HTC releases kernel source code for multiple new Android Systems

According to reports from foreign media, HTC recently announced on its developer website the system kernel of three mobile phones, droid incredible, droid Eris, and legend.Source codeThe last update date is January 1, April 30.Not every vendor has

IPod Touch will also support running Android Systems

At the end of April, an android Rom developer cyanog released the iPhone 2g to implement Android and iPhoneThe OS dual-system running video was subsequently released with an available iPhone 3G Rom. Recently, he again claimed that he would port the

New HTC Android vision exposure

Thanks to HTC vision for deliveryNews source: driver homeA new Android device of HTC was revealed recently. This vision phone is just like HTC Desire with a physical QWERTY keyboard added.We can see from HTC vision's uaprofile that the configuration

Survey: 75% of Android mobile phone users are concentrated in North America

Google and its Android partners want to thank users in North America for their explosive growth in smartphones that have configured the mobile operating system.According to AdMob's April mobile indicator report released on Wednesday, 75% of Android

Aosp (Android open source project) Android open source project

Aosp (Android open source project) refers to the android open source project, that is, the open source version of Android. -- Simply put, AndroidSource code. This set of sourcesCodeCan be obtained from the (VPN required. If

Build an android application environment using phonegap

1. Requirements Eclipse 3.4 + This tutorial also has another version that does not use eclipse. For details, refer to here. 2. Install SDK + phonegapDownload and install eclipse classic.Download and install the android SDK.Download and

Android development package the project into an APK

After an android project is completed, how can I publish the project to the internet for use by others? We need to package our program into the android installation package file APK (Android package) with the suffix ". APK ". Upload the APK file

Create your own Rom-for Android (with font replacement tutorial)

1. Custom package production knowledge Generally, custom Rom (not beautifying or making mod) is used to customize the content of the system/APP folder in the memory of the mobile phone. The installed software will not appear here, in the \ data \

Android porting steps for ARM

He following are the porting steps. 0. Setting Compiler-Environment variables for ARM Compiler-Export arch = arm-Export cross_complie = arm-Eabi--Export Path = $ PATH :( Android source directory)/prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.3.1/bin 1.

There are two ways for domestic developers to profit from the android boom

Following the iPhone App Store, Google's Android Market once again began to create the myth of overnight wealth creation. ADuring his vacation with his family, Kim's "parking location" software, which was developed for Android, quickly became a hot

How to modify and create a refresh quota on the Android platform

From:   Here, we need to explicitly declare:Because the Android platform has been updated too frequently, it may not be easy to use or be completely correct (just record some experiments I have performed on my Nexus One ). I am

Google's Android operating system is expected to dominate the mobile market

According to foreign media reports, the market research agency NPD reported on Tuesday that Google's Android is currently more iPhone than Apple'sMore popular operating systems. This makes Android second only to RIM's Blackberry, ranking second in

Release and download the android installation package for iPhone 3G

At the beginning of this month, David Wang, a devteam Member of the iPhone cracking team, said that after the Android system is transplanted to a generation of iPhone, the iPhone 3G can also run the Android system and release a Preview Video. Now

Add the android source code to the SDK

The error "source not found" When debugging the android program should be crazy. goolge did not include the source code when releasing the SDK, which is a bit confusing, for many people, git is undoubtedly a raw thing, and all the Java code in the

Android user version distribution updates 2.1 leading

According to a message from the android developer website, Google updated the distribution statistics of the Android platform versions. As of January 1, May 17,Android 2.1System occupied37.2%Number of terminals, ranking first. It was not until April

Adobe releases flash for new Android Systems

Adobe announced at Google's annual Developer Conference on Thursday in San Francisco that Adobe will work with Google to launch Flash 10.1 for Android operating systems. It is reported that this version will be applied to Google's latest Android

Wall Street Journal: Android TV applications will be released on Google I/O

According to Gu AO, Google plans to present its Android-based TV software to more than May 19 developers at the Google I/O conference in 3000.The technology aims to enable set-top boxes, TVs, and other devices to access content from the Internet. It

Google said the number of daily activation for Android devices has reached 0.1 million

Google announced at the Google I/O conference today that the daily activation of Android devices has reached 0.1 million.According to Vic gundotra, vice president of Google engineering, the daily activation volume of Google Android mobile phones was

Google Android operating system kernel compilation graphic tutorial

Like the standard Linux development process, an important basic task of Android platform development is to compile and port its kernel. This article, in conjunction with Android development documents and my practical experience, briefly introduces

Journal: Google will give priority to Android Development

According to a comment published in business weekly on August 15, May 26, Beijing time, chrome still has many problems to solve as a tablet operating system, google should focus on the rapid development of Android.The Google I/O developer conference

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