Save preference settings for users in the Android app (Chuanzhi podcast video notes)

The XML file generated by the application is saved in/data/application package name/shared_prefs/name. xml. (/Data/Data/COM. sinaapp. Shared/Shared_prefs/ssun. XML) Sharedpreferenceactivity. Java source code: Package COM. sinaapp. shared;

Building an android development environment-android4.0.3

Build an android Development Environment (android4.0.3) 1. First download the relevant software 1). JDK 6 or above 2). Eclipse (version 3.6.2 or higher) Click to download 3). The SDK (android-sdk_r18-windows) is currently the latestClick to

Explanation of panoramio Implementation of the Ghost Map photo application in the android open-source code (2)

This article analyzes two classes: the data class panoramioitem used in the program and the tool class bitmaputils. 1) parcelable interface and panoramioitem class If you want your instance to be able to write data to or recover data from parcel,

Android bound service details 3: Use messenger

If you need your service to communicate with remote processes, you can use a messenger to provide interfaces for your service. This technology can be used to implement inter-process communication (IPC) without using aidl ). The following is an

Android bound service description 2: derivative binder class

If your service is only used by your own application and does not need to work across processes, You can implement your own binder class so that your client can directly use the public interface method of the service. Note: This only works when the

Android-custom title

The default title of Android only displays strings. Sometimes, to attract users' attention or make operations convenient, you need to customize things. The implementation method starts with the oncreate () method and adds Requestwindowfeature

Android instance RSS client development (1)

First, we must understand what RSS is: RSS refers to Really Simple Syndication (truly simple combination) RSS enables you to aggregate (Syndicate) website content RSS defines a very simple way to share and view titles and content RSS files

Two Android event processing models

Ui programming is usually accompanied by event processing, and Android is no exception. It provides two methods for event processing: callback-based event processing and listener-based event processing. For listener-based event processing, it is

Use pull to parse XML files in Android applications (Chuanzhi podcast video notes)

Service. Java source code: Package COM. sinaapp. ssun. service; Import Java. io. inputstream; Import Java. io. outputstream; Import Java. util. *; Import Org. xmlpull. v1.xmlpullparser; Import Org. xmlpull. v1.xmlpullparserfactory; Import

Android-verify that the Network is available

Connectivitymanager mainly manages network connection-related operations. The networkinfo class includes a detailed description of the two network modes of WiFi and mobile, through its getstate () the State object obtained by the method indicates

Context in Android

I recently learned about Android. I have seen few articles on context, so I can check it online. Context literally indicates the context, which is located in the android. content. in context, this type is actually long, similar to the handle in Win32

Android instance RSS client development (3)-RSS list and displayed on UI

Modify main. Java and call the previous class to obtain the RSS list from intentert and display it on the UI: Public final string rss_url = ""; // get the RSS address from the networkPublic final string tag =

Android official blog-memory Analysis of Android applications

The Dalvik Virtual Machine supports garbage collection, but this does not mean you don't have to worry about memory management. Pay special attention to the memory usage of mobile devices. The memory space on the mobile devices is limited. In this

Use listview in Android applications to display data lists (Chuanzhi podcast video notes)

Display Data lists using listview in Android applications Usinglistviewactivity. Java source code: Package COM. sinaapp. ssun. listview; Import Java. util. arraylist; Import Java. util. hashmap; Import Java. util. list; Import android. app.

Custom coordinate implementation of popupwindow in Android

In Android, the position of popupwindow is usually determined by the showasdropdown function. This function has two overload functions, which are defined as follows: Public void showasdropdown (view anchor) { showasdropdown (anchor, 0, 0); }

Android-imageview: select a local image or take a photo

I recently wrote a project and encountered it. Record it here .... Import Java. io. bytearrayoutputstream; Import Java. io. inputstream; Import android. app. activity; Import android. app. alertdialog; Import android. content. contentresolver;

Use the gridview in Android applications to implement data grid display

In Android applications, the following figure shows the source code of usinggridview. Java in a data grid: Package COM. sinaapp. ssun. girdview; Import Java. util. *; Import android. app. activity; Import android. OS. bundle; Import android.

Android SDK Android ndk official download address (update and Version Download)

Android SDK Android ndk official Android SDK Windows Http:// Http:// Linux (i386) Http:// Mac OS X

Main Process for Android 2.1 to 2.2

Now I want to tell you how to brush 1.5 to 2.1 and 2.1 to 2.2. Note: I will summarize the names of other experts. I will list them here. Because they are invisible masters. If you do not understand anything, do not follow the steps.I don't

Android common sense [·]

1: What is Android API?Application Programming Interface (Application Programming Interface) is a number of predefined functions to provide applications and developers with the ability to access a group of routines based on a software or hardware,

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