How to remove advertisements in Android applications

how to remove Android games Software advertisements: in many cases, we have downloaded an android game software, but it is annoying to get it advertised in the game software. Non-stop ads make people feel uncomfortable. When playing games, they

Get the ringtones and volume of the Android mobile phone through a program

It is simple! Audiomanager maudiomanager = (audiomanager) getsystemservice (context. audio_service ); // Call volume Int max = maudiomanager. getstreammaxvolume (audiomanager. stream_voice_call ); Int current = maudiomanager.

Controls over the edittext and the ime in Android

Android: Id = "@ + ID/edtinput" Android: layout_width = "0dip" Android: layout_height = "wrap_content" Android: layout_weight = "1" Android: inputtype = "textcontactmessage | textautocorrect | textcapsentences | textmultiline" Android:

Android Learning Series (5)-simple model of APP Layout

The progress of human science and technology comes from exploration. The exploration comes from the original discovery. Of course, the app layout is not so advanced. This article is just a summary.This articleArticleIt is a must-have knowledge for

Android Learning Series (11)-drag and drop the App list listview (bottom)

Next, let's move to the android Learning Series (10) -- drag the App list listview (top). We will continue to implement the drag-and-drop effect of listview. 7. Override the ontouchevent () method.In this method, we mainly deal with dragging and

Android Learning Series (3)-custom progress view and internal storage for automatic app update

The friendly visual perception and stable and error-free performance come from our pursuit of aesthetics and comprehensive consideration. I have always enjoyed it from a technical point of view.This articleArticleIt is a must-have knowledge for

Android Learning Series (10)-drag and drop the App list listview (top)

I have studied the implementation of drag-and-drop listview for a long time and have benefited a lot.In view of the fact that the content on the Internet is small and simple, and the specific implementation process may be helpful to everyone, in

Android Learning Series (2)-download in the notification bar of APP auto update

I have witnessed many upgrades in the blog Park. You also want to notify users of new features by updating your software. Yes.This articleArticleIt is a must-have knowledge for Android Developers. It is not perfect but useful for everyone. 1.

Android Learning Series (1)-sign an app (APK signature)

Blog writing is a kind of happiness, provided that you write something and share it with others is another kind of happiness. The premise is that you have a stage to show, and the blog garden is such a stage.This articleArticleIt is a must-have

Android Learning Series (19)-Offline app download

We recommend that you plan for the rain and explore the wells without thirst. ---- Zhu Yichun zhijia Maxim Offline download: downloads server data in the case of a network, so that you can read data without a network, that is, read data offline.

Android Learning Series (7)-app Message notification mechanism

Someone says,ProgramThe staff is quiet, but I don't fully agree that the noise of programmers is hidden inCodeIt is hidden behind the program.This articleArticleIt is a must-have knowledge for Android Developers. It is not perfect but useful for

Android Learning Series (18)-app Engineering Structure Construction

This article is a casual talk about how we can build a good architecture during the initial stage of project initialization in Android development.I don't think there is much talk about the android architecture because of mobile phone restrictions.

Android Learning Series (12)-drag and drop the App list gridview

According to the preceding Article In the listview drag implementation principle, we are also very easy to pull the gridview, the following is the same steps to achieve the basic gridview drag effect. Because the gridview does not need to be

Explore Android (2) jquery mobile

It was not long before the mobile phone was refreshed. Google released Rom 2.3.4 and Rom 3.1 and codenamed 2.4. Despite the fact that many of the large versions target very small groups, however, Android is still trying its best to catch up with the

Try Android (1) Air 2.5 & flex hero

I have been paying attention to mobile development for a long time, from the original Widnows mobile, to Saipan, to iOS, bada, Windows Phone 7, meego, to the current android. Because the work and mobile fields are irrelevant and there is not much

Use axure RP to design the android interface prototype

Axure RP is a well-known interface prototype design tool that can flexibly and quicklyProgramDesign prototype. Recently, I want to develop an android client and use axure RP to design a prototype.   Axure RP does not have a mobile terminal

Android calls WCF

In recent work, the project needs to develop an android client that calls the WCF Service to obtain data. I have never done Web Service Development on Android before. I checked it temporarily and sorted out a complete example. Download test code

Android Development Platform (Windows)

Here is a simple record of how to build an android development platform in windows. 1. Download the android SDK. The latest version is android-sdk_r05-windows. Http:// 2. Download JDK

How to get root permissions on Android phones

Use superoneclick to obtain the root permission of the mobile phone:Z4root, universal androot, and superoneclick are the three most common tools for obtaining root permissions on Android mobile phones. Among them, superoneclick has the largest

Solution to android-sdk_r20.0.3-windows failure to update normally

From: After downloading the latest android-sdk_r20.0.3-windows at, click SDK manager.exe and find that the content of updates/New cannot be displayed, so it cannot be updated. The problem

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