The most popular 40 open-source Android projects on GitHub (I)

GitHub's popularity in China does not need to be repeated. More and more open-source projects are migrated to the GitHub platform. What's more, it is necessary to understand the popular open-source Android and iOS projects based on the principle of

Android Development Study Notes: button with rounded corners

Create the XML file shape. XML in drawable-mdpi under the res directory, as shown in: Shape. xml  Main. xml On Android: Background = "@ drawable/shape", the shape. xml resource is used. Strings. xml Hello World,

Seven Forms of Android Dialog

In Android development, we often need to pop up some dialogs on the android interface, such as asking users or asking users to choose. These functions are called the android dialog box. During the process of using Android, I summarized seven types

Three methods to record and restore the scrolling position of listview in Android

This article describes how to record and restore the scroll position of a listview,Records the coordinates (recommended) and ),Record the position of the first item displayed on the screen by listview,Notifies the adapter of data

Android Application adaptive screen size

Android Application adaptive multi-resolution Solution1. Create multiple layout folders (the same is true for drawable ). Create multiple layout folders under the res directory, and the folder name is layout-800x480. To adapt to that resolution,

45 Android instance source code recommended for Android development materials

Shares the source code of 45 Android instances, which is very powerful.Http:// Andriod alarm source codeHttp:// Android source code sharing:

Android package signature from keystore generation to signature completion

First, we need a keystore. If you already have one, you don't need this step:CMD:Go to the bin directory of JDK. In this way, the android. keystore file will be generated under this directory. We need this file when signing.C: \ Program Files \ Java

Listener for parameter change settings in Android (taking time synchronization as an example)

  Import Java. text. simpledateformat; import Java. util. date; import android. app. activity; import android. database. contentobserver; import android. OS. bundle; import android. OS. handler; import android. provider. settings; import android.

Segmented display and paging display of Android listview

Java code Package COM. yangguangfu. listview; import android. app. listactivity; import android. OS. bundle; import android. util. log; import android. view. gravity; import android. view. view; import android. view. viewgroup; import android.

Android update download progress bar

The main UI thread is blocked when downloading files. Therefore, a new thread is required to perform the downloading operation. The handler is used to update the UI progress bar. The Code is as follows: Public class androidtest extends activity

Android Note: FTP File Upload

It is not difficult to upload FTP files (including images) on the android client. Write it down to record it. Hope it will help new users.   Need to use commons-net-3.0.1.jar, followed by a jar package.   Directly run the Code: /*** Upload a file

Draw charts for Android

Achartengine (ACE) is an open source chart Library (for Android) of Google ). It has powerful functions and supports scatter chart, line chart, pie chart, bubble chart, column chart, short bar chart, and meter chart. The Project address is located

A simple example of returning JSON data in the android parsing background

Hello everyone, today I will share with you the example of Android parsing JSON. I have installed Tomcat here to let my computer act as the server. The most important thing is that you can modify the returned results as needed. First, let's take a

Configure a combination of phonegap and jquery mobile to develop Android applications

Phonegap and jquery mobile are used to develop Android Application configurations. To meet work requirements, we use phonegap and jquery moblie to develop Android applications. These technologies have never been used before. It can be said that they

Android. OS. networkonmainthreadexception Exception Handling

Public void oncreate (bundle savedinstancestate) {// For details, see the strictmode document strictmode. setthreadpolicy (New strictmode. threadpolicy. builder (). detectdiskreads (). detectdiskwrites (). detectnetwork () // or. detectall () for

Android calls. Net WebService

Package COM. fairyeye. simple; import android. app. activity; import android. content. intent; import android. OS. bundle; import android. view. view; import android. view. view. onclicklistener; import android. widget. button; import android.

Simple flip effects of images in Android

Refer to Region: Public class pagewidget extends view {private bitmap foreimage; private bitmap bgimage; private pointf touchpt; private int screenwidth; private int screenheight; private gradient; private gradientdrawable gradient; private

Android scalable list listview (expandablelistview)

QQ chat is used every day. Today, I suddenly think, how does Android implement list grouping? I looked at the API and found that its implementation process is also very simple. Let's take a look at the final result first!   1. First, create our

Build an android application environment using phonegap

1. Requirements Eclipse 3.4 + This tutorial also has another version that does not use eclipse. For details, refer to here. 2. Install SDK + phonegapDownload and install eclipse classic.Download and install the android SDK.Download and

Android audio playback

Package COM. example. test2; import android. media. audiomanager; import android. media. mediaplayer; import android. OS. bundle; import android. app. activity; import android. app. service; import android. view. menu; import android. view. view;

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