Start the activity on the android horizontal screen, and click, double-click, and long-press events on the screen.

Method 1 of enabling activity on the horizontal screen: In androidmanyfest. add the property Android: screenorientation = "Landscape" to the XML activity. Method 2: First add import android. content. PM. activityinfo; import android. view. display;

Menu bar at the bottom of Android implementation

AndroidProgramIn many cases, the menu bar needs to be displayed at the bottom or top, but it is not well formed for the programmer to call. A custom view is used to implement the bottom menu bar. The effect is as follows: Main

Use webview, webchromeclient, and webviewclient in Android to load webpages

in Android applications, sometimes a webpage needs to be loaded. If a progress bar can be configured, android provides excellent support, the following is an example of Program . Post it first: Main Program:  Public class

Android UI learning-how to use Tab

Public void setdefaulttab (string tag) These two functions are easy to understand, that is, to set the default Tab Public void setdefaulttab (INT index) Use the tab name -- tag or index (starting from 0) Protected void onrestoreinstancestate

Android: Use URL and urlconnection (multi-thread download)

Use URL and urlconnection (multi-thread download) 17.2.3 use URL and urlconnection The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) object represents a unified resource locator, which is a pointer to the Internet "resource. A resource can be a simple

Basic Android: page Jump and value passing (activity jump and value passing)

An Android ApplicationProgramThere is rarely one activity object. It is a basic requirement to jump between multiple activities and pass values to each other. Here we will talk about several methods of page Jump and value passing in Android!

Android uses httpclient requests to retrieve JSON data and parse the data

Use. Net to create an ashx file and the response. Write JSON format Public void processrequest (httpcontext context) { Context. response. contenttype = "text/plain "; Stringbuilder jsonbuilder = new stringbuilder (); Jsonbuilder. append ("{

Android: Fair

I posted a microblog last night, saying that I owe Android justice. Today I want to write an articleArticleLet's just talk about Android. Actually, in fact, I don't know how to use Android, but I am still a little fan of Android. However, when

Android obtains the home location of the mobile phone

One requirement is that you need to obtain a mobile phone home location and read a lot on the Internet.CodeI tried a lot of them, but it got stuck when I got to conn. setrequestmethod ("Post") and didn't study the specific problem. Then I checked

Android 1.6 is successfully installed on the first-generation iPhone)

From:   [Updated in 4.24]If you are a friend of the black screen after installation, use the new openiboot file to replace the old one:Http:// Look at the picture

Android Learning (I) Environment Establishment

Here I will not repeat so many installation steps. There are many articles in the garden to learn about. Http:// Here is a link.   I encountered some problems during installation: In general,

How to Use the SD card of the android simulator in Windows

  WindowLowerAndroidSimulatorSDCard usage     Step 1: Create an SD card under tools in the SDK installation path. 1. Enter the command in cmd To Go To The Tools Folder under the SDK Folder:AddCD   This will generate a M file named sdcard

Steps for using the SD card in the android simulator in Linux

Recently, the company has used android as a project and has never done this before, so it will inevitably encounter some unknown issues. This will not happen to the use of the SD card. I will search online and try again later, after a while, it

Common android development methods

1. // obtain the number of workers corresponding to each 1mm on the screen. This method is sometimes inaccurate and requires the standard DPI value private int getpxofmm (context) of the mobile phone) {// 1 inch = 25.4mm float mmcount = 25.4f;

Choose built-in ringtones and custom ringtones for Android

As the company recently wants to develop an alarm clock, it needs to provide the function of selecting the built-in ringtone and custom ringtone in the system. First, we made a simple demo. Package COM. example. mymusiclist; import Java. util.

Android Property System

 The property system is an important feature for Android. As a system service, it manages system configurations and statuses. All these system configurations and statuses are attributes.(Property ). Property is a key/value combination, and the key

Root cracking Principle Analysis of Android system (continued)

The above "Analysis of root cracking principles of Android system" describes how an application obtains root permissions after root cracking of Android system. Some netizens raised questions about the root cracking process. This article will analyze

Ndk Development Guide-android ndk Overview

Android ndk Overview Introduction: Android SDK is a set of tools that allow Android Application developers to compile and embed application packages in the local source code using C or C ++ source files. Important: Android ndk can only be used for

Android development-ndk Development

Note: This article is not original. I have referred to the articles of several predecessors. This article is just a bit organized. Reference 1: configure the ndk_r4 development environment in eclipse (Integrating cygwin and CDT) This section

Android JNI sample code

In this article, we will introduce how to use Android JNI through several steps, hoping to help you. You can modify the Android mobile phone operating system in the android modulo simulator to add various functions to meet your needs. So today we

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