Android self-use -- An error occurred while loading PNG images!

Rename and load a. ICO image under/RES/drawable. An error is returned! "Error: Failure processing PNG ImageD: \ workspace \ 2dcodepolling \ res \ drawable \ launcher_icon.png" Error cause:The image format is incorrect. For example, you can

Make your simulator no longer card: virtualbox secure Android-x86 4.0

Why are Android virtual machines much slower than iOS and WP7 virtual machines? The reason is as follows: 1. the android Simulator simulates the ARM architecture (ARM-Eabi), while the target architecture of iOS and WP7 simulators is x86, in addition,

Download and compile the latest Android 4.0.3 source code

After the release of the latest android4.0 source code, I believe many people are eager to try it like me. In fact, the download and compilation of 4.0 code are similar to those of previous versions, but there are some minor differences, write it

Android process Lifecycle Process Level

First, the andorid kernel is Linux, and the IOS kernel is Unix. The thread destruction is determined by the system. Android process has five levels: 1. Foreground process (foreground process) Foreground has the highest priority. A is in activity

Android compilation errors and Solutions

1. Set the compilation option to make-J5 target_arch = x86 target_product = generic target_simulator = false target_build_type = release target_ OS = Linux local_prelink_module = false. 2. Set line 91 in build/CORE/envsetup. mk to x86 (this step can

Let the android launcher you write become the first and only launcher in the system.

If you want to customize an Android system, you want to use your own launcher (home) as the main interface to replace your android home, you do not want to replace the launcher installed by the user.You can modify the framework to implement this

Android offset animation-circled button

In the past, there was a requirement that there were five buttons. These five buttons should be rotated around a single point, and the corresponding logic will be implemented by clicking different buttons, for example, activity jump. It is similar

Analysis of Android touch event Transfer Mechanism

I visited the Forum and accidentally saw a very good post, which is reproduced as follows:   Opening Speech: Recently, the program has made a small effect, and it needs to use touch. As a result, it is completely confused in the cloud. It just takes

Android push notification Guide

When developing Android and iPhone applications, we often need to push various notification messages from the server to the mobile client in real time, the iPhone already has a relatively simple and perfect push notification solution, but it is

Android-mediaplayer playback

Understanding the medaiplayer oddities: 1. Once you set the data source of a mediaplayer, you cannot easily change it to another One-you'll have to create a new mediaplayer or call the reset () method to reinitialize the state of the player. 2.

Android self-use -- error: the user data image is used by another emulator. Aborting

  Cause: the locking mechanism of AVD is used. . Lock is a lock. If the program crashes or is not normally exited, the lock cannot be cleared. this problem occurs in the folder at the end of lock, that is, the AVD lock is not released, causing AVD

Android-Image Processing Method

Package com. IMG. util; Import Android. Graphics. Bitmap;Import Android. Graphics. bitmap. config;Import Android. Graphics. Canvas;Import Android. Graphics. lineargradient;Import Android. Graphics. matrix;Import Android. Graphics. paint;Import

Android self-use-service-related

  1. A service is a reliable component with unbounded boundaries. Reliability means that a service is generally not shut down when it is started, even if the application process of the service is killed, it also runs continuously, unless the memory

Android self-use -- windowmanager $ badtokenexception: unable to add window-Token null is n

Error generation:Java code { DP. Sh. toolbar. copytoclipboard (this); Return false; } "Href =" "> PrivateContext mcontext; @ Override Protected VoidOncreate (bundle

Android self-use-some activity-related skills in Android

Lock the screen direction XML Code when the activity is running Full Screen Activity   To make an activity run in full screen mode, you can add the following code implementation in its oncreate () method: Java code // set the full screen mode

Android-interaction between JS and Android

Http:// I modified it and added a simple comment. In this example, not only JS operations are performed, but Android browsers are also briefly introduced,I will explain

Android -- relativelayout attributes

RelativelayoutImportant attributes used:   Class 1: the property value is true or false.Android: layout_centerhrizontal horizontal centerAndroid: layout_centervertical vertical centerAndroid: layout_centerinparent is completely centered over the

Android self-use-intent Introduction

Reprinted! Intent is a run-time binding mechanism that connects two different components while the program is running. With intent, your program can express a request or willingness to Android. Android selects appropriate components based on the

Android self-use-intent action Daquan

String add_shortcut_action: Add a shortcut to the system .. "Android. Intent. Action. add_shortcut" String all_apps_action: lists all available applications. Input: none. "Android. Intent. Action. all_apps" String alternative_category type:

Android source code compilation make error handling

Download Android source code:Official download or refer to Android source code Download Method Android compiled version:Platform_version = 4.0.1 (latest Android 4.0.1) OS Operating System Platform:Linux Yanggang 2.6.35-30-generic # 61-ubuntu SMP Tue

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