Android Development: An error occurred while importing the project. How can this problem be solved?

The reason is the version of the compiler. Cause: by default, the Java 1.5 compiler overwrites the method of the parent class and uses @ override for description. However, 1.6 has been extended to the method of the interface; therefore, an error

Android SDK cannot be updated

1. Open the settings of SDK manager in tools> options under SDK manager, and select "Force https ://... Sources to be fetched using http ://...", Use http.2. Modify the host file and add the following two lines # Google_android update203.208.46.146

Android-relativelayout layout attributes

Android relativelayout layout, that is, relative layout. relative to the control location, when the following attributes are not used to determine the relative positions between controls, the controls overlap. Reference: Android: layout_above = "@

Development of Android environment configuration tools to be downloaded

When I was a beginner in Android, I encountered some problems when configuring the development environment.   Find a lot of blog posts about environment configuration on the Internet, and install ADT through eclipse-> help-> install new software.

Three methods to solve the slow opening of Android help documentation

The reason is that the webpage in the local document has the following two sections of js code that will load information online. Just comment it out.     Use the following Java code to comment in batches /** Remove the JavaScript code that

Solution for Android mobile phone logcat not displaying output information during development and debugging

I searched for N multiple solutions on the Internet, but many of them set the Log Level and usage to filter and view logs in logcat, however, the problem I encountered was that the simulator was okay, but the log information was not visible during

Android: Use of shape (reproduced + modified)

In Android, shape is often used to define some Display Properties of the control. Today I have read some shapes and have a general understanding of shape. I would like to make a summary: Create a new drawable folder in the android Project (this

Android mobile phone root _ system file comparison table

Note: Do not delete objects with the * number. * Accountandsyncsettings.apk synchronization and account settings* Applicationsprovider.apk Application Support ServiceTh.apk Bluetooth (no Bluetooth after deletion)Browser.apk Google browser (replace

Android mobile phone logon interface program 1 (reproduced + modified)

(19:56:08) The code of a Common Logon interface is mainly three edittext, one checkbox, and two buttons. Http://"Android: Orientation =" Vertical"Android: layout_width =" Fill_parent"Android: layout_height

Android getting started error solution (1): Fatal exception: Main

When I first started to work on Android, I had to encounter some simple problems for the experts, but I was a newbie, here we will save some technical notes that I am engaged in Android development and hope they will be helpful to future users. This

The error message "android requires compiler compliance level 5.0 or 6.0. Found '1. 7' instead" is displayed.

The error message "android requires compiler compliance level 5.0 or 6.0. Found '1. 7' instead. Please use Android tools> fix Project Properties" is displayed. Solution: 1.ProjectRight-click and choose>Android tools->Fix Project 2. If not,

Casual-122 articles-0 comments-431 Android Application Form display status operations (Applications of requestwindowfeature)

During development, full screen display, custom titles (using buttons and other controls), and other requirements are often required. Today we will talk about how to control the form display of Android applications. First, we will introduce an

The path to Android development-single-dataset, check box, pop-up box, and other control operations

These controls are commonly used, so they are commonly used during operations. Therefore, this part is an important part of Android software development and the content is relatively simple. Introduction to shard types 1. Single-stick operation: A

Android: tablelayout table layout details

This blog includes the following content: 1. Introduction to tablelayout 2,Determine the number of tablelayout Columns 3,Details about configurable attributes of tablelayout 4. An Instance with four tablelayout la S and  1. tablelayout the

Android control series radiobutton and radiogroup use method detailed reference:

Objective: 1. Master how to establish radiogroup and radiobutton in Android2. Master common radiogroup attributes3. Understand the differences between radiobutton and checkbox4. Master the events (listener) of radiogroup selected status

[Android] radiobutton

1. The webview loading function was recently implemented. However, if the Option Button is placed in the webview, the response is very slow when you click it. Therefore, the native radiobutton option is used, and the question and answer are placed

Ratingbar rating bar for Android Control

Ratingbar is the score bar in adnroid. Very effective   Source code download I. Overview Ratingbar is an extension of seekbar and progressbar, Which is rated by stars. When you use the default ratingbar, you can touch/drag or use a key to set the

Tabhost at the bottom of Android implementation

First, the layout file is shown as follows: Use Android: layout_alignparentbottom = "true" to display the bottom 1 2 7 11 15 16 19 23 28 29 >30 34 38 39 40

Android Chinese API (18) -- absseekbar

Preface This chapter is about Android. widget. absseekbar, translated by madgoat. Welcome to his blog: thanks again! I look forward to your participation in Android API Chinese translation, contact me

Android Chinese API (40) -- ratingbar

Preface This chapter is about Android. widget. ratingbar, translated as "score bar", Android 2.2 R1, translated from "madgoat" and "wallace2010". You are welcome to visit their blogs: Workshop "madgoat" and "wallace2010 "! I look forward to you join

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