The unit of measurement for Android is PX, In, mm, PT, DP, dip, sp. SP is used as the unit of text, and dip is used for others. Conversion between PX and dip

  Px: The pixel of the screen. In: inches MM: mm PT: LB, 1/72 inch DP: an abstract unit based on density. If a screen of DPI is displayed, 1dp = 1px. Dip: equivalent to DP SP: similar to DP, but it also scales according to the user's font size

Android service broadcastreceiver

What is service: Service. The name is similar to the "service" that we normally understand. It runs in the background and can interact with each other. It is similar to the activity level, You cannot run it on your own. You need to call it through

Android simulator commands

Android simulator ndroid SDK comes with a mobile device Simulator-it is a virtual device that can run on your computer. the android modulo allows you to preview, develop, and test Android applications without using physical devices. The android

Android-intent. Action

1 intent. action_view String Android. Intent. Action. View Displays user data. Generally, the corresponding activity is opened based on the user's data type. For example, if Tel: 13400010001 is used to open the dialing program, the browser will be

Android gets the SMS session List

No formal content provider is available for SMS messages in Android, which is not defined in the official documentation. However, you can still define the URI and then query the text message content. For example, conetent: // SMS is the path of all

Android activity and intent Mechanism

Activity In Android, activity is the foundation of all programs, and the processes of all programs run in activity. activity has its own life cycle (see activities ). For an activity, the key is its life cycle (for example,), followed by the state

Android add-ons

Android add-ons This article only analyzes add-ons on Android 1.5 cupcake and 1.6 donut platforms. Android add-ons is an optional API in Android. Google, like sun, uses some high-end applications as optional APIs for mobile phone manufacturers to

Android disables an application

When developing an Android Application, consider how to close the application. At first, the current activity is used to call finish (). However, this method is incorrect. In the past few days, when I read the code at the frameworks layer of Android,

Android API demos 2.2 listactivity Summary

Today, I carefully studied the quick contactsdemo example in the API demo. I feel that I have a better understanding of listactivity. The following is a summary of listactivity based on the official documents and your own research. Screen

Listening event of Android cursoradapter

// Contentobserver only notifies the database of changes in content Cursor. registercontentobserver (mchangeobserver ); // Datasetobserver notifies the upper-layer cursor that the data content has been updated after calling requery.Cursor.

Recommended for many open-source Android Projects

FbreaderjFbreaderj is used for e-book readers on the Android platform. It supports multiple e-book formats, including oeb, Epub, and fb2. In addition, you can directly read compressed files such as ZIP, tar, and gzip.   Project address:

Some important knowledge points of Android development online [1]

1. How to run a single Android instance We all know that the Android platform does not have a task manager, and the internal app maintainer has an activity history stack to display and destroy windows, startactivity may use the

Android custom view: An Example

Android custom view implementation is simple Inherit view, override constructors, ondraw, (onmeasure) and other functions. If a custom view requires custom attributes, you must create attrs. xml under values. Define your attributes. Add xmlns:

Some important knowledge points of Android development online [3]

31. View and surfaceview In Android games, the display class is mainly used in addition to the control class. In j2s, we use display and canvas to implement the display class. In Google Android, the display class is used, display and game logic

Theme and style applications in Android

Theme and style were first introduced because I wanted to change the style of the title bar. Fortunately, I found a very good article: solving the problem that the custom title bar of Android is full. This article explains in detail the problem

Android creation and parsing of XML (2)-DOM method

1. Dom Overview XML is created in Dom mode. The standard XML constructor javax. xml. parsers. documentbuilder is used to create an XML document. The following content must be imported: Javax. xml. parsers Javax. xml. parsers. documentbuilder

Android slide effect (Part 5)-3D Rotation

The previous section describes how to use the built-in Android controls to create sliding pages. Now we use code to implement some sliding pages. Animation can be implemented in two ways: frame-by-frame animation and tweened animation) In this

Linphone-android Compilation

Recent research on Linphone-android, compiling in Ubuntu Environment 1. Download source code Http:// recommend that you use the following command:Git clone git: // --

Use of Custom Attributes in Android

Android layout is a pleasure, thanks to its good XML method. You can use XML to quickly and effectively define the software interface. However, sometimes we always feel that some basic components officially defined are not enough, so custom

Image reflection, rounded corner effect re-painting in Android

This document is used to record some Android image operations for easy viewing. 1. Convert drawable to bitmap 1 public static Bitmap drawableToBitmap(Drawable drawable){ 2 int width = drawable.getIntrinsicWidth(); 3 int height =

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