Android development examples

Android Development Instance OverviewBasic InformationAuthor: Wang DonghuaSeries name: Android mobile Development Technology seriesPress: Electronic Industry PressISBN: 9787121173172Mounting time:Published on: February 1, August 2012Start: 16Page

Android Application Performance Optimization

Android Application Performance OptimizationBasic InformationTitle: Pro Android apps Performance OptimizationAuthor: (FA) Hervé (G.) [Translator's introduction]Translator: Bai longSeries name: Turing programming SeriesPress: People's post and

Android 4 programming Basics

Getting started with Android 4 ProgrammingBasic InformationOriginal Title: Beginning Android 4 pplication DevelopmentAuthor: (beauty) Li weimeng [Translator's introduction]Press: Tsinghua University PressISBN: 9787302301516Mounting time:Published on:

Proficient in Android

Proficient in AndroidBasic InformationOriginal Title: Pro Android 4Author: (India) Satya komatineni (US) Dave MacLean [Translator's profile]Translator: Zeng Shao Ning Yang YueSeries name: Turing programming SeriesPress: People's post and

Getting started with Android Application Development

Title: Android Application Development Basic Information Original Title:Android apps for absolute beginners Author:(US) Wallace JACKSON [Translator's introduction] Translator:Zhou ziheng Series Name:Turing programming Series Press:People's post and

Android 4 advanced programming (version 3rd)

Android 4 advanced programming (version 3rd)Basic InformationOriginal Title: Professional Android 4 Application DevelopmentAuthor: (English) Reto MeierTranslator: Yan Jianwei Zhao KaiSeries name: mobile development classic seriesPress: Tsinghua

Android Embedded System Program Development

Android Embedded System Program DevelopmentAuthor: Hu wenning Shi Yong YU Jun Jin xuesong series name: single chip microcomputer and embedded series Publishing House: Machinery Industry Publishing House ISBN: 9787111411697 Release Date:-2 published

Crazy android handout (version 2nd)

Author: Li Gang [Translator's introduction] Press: Electronic Industry Press ISBN: 2nd Release Date: March 2013: 16 open pages: 796 versions: 1-1 categories: Computer> Software and programming> mobile development> android For more information, ""

Android Security Mechanism Analysis and Application practices

Android Security Mechanism Analysis and Application practicesAuthor of basic information: Wu Qian Zhao chenyi Guo Ying Press: Machinery Industry Press ISBN: 9787111420163 mounting Date: May 2013 published on: 16 open page: 1 version: 1-1 category:

Design and Implementation of Android: Volume I

Design and Implementation of Android: Volume IAuthor: Yang yunjun Press: Machinery Industry Press ISBN: 9787111417132 mounting Date: April 2013 publication date: 16 open pages: 1 version: 1-1 category: computer> Software and program design> mobile

Seekbar Control for Android Learning

Seekbar: A seekbar is an extension of progressbar that adds a draggable thumb. the user can touch the thumb and drag left or right to set the current progress level or use the arrow keys. placing focusable widgets to the left or right of a seekbar

Android learning-JSON data parsing

In Android Application Development, common data exchange formats include XML and JSON. Each of these two methods has its own advantages. We can choose a suitable one in specific application development. Next let's take a look at josn data

How can I solve the problem of cocould not locate Android SDK!

I tried mono for Android in the company these days. When compiling at home, I always report cocould not locate Android SDK? Finally, the answer is found in monodroid subscribers! Write it down first and try it at night!  My android-SDK-windows is

Android private folder access

First, the internal storage path is/data/Youpackagename/. The paths described below are based on the internal storage path of your application. All files stored in the internal storage will be deleted when the user uninstalls the application. 1.

Android framework -- packagemanager framework

1. Next, let's talk about the activitymanager framework mentioned above. Next, let's talk about another important system framework, packagermanager.Let's take a look at the static class structure: In most cases, we use the getpackagemanager method

Android JNI development entry

 JNI is widely used in Android systems. The Android system is implemented in C/C ++ at the underlying layer, and the APIS provided in the upper layer are implemented in Java.Layer implementation. For example, AndroidThe mediaplayer class of the API

Android aidl Usage Details

1. what is aidl? aidl is the abbreviation of Android interface definition language. It can be understood at a glance that it is a description language of the internal process Communication Interface of Android, through this interface, we can define

Android JNI development entry 2

In the previous article "one of Android JNI development Beginners", I introduced how the Android Application (APK) calls the sharing library implemented by native C through JNI. This article will further introduce the sharing library implemented by

Android framework -- activitymanager framework

1. activitymanager is an important part of the android framework. It is responsible for the creation of a new activitythread process and maintenance of the activity lifecycle. This blog begins to understand the activitymanager framework as a whole.2.

Android JNI programming improvement Article 2

Document directory Global Reference Weak global reference In the previous article "android JNI programming improvement", I will share with you some understanding of local references. I will continue to understand global references and weak

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