Android UI utils-simple and practical Android interface tool

ArticleDirectory I. Android asset Studio Ii. Android design Preview Some developers may feel that the user interface design and implementation in Android development is simple and troublesome, and there is a lack of effective help

Android-get installed program information

The Android software information is stored in packageinfo,ApplicationinfoIt mainly includesName, package tag, version, and Icon Information, Source code: Import Java. util. arraylist; Import Java. util. hashmap; Import Java. util.

Android data storage-file storage

There are five ways to store data on the Android platform:1. File storage data;2. Use sharedpreferences to store data;3. SQLite database stores data;4. Use contentprovider to store data;5. network storage data;Here we will introduce file storage:The

Android-create shortcuts and determine whether a shortcut has been created

Generally, shortcuts are not automatically created after the android application is installed. Therefore, you can implement shortcuts when the application is started. Permission required The attribute of the activity corresponding to the shortcut

Android-two methods for obtaining the file ID by file name

In Android, we often use the resource file ID to replace this resource, such as R. drawable .***, The following describes how to obtain the resource ID through the file name: 1. Use the getidentifier (string name, string deftype, string defpackage)

Android Development: What Is parcel (2)

The previous response explains ibinder. This is a detailed explanation of parcel. The following is an explanation of the android SDK documentation:Parcel is a container mainly used to store serialized data, which can then be passed between processes

Use of Android-Vibrator

The vibration in the Android mobile phone is implemented by vibrator. To set a vibration event, you need to know the duration and cycle of the vibration. In Android, the vibration time is calculated in one millisecond (1/1000 seconds). Therefore, if

Android-Get the phone status

Whether it is a call or call, the system broadcast will send the corresponding message, we can listen to the broadcast to get the phone status. First, configure your own broadcastreceiver in the manifest file and declare the permissions.

Android-imitation qqtab

xmlns: Android = "" Android: Id = "@ + ID/root" Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height = "fill_parent" Android: orientation = "vertical" Android: layout_width = "fill_parent"

Android-use the struts2 server to interact with Android

I. server side: First, build the struts2 environment and import necessary class libraries. Web. xml file: xmlns = "" xmlns: xsi = "" xsi: schemalocation =

Android Base Station Location Based on geolocationapi

API address for Sending format: {"Location ":{"Latitude": 51.0,"Longpolling":-0.1,"Altitude": 30.1,"Accuracy": 1200.1,"Altitude_accuracy": 10.1,"Address ":{"Street_number": "100 ","Street":

Android-multi-touch implementation

Android multi-touch is essentially supported by LCD drivers and programming. Currently, mobile phones that use capacitive screen touch can support multi-touch multitouch technology, provides a better user experience for webpage scaling and gesture

Android-SMS Query

Main Structure of SMS: _ Id => short message number, for example, 100 Thread_id => the dialog number, for example, 100 Address => sender address, mobile phone number. For example, + 8613811810000 Person => sender. A number is returned, which

Android control-twolinelistitem

Twolinelistitem inherits Android. widget. relativelayout. It is composed of two subviews and is usually used in listview. It requires two textviews (the id value is text1 and text2), and an optional third view (the id value is selectedicon)

Study Notes on Android RIL source code: javasril_event

The android source code directory hardware/RIL/libril contains a total of five C/CPP files: ril_commands.h, ril_unsol_commands.h, ril_event.h, ril_event.cpp, and rIL. cpp. This article mainly analyzes the code of ril_event. Ril_event mainly

Introduction to Android Image Processing-image storage and metadata

Android provides content providers for data sharing between applications. providers provide standard interfaces for storing and retrieving various types of data. The standard content provider for images, audios, and videos is mediastore. 1)

Introduction to Android image processing Ghost uses the built-in camera application for Image Capture

In Android, you can simply use intent to obtain the functions provided by installed applications. It is one of the key components of Android and has two main functions: one is to trigger the functions provided by other applications, and the other is

Android-XML parsing Dom, sax, pull

There are three common tools for parsing XML on the Android platform: Dom, sax, and pull. First, Dom, It features full loading at a time. If the data size is small, it is still efficient. If the XML file is large, the speed will be slow. Method 2:

Study Notes on Android RIL source code: FIG (1)

The android source code directory hardware/RIL/libril contains a total of five C/CPP files: ril_commands.h, ril_unsol_commands.h, ril_event.h, ril_event.cpp, and rIL. cpp. This article mainly analyzes the two headers related to commands. These two

Android-conversational chat effect implementation

The text messaging software for Android, such as Mi text messages, has a conversational chat effect. I personally feel very good. Now I can simply imitate it. The effect is as follows: To achieve this, two different XML layout files are

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