A folder failed to be renamed or moved-android SDK installation problem

When you configure android to install its SDK, a prompt "a folder failed to be renamed or moved..." is displayed. The solution is as follows: The installation process error message is as follows:   -= Warning! =-A folder failed to be

Android: full screen setting + heading + only program title bar

In actual application development, we sometimes need to set the activity to full screen display. Generally, we can set the full screen display effect in two ways: First, you can set it in the code, Second, set full screen through the manifest

01 The Android Application consists of four components: Activity, intent receiver er, service, and content provider.

For an android application, it is made up of four construction blocks. The four construction blocks are as follows: However, not every android application requires these four construction blocks. This is not necessary. In some cases, we only need

Differences between Android: paddingleft and layout_marginle Android: layout_gravity and Android: gravity

Summary: Android: paddingleft: indicates how much space is reserved in this control. Android: layout_marginleft: the size of the control to the space of the parent control.   Android: layout_height = "28px" Android: layout_width = "fill_parent"

Android Development guide Chinese version (12) User Interface-dialogs

Dialogs A dialog box is usually a small window before the current activity. The following activities lose focus and the dialog box accepts all user interactions. A dialog box is usually used as a short activity related to a notification or running

Android problem summary

1. What is the role of "@ + id" in Android? What is the difference between Android and Android: ID? Android: Like @ ID, the ID references an existing ID, while @ + id is a new ID. 2. What is the difference between charsequence and string?

Android simulator size

I. Android simulator size classification1) 320x480, portrait: emulator-skin HVGA-P (default)2) 320x240, landscape: emulator-skin QVGA-L3) 480x320, landscape: emulator-skin HVGA-L4) 240x320, portrait: emulator-skin QVGA-P5) 480*320, wqvga4326) 800*480

Display none start middle on a singleline line in Android

The first button has nothing to write. Ellipsis (...) Android: ellipsize = "NONE" none, there is no ellipsis. Android: ellipsize = "start" is omitted to the starting position Android: ellipsize = "Middle" ellipsis placed in the center Android:

Learn about Android manifest. xml

First, let's take a look at androidmanifest. xml. YesFunction list file. (This is the definition of broadcast receivers and music players in the future) This configuration file is similar to struts struts-config.xml, but fortunately learned struts2,

Android calls-use intent and androidmanifset. XML to add permissions

For more information and videos, see the call video of Chuanzhi podcast.     I. layout file: first, design a simple interface for the dial. You can use the drawing software to design the interface. 2. Obtain the phone number in edittext in the

Android-oauth authentication principle

1. What is oauth? A Security Authentication Protocol Provides a secure, open, and simple standard for user resource authorization. Does not allow third parties to Touch User Account Information Http://www.oauth.net 2. Role in oauth Serviceprovider

01 composition of Android applications

For an android application, it is made up of four construction blocks. The four construction blocks are as follows: However, not every android application requires these four construction blocks. This is not necessary. In some cases, we only need

Android attributes collection by individuals Android: visibility

This attribute indicates whether the view is displayed. For example, Android: visibility = "gone" in relativelayout" It has three attributes: visvisible display; invisvisible display black background entries; gone not display In the class, you can

The background image displayed when a field in the gridview is clicked: Android: listselector = "@ drawable/choose_gridview"

Android: Id = "@ + ID/gv_apps" Android: layout_height = "fill_parent" Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: numcolumns = "3" Android: horizontalspacing = "10px" Android: verticalspacing = "10px" Android: listselector = "@

Android handler example

The handler class has two main functions: Send messages in a new thread Obtain and process messages in the main thread The above statement is very simple. It seems that you only need to divide it into two steps: Send a message in the newly

Android-JSON Example 1 and Example 2

JSON Example 1 Core code in mainactivity. Java Private string jsondata = "{\" Name \ ": \" Michael \ ", \" Age \ ": 20 }";  Mainactivity. Java 1 import android.app.Activity; 2 import android.os.Bundle; 3 import android.view.View; 4 import

Android-JSON data parsing

What is JSON 1. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation): a lightweight data exchange format based on the Javascript Language 2. JSON data is a collection of key-value pairs. 3. JSON has been accepted by most developers and is widely used in network data

Android notification and toast (1)

Both notification and toast can serve as notifications and reminders. However, their implementation principles and forms are completely different. Toast is actually equivalent to a widget ). Some dialog boxes are similar to those without buttons.

Achieve the effect of turning books to pages in Android-end

Non original conversion from: http://blog.csdn.net/hmg25/article/details/6342539Previously, due to various trivial matters, I paused the implementation of the page flip effect and finally completed most of the functions this weekend. However, here I

How to block the input box in Android

During layout, you may find that some of the input boxes are blocked and displayed completely, but the system comes with the SMS interface.You can see the text message source code and modify the input mode. The source code is as follows:Code

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