to the Assets Directory edge. The procedure is as follows: 1. after preparing the font, copy a

Android UI design tips

As developers, why do we need to care about the UI? Because the UI is better, users will feel that the quality of your software is better, and the first impression is better; so they will give you a better rating; so your software will have a better

Full Process of Android source code compilation-download and compile the android source file

The following tools are required to compile the Android system source code: git tool, Repo tool, Java SDK, and host compilation tool. My experiment environment is Ubuntu 10.10. The steps are as follows: 1. Open terminal Input Alex @ Alex-Linux :~ $

Android System Information Retrieval

I. Memory (RAM ): The total memory size information of Android is stored in the/proc/meminfo file of the system. You can obtain this information by reading this file: JavaCode Publicvoidgettotalmemory (){ Stringstr1 = "/proc/meminfo ";

Basic usage of Android alertdialog

Res/layout/Main. xml 1.0 "Encoding =" UTF-8 "?> Http:// "Android: Orientation =" Vertical "Android: layout_width =" Fill_parent "Android: layout_height =" Fill_parent "> Fill_parent "Android: layout_height ="

How to unpackage and edit and package the boot. imgfile of the android System

First, declare that this is a post. In Linux, you can use VMware to virtualize and download ubuntu.Directory1. Background Knowledge2. File structure of the boot and recovery Images3. General methods for unpackaging, editing, and packaging image

Android line feed

This example mainly uses the font, but android comes with only a few types. Although android provides the font reprinting function, I tried it and did not find it successful, so I didn't get it in the code, so I got it. Try again tomorrow and find

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