First day of basic Android Learning

Today is the first day to officially start learning Android. A month ago, after setting up the environment and running Hello world, I never paid much attention to it. I chose the book "android SDK development example book 2". Today I will introduce

Implementation of a three-level linkage address list for Android province, city, and district

In the previous article, we introduced how to obtain data from provinces, cities, and cities. Now we will introduce an example of how to use the spinner control to implement Level 3 linkage between provinces, cities, and cities. The following code

Socket Communication in Android

Public class socketclient { Public Boolean mclientflag = false; Private Static Socket Client; Public socketclient () { Log. D ("winestock", "winestock socketclient ()"); Client = new socket (); } Public socketclient (string hostname, int iport) {

Example of using WebService to verify user logon in Android

I have made two Android projects some time ago. Now I want to take the time to summarize some of these knowledge points, so I can further study them. Because mobile client development generally involves dealing with servers, user login verification

How to check network connection status in Android

In Android, many applications need to check the network connection status. The following describes how to detect network connections: /* Check the network connection status */Public static Boolean checknetwork (){Boolean result;Connectivitymanager

Android Application Development basics: Application Fundamentals Chinese Translation of Android Dev Guide

Note: I recently joined the android Chinese translation group to provide better translation services. This section has completed the first draft and submitted for review and verification. The following is an incomplete version and is not recommended

Android menu details (4) -- use context menu contextmenu

Previously, the option menu was described in details in "android menu details (II) -- create and respond to option Menus" and "android menu details (iii) -- submenu and iconmenu, sub-menu and Icon menu. Next, let's talk about another widely used

Android menu details (5)-use XML to generate menus

Looking back at the previous articles, we add menu items directly to the code and group menu items. This is a traditional practice and it has some shortcomings. For example, to respond to each menu item, we need to use constants to save the ID of

Android menu details (1) -- Understanding the menu in Android

Preface Today, I read the menu in pro Android 3 and have a better understanding of the entire menu system of Android. So I will take some notes to share with you. PS: strongly recommendedPro Android 3It is the best Android book I have seen so far.

Android menu details (2) -- create and respond to option menus

In the previous article, "android menu details (1) -- Understanding menu in Android" briefly introduces the menu of Android, today, let's take a look at how to create and respond to the most common options menu through code ).Create Options Menu As

Android menu details (3) -- submenu and iconmenu

In the previous article, we introduced how to create and respond to option menus in Android. Today we will explore sub-menus and Icon menus.Sub menu   A sub-Menu provides a natural way to organize menu items. It is widely used in GUI Design of

[Android] progressdialog

Package com. Shao. Android; Import java. util. Random; Import Android. App. activity;Import Android. App. progressdialog;Import Android. content. dialoginterface;Import Android. OS. Bundle;Import Android. OS. Handler;Import Android. OS.

[Android] Notification usage

  Package com. noti. activity;   Import Android. App. activity; Import Android. App. notification; Import Android. App. icationicationmanager; Import Android. App. pendingintent; Import Android. content. context; Import Android. content.

[Android] alertdialog display time

Import java. Text. simpledateformat;Import java. util. date; Import Android. App. activity;Import Android. App. alertdialog;Import Android. content. intent;Import Android. OS. Bundle;Import Android. View. view;Import Android. View. View.

Clever solution to slow loading of Android Time Zone

When switching the language in the Android system, it will bring an interesting BUG: simpledateformat takes a long time to process the "Z" Time Zone Field. If you call this method multiple times in a listview, you will find that the listview is not

Call the system front camera in the Android system

Starting from Android 2.3 Gingerbread, native supports front cameras. Next we will look at how to call the front camera in the program. The first method is to use mediastore to call the system's native camera. Intent intent = new intent

Android [call, send and receive text messages]

1. call; Edittext mobiletext = (edittext) findviewbyid (R. Id. Mobile ); String mobile = mobiletext. gettext (). tostring (); Intent intent = new intent (); Intent. setaction ("android. Intent. Action. Call "); Intent. setdata (URI. parse ("Tel:" +

What Is parcel in Android?

Parcel, which means "packaging. What about packaging? It is for serialization. If you want to pass an integer between processes, it is easy to directly pass the line; if you want to pass a string, it is a little complicated: You need to first

Useful Android code snippets

1: Check whether there is a memory card inserted String status = environment. getexternalstoragestate (); If (status. Equals (enviroment. media_mounted )) { SD card insertion }   2: Make an activity transparent   Layout is not set in

Android Development: What is ibinder?

The previous response briefly describes the principle of inter-process transfer of class objects. before talking about parcel, we should first talk about something: ibinder.What is ibinder? First, you must understand that android remote calls (cross-

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