Android competition calling Technology

The first research here is how to obtain the package name and main activity name of all applications in the Android mobile phone. // Obtain the package name of all applicationsIntent intent = new intent (intent. action_main, null );Intent.

Google's mobile operating system android will be 100% open-source

Google recently announced that their future mobile phone operating system "android", including the core platform components and libraries required for device development, will be authorized using common open source protocols. In other words,

Android Performance Testing Methods

You can use the following methods to analyze the efficiency bottleneck of software performance tests on the Android platform. Currently, Google has introduced a variety of test kits in the Android software development process, such as the unit test

Android porting on the tq2440 Development Board)

I. Current Progress 1. Android can run on the tq2440 Development Board through NFS Recently, I compiled the android file system and run it on TQ. This is more than the bin program of the pandatv version. The basic functions have been implemented.

How can Android capture system factory reset events?

After you click "Restore factory settings", the system restarts and enters the system again. All data is cleared. How can you determine whether to restore the factory settings? How can I mark the restore factory settings event? After the system is

Android camera-smoothzoom

Recently, many Android Developers are busy with camera in projects. Because most Android Developers are eager to communicate with each other, they are developing on simulators and working on hardware-related practices, (For example, I will record

[Android camera]

My understanding of Android camera will be written down one after another to gradually improve the camera network in the brain.     1. Two independent processes of Android camera Android camera is a C/S architecture that has been said to be poor,

Why Android 3.1-USB, MTP, and RTP

3.1Three additional packages: Android. Hardware. USB, Android. MTP, and RTP! USB, MTP, RTP------- There are three words, all bloody, so people are excited and excited. Why don't you get started with Google?     Android. MTP Allow

Analysis of simulated differences between Android [real machine] and [simulator] Touch Screen events

AndroidThe question of the difference between a real machine and a simulator is an eternal topic. Why can't you finish. The existence of a simulator plays a role in it, but do not trust it in everything. Unless you are an android pure upper-layer

How can I develop Android systems/applications without understanding automated testing?

I have been in touch with andorid for several months. I have always thought that as a system, application development does not need to understand Android automated testing. I think that is what testers need to know. As long as we understand

Android: Beat System and listen for the Home Key

This is an android study note about the home key.Proposal of proposal The android HOME key system is responsible for monitoring and automatically processes the captured data. Sometimes, the processing of the system often does not mean anything. What

[Android] Implementation of HTTP digest certification on the Android platform

Subject: Write an Android Application to access an HTTP-based data service system. To improve security, the data service system adopts the HTTP digest authentication system. The reason is that compared with the basic authentication method, digest

My android camera notes

 1.Use surfaceviewControl to display the captured image of the camera Android: layout_width = "fill_parent"Android: layout_height = "240dip"Android: Id = "@ + ID/surfaceview"/>   2.Details /*Obtain surfaceviewControl */ SurfaceviewSurfaceview =

Implementation of the expression function of the android Sina Weibo Client

This is a good article. I transfer it to my favorites. The highest level of technology is sharing.   I have been engaged in the android Sina Weibo client recently and have some experiences with it.The following ideas can be used to get the

Full introduction to Android CTS all pass

Document directory Solution: Solution: Solution: Android CTS! Goodbye fails! Goodbye timeout!  Why does the CTS test be performed on slave? The android compatibility test (CTS) and the associated compatibility definition document (CDD) are

Android determines whether a contact exists based on the number.

The contact storage includes two locations: SIM card and mobile phone. You must determine the contact storage space during the search process. The mobile phone is stored in/data/COM/Android. providers. Contacts/databases. 1. Determine whether the

Android gets thumbnails of videos and Images

1. When displaying the video image list and sending a multimedia message, you must display the thumbnail of the video or image when creating a slide. The display code is as follows: // ImportImport Android. content. contentresolver;Import Android.

Android statusbar titlebar Control

0 statusbar titlebar 1. Display hide) private void updateFullscreenStatus(bUseFullscreen){ if(bUseFullscreen) { getWindow().addFlags(WindowManager.LayoutParams.FLAG_FULLSCREEN);

Android shield the Home key operation

1 rewrite onattachedtowindow public void onAttachedToWindow() { this.getWindow().setType(WindowManager.LayoutParams.TYPE_KEYGUARD); super.onAttachedToWindow(); }   2 rewrite onkeydown public boolean onKeyDown(int keyCode, KeyEvent event) {

Android menu usage

1 static menu     2 dynamic menu 1) generate menu. xml   2) rewrite Method @ OverridePublic Boolean oncreateoptionsmenu (menu ){Super. oncreateoptionsmenu (menu );Menuinflater Inflater = getmenuinflater ();Inflater. Inflate (R. Menu.

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