Android 2.2 brings new photo enhancement features

As part of the Android 2.2 "Froyo" Update, Google announced a software upgrade for Android mobile phone cameras at its I/O conference on Thursday.Google brings a brand new drop-down menu and transparent control system to help identify and access

Question about resource images not found when developing compatible android 1.5 Projects

In the previous development of Android, I used 2.2 Application Development. I put some small icon files in one of the three directories drawable-hdpi, drawable-ldpi, and drawable-mdpi. Code Directly reference R. drawable. ** this method is

How to initialize a button in an android Program

Android. widget. Button1. Set the button attributes in layout XML, including the ID.Android: layout_height = "wrap_content" Android: layout_width = "fill_parent"> 2. instantiate the button object in the activity to use the buttonButton button1 =

Tree setting method and corresponding XML attributes of the android text box

The text box in Android has many attributes. These tree types can be configured in the XML file in advance, or the textview object can be instantiated in the activity and configured by calling the textview object method.I wanted to extract all of

Specifications on the names of Android resource files

Create a menu directory under the res folder under the android project, and place the configuration XML file of the menu in it. When saving, the console keeps reporting errors. I read the error message "[09:14:44-mycontact] res \ Menu \ mainmenu.

Google officially released the Android 2.2 Mobile operating platform

Google released the Android 2.2 system named "Froyo" at the Google I/O conference on Thursday.Google shows that the Android 2.2 System has added many new features, such as portable hotspot features, added support for Adobe Flash in the android

How to install android on iPhone

News source: Personal Computer World websiteThis article teaches you how to install Google's Android operating system on the iPhone. Warning in advance, the hands-on ability is not strong, do not like tossing students or try again. Maybe you want to

Android API differences report

Android API differences report This report details the changes in the core Android framework API between two API level specifications. it shows additions, modifications, and removals for packages, classes, methods, and fields. the report also except

Next-generation Android or official support for "app2sd"

The Android system has undergone several version updates since its birth. Each version upgrade will bring new functions and experiences to you. According to reports from foreign media, many Android users expect the "app2sd" feature to be officially

Comparison between Android flash 10.1 and lite video playback capabilities

Google has officially released the Code:FroyoOfFor Android 2.2Operating System. This version will supportFlash Player 10.1.Compared with the Flash Lite built in the android 2.1 system, how much is the improvement in video playback capability?

Android 2.2 Platform

Document directory Graphics Media Speech recognition and third-party recognition engines Camera and camcorder Device Policy Manager UI framework Accounts and sync New manifest elements and attributes Permissions Android 2.2 platformin

Portal for Android applications

The Android Application consists of one or more activities. every activity is not closely related, because we can call other activities in our own programs, especially those generated outside of our own code, such as text messages or called

How to download Android files

Download files from the Internet and write them to the SD card. The idea is as follows:1. Create an HTTP accessHttpurlconnection httpcon = (httpurlconnection) URL. openconnection ()2. Get an input stream from httpurlconnectionInputstream

Theme of Android Activity

Follow the theme of the android activity (or translate it into a topic), which is caused by two online Android interview questions.1. Activity Lifecycle2. How to set an activity as a window style First, let's talk about the lifecycle of the activity.

Android activity Switching

In Android, each activity generally describes all the pictures on a screen (except for window-level activity). Therefore, two screens on a mobile phone are usually used (the whole screen is accurate) activity switching is involved.Assume that there

Android toolkit-android learning notes

The android SDK provides a complete toolkit that contains a large number of tools, which are divided into two types. Each type is a collection of tools, which I call a collection of tools.These two types are: SDK tools and platform tools ). the SDK

Android programming Basics

Application BasicsAndroid applications are written in the Java programming language.The android SDK tool compiles Android code, data, and resource files into an android package. This is a collection file with the name ending with .apk. The code in

Android Development Environment Configuration

1. SDK Installation 1. Download the SDK Remove (marked in the figure ). 2. Install the corresponding package for SDK Development After running the SDK, the SDK manager is installed. After the SDK manager is started, it

About Android log output & logcat

Android provides its own log output API --> In the Android. util. Log class.There are five common log printing methods in this class. These five methods print logs to logcat:Log. V (TAG, message); // verbose mode, print the most detailed logLog. D

Simple Example of canvas and paint in Android

  Package com. Canvas. paint; Import Android. App. activity;Import Android. content. context;Import Android. Graphics. Canvas;Import Android. Graphics. color;Import Android. Graphics. lineargradient;Import Android. Graphics. paint;Import Android.

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