Configure android in Ubuntu

Configure android in Ubuntu First of all, I am using jdk1.6, eclipse3.5, ubuntu10.04 1. Install JDK, JRE Sudo apt-Get install sun-java6-jdk sun-java6-jre Then set the environment variable 2. Install eclipse 1. sudo apt-Get install

How to determine if the network is connected in Android

Private Boolean isonline () {connectivitymanager cm = (Connectivitymanager) getsystemservice (context. connectivity_service); networkinfo Ni = Cm. getactivenetworkinfo (); If (Ni! = Null && Ni. isconnected ()){ // Toast. maketext (this, "network

Android: getidentifier -- get resource ID

Public int Getidentifier (String name, string deftype, string defpackage) Name: File Name Deftype: Specifies the file type, that is, the name of the folder in which the resource is located under the res directory. Here, the resource path is res/

Android custom exit dialog box

Custom exit pop-up boxes are not very common in applications. We often see them in games. Next, let's take a look at how it is implemented. First, we define a method to call this method when the user clicks to exit. 1 Private Void Dialog (){

The first program in Android, hello World

Create a project in eclipse and select Android-android Project       Next, continue   Explain Package name: This programmer should be familiar with it. Like namespace, everything you define will not be renamed with other packages in

Android gets images from the network and sets the cache

public class AndroidLoadImageFromURLActivity extends Activity { @Override public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.main); // Loader image - will

Encapsulation of HTTP request classes in Android

In Android Network Development, HTTP requests are often used. To avoid code duplication, we must learn to encapsulate an HTTP request class. Method 1: public class Network {public String makeHttpRequest(String url, List params) {try{

Android stores data as files

Public class fileservice {private context; Public fileservice (context) {This. context = context;} public void save (string filename, string filecontent) throws exception {fileoutputstream outstream = context. openfileoutput (filename, context. mode_

Android custom gridview displays a row and can slide left and right

Recently, I made a title similar to the sliding menu bar. The grildview is used to bind the data source. To achieve horizontal sliding, The grildview displays only one row. Finally, the layout is dynamically added to the activity in the form of code.

Control input box in Android pop-up

Recently, an input box pops up on the filter list to allow the user to choose to place an order. That is to say, after the order button is triggered, the input box is automatically displayed again, And editext gets the focus. Specific

The phone book of the android calling system allows you to add, delete, modify, and query data.

To meet this requirement, you need to call the system phone book to add, delete, modify, and query the page and refresh the page in real time. A demo is provided for your reference. The contact name and mobile phone number are displayed on the

Android parses and displays XML files using dom

This program implements the use of Dom to parse XML files from the network side, display them in the list, and click to enter the relevant page. First, we create a class to implement the acquisition of HTTP requests and XML file nodes. The HTTP

Tools used to call WebService in Android

I recently learned about WebService. I feel that it is convenient to use this excuse to develop the android client of my website. I will use a tool class. Remember it here. Public static final string webservicenamespace = "" // address public static

Android earlier version projects (such as 1.6) are put into a later version environment (such as 2.2) Solution

If an android earlier version Project (such as Android 1.5) is placed in a later version environment (such as Android 2.2), the preceding error may occur. The solution is as follows:1. If you do not modify the android SDK version, use the Project

[Android & JNI & ndk] describes each step in detail, allowing you to easily master Android JNI ndk

1. Development Environment Configuration As we all know, it is difficult to start with everything. configuring a development environment is the most basic and necessary step for all development projects. All software and development platforms used:

[Android] example of an entry-level network connection: Web browsing and playing network MP3

prerequisites: Use a networked simulator or mobile phone for debugging 1. Change the XML file 2. Change the androidmanifest. xml file package = "tianshuai. webview " Android: versioncode =" 1 " Android: versionname =" 1.0 "> Android:

[Android] Error highlights and Solutions

Error 1: The application has stopped unexpectedly Explanation: The application stops unexpectedly. Solution: 1) first check Java file logic problems, such as force type conversion error Privateimagebutton button; Button = (button) findviewbyid (R.

Use the [Android] Tab

1. Create three activity classes Mainactiviey. Java Package tianshuai. home_page; Import android. app. activity; Import android. app. activitygroup; Import android. content. intent; Import android. OS. bundle; Import android. view. view;

[Android] custom tabhost

: Mainactivity. JavaPackage tianshuai. homepage; Import android. app. tabactivity; Import android. OS. bundle; Import android. view. layoutinflater; Import android. widget. relativelayout; Import android. widget. tabhost; Import android.

Seven Tools help you hide pictures and videos on your Android phone

Document directory Are you looking for an effective way to hide private images and multimedia files on your Android phone? If yes, this article will help you. Seven Tools are collected to set passwords for images or other files on your mobile

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