About accessing the local address of the android Simulator

The android simulator uses it as localhost, that is,CodeAccess using localhost or! This cannot be done!If you want to access your computer on the simulator, use the built-in Android IP address. is the specific IP address

Android gets screen resolution and displaymetrics Overview)

Android can be set to adjust the zoom ratio with the window size, but even so, the mobile phoneProgramDesigners still need to know the border of the mobile phone screen to avoid layout deformation caused by scaling. The resolution information of

Solution to WiFi connection failure of Android

    In recent tests, mobile phones often fail to connect to wifi, and "Restore factory settings" cannot connect to wifi. after endless searches and flashing, there is still no solution, later, I finally found the third solution to solve my problem

About Android integrated development environment-Introduction of jar package errors

  I recently went to the android official website and found an integrated development environment. It feels good to download and use it. However, when I use an external jar package, I often report an error. I have solved this problem. Today I have

A program for reading contact information in Android, including reading the contact name, mobile phone number, and email address

1: androidmanifest. XML content It is important to set up a test environment and add the permission to read and write contact information. 2:

Android unit test JUnit

During project creation, unit tests are usually required to test whether the code you write runs normally. Some potential bugs can be killed at the birth stage of the program, in particular, for large-scale projects that cooperate with teams, unit

Language switching for Android applications

Recently, the language switching function was used in the project. The first thought was the resource file. That's right. Create a folder values-en in the resource file and create a strings in it. XML, put strings in the default values folder. copy

About getting the Wi-Fi-IP address of Android

When I was working on a project recently, I encountered a small problem and recorded it in my blog. Because the project needs to obtain the WiFi-IP address of the current Android system, it is habitually searched on the Internet, and a code segment

Android sending information Simulation System

The Android system already has the familiar and commonly used sending information function, which is called the activity in the program, sometimes we need to call this application when writing an android program to send information through our

Problems in android unit testing

Yesterday I also just summarized an article on unit testing in my blog. Who knows that I encountered a problem when I wrote a unit test this afternoon and had to solve it until now. The following problem is always prompted during unit test

Android File Access

Today, I learned about the file access technology of Android, and many times I need to use file access functions in Android, that is, we can store the desired file, read the file content, and perform other operations on our mobile phone or SD card

Android stores data to sdcard

The previous time I wrote common android operations on file access. During Android development, you will also encounter access operations to files on sdcard. The following operations write data to sdcard: 1 public void saveToSDCard(String filename,

Android dialing device

During Development in the android simulator, you sometimes need to simulate the call function. Because the simulator cannot be directly used as a real machine, we need to simulate a real machine call in the simulator, first, you need to create two

Detailed description of activity Startup Mode in Android

In Android, each interface is an activity. Switching an interface operation is actually an instantiation operation between multiple different activities. In Android, the start mode of the activity determines the start mode of the activity. There are

Android SMS listener

The SMS listener obtains the content, time, sender, and other information of the information when it receives the information, and then processes the information, which can shield the user from seeing the information, forwarding it, or sending it to

Study Notes on inter-process communication mechanism of Android IPC

I. What methods does the Linux system use for inter-process communication? 1. Socket; 2. Name pipe name pipeline; 3. Message Queue; 4. Singal semaphore; 5. share memory shared memory;   2. What is the communication mode of the Java System? 1. Socket;


This article briefly introduces the order and difference of the four values in the margin and padding attributes. The order of the four values in the margin and padding attributes is: Top right bottom left, which is listed clockwise.   Are you

Android Development notes-ndk programming example

On Android, most applications are developed based on Java. To use C or C ++ programs or libraries, you need to use ndk. Ndk is short for Native Development Kit. It is a tool set that integrates the cross-compiling environment of Android and provides

Download the android open-source project source code (continuously updated)

Address: http://www.cnblogs.com/salam/archive/2010/10/26/1861779.htmlRecently I have collected some open-source projects that provide source code and published them here for your learning and use. Http://www.android123.com.cn/yuanmaxiazai/ 1. APN

Android system architecture

Android adopts a hierarchical architecture like its operating system. From the structural diagram, Android is divided into four layers: application layer, application framework layer, system Runtime Library layer, and Linux core layer. 1.

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