Fast download of Android SDK

When you use AVD manager to upgrade the SDK, it will be online and slow.When you see that a small file is generated under the temp directory, write down the file name and addHttps:// then download it with

Getting started with Android: zxing Study Notes (2)

The previous article introduced the process of zxing scanning the QR code. When I first read this code, I didn't understand much about it, but many details were unclear. After a deeper understanding, the Code is designed with high quality. The whole

Getting started with Android: zxing Study Notes (3)

Viewfinderview customizes the view and implements a simple scanning interface. This article record my understanding of Android camera in the code process. Since I started to write a technical blog, there are many shortcomings in the first two

Getting started with Android: zxing Study Notes (5)

Mo daochang is early and has more early pedestrians. Barcode preview is not just as simple as the above two articles. There are other processing methods, such as flash, zoom-in, and optimal preview sizes. This does not affect your understanding of

Getting started with Android: zxing Study Notes (1)

If a simple and comprehensive Android project can be analyzed, zxing is a good example.The source code of zxing can be downloaded from Google Code. The entire source code is checked out, which contains the source code of each platform, iOS and

Getting started with Android: zxing Study Notes (6)

I want you to ride a motorcycle and leave here along the river until the beach. I have already written five zxing study notes in succession. At the beginning, I just wanted to keep a simple record of my accumulated experience in learning android,

QR code scan-improved version of zxing android

After reading vurtex examples, I modified the code based on the [Android instance] QR code scan-Simplified zxing Android source code (Appendix: Chinese supported ). 1. added the method of nesting code into your own project and passing the value

The tabhost label at the bottom of the listview height control should be Android: layout_below = "@ + ID/tab_all"

  The first tab layout ex_tab1 contains listview.

Heartbeat Effect of Android games

Code introduction:When the timing in the developed game is about to end, in order to create a tense atmosphere, the heartbeat effect will be simulated by the vibration of the mobile phone itself. In fact, this heartbeat effect is really simple. So

Implementation of automatic playback of Android animation background images

  Automatic playback of Android animated background imagesWhen developing Android applications, we often encounter a situation similar to loading a large image from the network. During the loading process, we first display a circular loading

Step 1 of modifying and beautifying the Android system ~ Starting from understanding APK (APK compilation, signature, zipalign optimization, and apktool usage)

Preface: What is APK?  "Application package file" Simply put, the compiled files and resource files are packaged together in a zip container. Let's just get to know it. It usually contains the following directories and files: 1. META-INF \ store the

Android listpreference usage

First, we make it clear that preference is related to data storage.Second, it can help us easily store data! Why must we emphasize the word convenience? The reason is that we can not use it at all. We have n other ways to implement the same function!

Edittext input emoticon image. read Lao Luo Android notes

  EditTextFaceActivity .java Package CN. face; import Java. lang. reflect. field; // reflect reflection import Java. util. random; import android. app. activity; import android. graphics. bitmap; import android. graphics. bitmapfactory; import

Android gets thumbnails of images and videos on sdcard

A thumbnail thumbnailutils class has been added to the system since Android 2.2, which is located in the framework's Android. media. the location of thumbnailutils can help us obtain thumbnails of video or image files in the system from

Android listview skills (1) Android listview Header

Keywords: Android listview Header Recently, I used the ophone SDK to develop an application. In the process of use, there is a problem. I personally think it is a bug of the underlying framework of ophone. However, there is no underlying support,

In Android sharing, how does one filter out specified applications, filter Bluetooth, and send different content to different sharing methods?

    String contentdetails = "friends come and play *** game handle"; intent = new intent (intent. action_send); // enable the intent attribute for sharing and sending. settype ("text/plain"); intent. settype ("image/*"); // list of Image Sharing

Android uses the system intent to implement the sharing Function and add the application to the sharing list ++ share email.

How can I add the sharing function to an application and add the application to the sharing selection list of the system? Intent. createchooser ()Method to bring up the system share list. Check whether the corresponding intent component exists. You

Android, my first contact!

I have been fighting for 10 hours and can finally see the Android app! During the weekend break, I read the news and many people are talking about Google, Nokia, and Microsoft's "war" on smartphones. So I wonder how Android is developed based on it.

Enable emulator of Android to support web camera

The camera of emulator does not support dynamic image acquisition. What we can use is as follows. The following describes how to support web camera in a program. The method we need to use is the introduction of

[Android Development] How to customize arrayadapter

Scenario: I want to display all the images in the/dcim/camera directory of the SD card to a list. On the left side of each item in this list is the thumbnail of the image, and on the right side is the file name. Analysis: This application is very

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