A strange problem about using TTS for Android

Use TTS in The tts api. synthesizetofile () can convert the text into an audio file and save it, so that you can use mediaplayer to play it. By controlling mediaplayer, you can pause, loop playback, and other functions, however, a bug was found:

Ha hentang Android Application Framework original layout and programming code addendum (1)

I believe that many of my friends who have never done mobile development, like me, started the android tutorial from Master Gao hentang's book. However, I can see that the 5th plan and the subsequent steps are as follows:CodeThere is always a

Android Development: An error occurred while importing the project. How can this problem be solved?

The reason is the version of the compiler. Cause: by default, the Java 1.5 compiler overwrites the method of the parent class and uses @ override for description. However, 1.6 has been extended to the method of the interface; therefore, an error

Custom data adapter in Android

Application entity class Public class app { Private int appid; // Application ID Private string appname; // Application name Private string appicon; // application icon   Public int getappid () {return this. appid ;} Public void setappid () {This.

How to Implement socket communication on the Android platform

First, create a new one on the Java SE platform.Socket server: Public static void main (string [] ARGs ){Try {Serversocket Ss = new serversocket (8888 );System. Out. println ("listening ");While (true ){Socket socket = ss. Accept (); // obtain the

Popupwindow dialog box for Android

There are two common types of Android dialogs: popupwindow and alertdialog. Popupwindow is a blocking pop-up box, which means that the program will wait until we exit the pop-up box, which means that before we exit the pop-up box, the program will

The solution to blacklisting all buttons for the listview option -- Android: cachecolorhint = "#00000000"

  Add one to the Java code, listview. setcachecolorhint (0 );   Or addAndroid: Cachecolorhint = "#00000000" removes the drag background color of listview. When customizing listview, when you do not useAndroid: Cachecolorhint = "#00000000" will show

Android exits an application with multiple activities

 Here we will introduce two methods: one is to remember each activity and then kill them one by one; the other is to use broadcast. This article comes from the network. If there are similarities, It is necessary. I wrote this post just to summarize

In Android, what is the difference between intent and bundle in passing values?

/** * Test the difference between using intent to pass a value directly in Android and using bundle to pass a value.** You are welcome to ask questions.* By garretly* Mail garretly@gmail.com*/   I went around EOE a while ago and saw someone asking

Android Application Module details

In most operating systems, an independent one-to-one executable file (such as an EXE file in Windows) exists, which can generate processes, it can also interact with interface icons and applications. But in Android, This is not fixed. It is very

Android bundle data transmission details and differences between instances and bundle and sharedpreferences

  The effect is as follows:   Initial Interface Input information After "OK" 1. API documentation 1. Introduction Used for data transmission between different activities 1. Important Methods Clear (): Clear all stored data in this bundle

(Android) supports single-or multi-choice in the gridview

Recently, when I was working on a project, I had to use the gridview and single-choice or multi-choice functions. I searched a lot of resources online, but none of them were my desired results, so I designed a solution on my own. Do not say anything,

Now, my android source code environment is getting started.

After the android source code environment was completed some time ago, we started to study the communication between threads and processes, because the task at hand is to continuously obtain device events, and then feedback the obtained events to

Use of Android Custom Attributes

Recently I was studying an open-source project and found that the resource files defined by others have the following labels: In this project, the above path tracing will be traced back to such a class file, so I am confused that the definition of

Android contentprovider uses sqlitehelper to share data

There are many examples of using contentprovider to share data and files on the Internet. I will list them one by one. I will not bother with what others have written: Important points: 1. contentprovider basically does not need to interact with its

Updating Android SDK is too slow

For those who want to learn how to develop eclipse + Java + Android, but cannot configure it smoothly According to books, it is indeed very depressing. Because the android sdk url has been broken down, it takes a lot of effort to download the SDK.

Development of Android environment configuration tools to be downloaded

When I was a beginner in Android, I encountered some problems when configuring the development environment.   Find a lot of blog posts about environment configuration on the Internet, and install ADT through eclipse-> help-> install new software.

Three methods to solve the slow opening of Android help documentation

The reason is that the webpage in the local document has the following two sections of js code that will load information online. Just comment it out.     Use the following Java code to comment in batches /** Remove the JavaScript code that

Solution for Android mobile phone logcat not displaying output information during development and debugging

I searched for N multiple solutions on the Internet, but many of them set the Log Level and usage to filter and view logs in logcat, however, the problem I encountered was that the simulator was okay, but the log information was not visible during

Android: Use of shape (reproduced + modified)

In Android, shape is often used to define some Display Properties of the control. Today I have read some shapes and have a general understanding of shape. I would like to make a summary: Create a new drawable folder in the android Project (this

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