Start of learning android

Last week, I came to an android intern. Although I was half a year younger than me, I looked very good at people like a big brother. I have never been engaged in writing since I graduatedProgramBut the so-called data and so on. Maybe he is born to

Use WiFi in Android to connect to ADB

Sometimes, due to various reasons, USB cannot be used to connect to the device for debugging. At this time, you can connect to the device through WiFi. First, enable the WiFi settings of your phone to connect to the network. Then, you need to set

Solutions for Android. View. windowleaked exceptions

Although it is a small problem, it has also plagued me for a while. Now, let's write down and give myself a memo. You can also give others a reference.   Android. View. windowleaked literally understands that window leaked is probably a form

How to Create a menu for Android

//Call only once@ OverridePublic BooleanOncreateoptionsmenu (menu ){} //The menu will be called before each display (applicable to creating a dynamic menu item. If it is a dynamic menu, remember to call it first.Menu. Clear ();Clear existing menu

Differences between Android ordered broadcast and disordered Broadcast

Ordered broadcast: receives messages from the highest priority broadcast receiver. After receiving the messages, if they are not discarded, the messages are sent to the next high-priority broadcast receiver for processing, and so on until the end.

Complete Demo project code is attached to the seekbar instance of Android.

Complete Demo project code is attached to the seekbar instance of Android. 1. Drag eventsImplement the seekbar. onseekbarchangelistener interface. You need to listen to three events:Onprogresschanged)Start dragging

How Android Bluetooth 4.0 ble low-power applications have been developed over the past few months

Let's talk about how Android Bluetooth 4.0 ble low-power applications have been developed over the past few months. The time for this blog is, and the time for later updates is also indicated. I began to look forward to the various features of

Android's latest ndk R8 is used to build, install, configure, and use the Windows development environment. The complete configuration process is recorded (original)

Android's latest ndk R8 is used to build, install, configure, and use a detailed graphic explanation in the development environment in the window. The complete configuration process record (original) has been trying to develop ndk, but it has been

Simple Application of Android image browser-gallery

This week, I learned gallery again by taking advantage of the rest time, and then I wrote a picture browsing stuff. First, let's take a look at the interface: Click the image below to display it. The Code is as follows:View code

Obtain the android source code in Ubuntu 11.04

In the past two days, we have started to prepare the source code compilation. In this case, we will record the process so that we can easily back up the source code and hope it will be helpful to the later users. Attention: The environment is in

Compiling Android source code in Ubuntu 11.10 (32-bit System)

This article describes how to compile the android 2.3.3 source code in Ubuntu 11.10. Before compiling, make sure that the preparations required in the last two articles have been completed successfully. After compilation, the system image file is

Linux basics for Android

I. linux root directory structure   Directory Name Description Bin User-level binary Tool Boot LinuxKernel image files and boot-related files, which are read and loaded by the bootloader program Dev

Capture screen in gingerbread (screenshot capture for Android 2.3)

This article uses the zmyde2010 method to start the screenshot service on sunsumg i9100 and record the operation process here. Link to zmyde2010: This screenshot method is based on the android

Socket Communication (WiFi) between Android client and PC Server)

This article describes how to send the AP information continuously scanned by the android terminal to the server. First, a virtual network link is formed between the android terminal and the PC based on the TCP protocol. Use serversocket to create a

VLC-android source code compilation process record

Ubuntu 12.04 Virtual Machine Official documents: After installing and updating the system, follow the official instructions to install git, APACHE-ant (or ant), Autoconf, automake, autopoint,

The simplest and fastest dialing tool for Android development (including the source code)

After learning for a week, I finally learned basic controls such as textview, editview, And button, and a little bit of layout. Then, Jia Ge (my master) asked me to write a phone call, it's amazing, but after a piece of his code, I think it's really

Android disables the Changan menu key to bring up a soft keyboard

During Android development, we sometimes open any program, and the Changan menu key will pop up a soft keyboard, even if you do not need to enter the operation. When a soft keyboard pops up where it should not, it will lead to problems such as

[Android] creates a desktop shortcut for a specified application

A search on the Internet will create shortcuts for your own applications, but this article focuses on creating Desktop shortcuts for "specified applications.Common Desktop shortcuts have two elements: 1. Application name 2. Application icon. The

Android gets the IP address of WiFi

Wifimanager wifimanage = (wifimanager) Context. getsystemservice (context. wifi_service); // obtain wifimanager // check whether WiFi is enabled if (! Wifimanage. iswifienabled () {wifimanage. setwifienabled (true);} wifiinfo = wifimanage.

Android permissions and descriptions

Android. Permission. access_checkin_propertiesAllow read/write access to the "properties" table in the checkin database. You can modify the value of the table (allows read/write access to the "properties" table in the checkin database, to change

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