In Android, setlayoutparams must use the layoutparams of the parent control.

These daysProgramIf you want to understand a problem, record it here. Actionbarcustomview customview = new actionbarcustomview (context );Actionbar. layoutparams Lp = new actionbar. layoutparams (Layoutparams. match_parent, layoutparams.

Android SDK offline Installation Method

After eclipse is installedDownloading Android sdks under SDK and AVD manager is extremely slow. Sometimes it takes several hours to download Android sdks.For faster installation, you can use an offline installation method. That is, download the

After Android updates the ADT, the old project cannot display graphical layout.

I started working on Android these days. Because I haven't used eclipse for a long time, I updated the latest ADT when I started it. After the update, I found that the previous project could not display graphical layout, and I was overwhelmed, after

Build an android development environment in Ubuntu

1. install and configure the Java environmentDetailed steps for installing and configuring Ubuntu Java 1. Download JDKDownload connection Select jdk-6u24-linux-i586.bin download, I downloaded the latest

Install the Android 2.2 Development Environment in ubuntu10.10

1. install Java 6 Install JRE/JDKSudo apt-Get install sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre sun-java6-jdk After you use this command to install it, it is installed on/usr/lib/JVM/by default/ Directory, take me as an example. Here I am /Usr/lib/JVM/Java-6-sun-1

Android learning materials

Here, we have compiled and uploaded as many high-quality learning materials as possible for Android programmers! It includes some domestic and foreign works and some demos and code. It is helpful for beginners to intermediate and senior developers!

Android Development Learning

Learning Web site:  Video Introduction This video is a revolutionary reform course, instead of a traditional teaching video. Prepared by the Innovation Office for 30 lectures

Build an android development environment in Linux

Android development in Linux is fast, the development environment is comfortable, eclipse is fast, the simulator is fast, and the vim editor can be used. The following describes how to build the development environment (y450, deepin Linux

Android development experience Section 1: do not allocate memory at will

Developers who develop andorid applications know that the use of new keywords should be minimized, because it is a terrible thing to release memory once by GC on the mobile phone. If you check the debugging record, you will find that GC sometimes

Android development experience Section 2: Recycling your small objects

The principle proposed in the previous article is to avoid creating unnecessary objects. For objects that occupy a large amount of resources, you can create them during program initialization and keep using them. Static constants can be used for

About Android and Android applications

  Android is an operating system designed for mobile terminals. It provides security, process management, memory management, network and driver models based on the Linux 2.6 kernel. An android application can be installed on a mobile terminal of the

Android Application Component Learning

   Today I have studied Google's explanation of Android Application Components. Find out the theoretical principles of Android application development! At least I understand that to develop a software that can interact with mobile terminals driven

What is Android?

Google's figure shows that android is a big package! With an eye-catching look, I got 5 big blocks! From the application to the underlying operating system kernel, this is really complicated !!! Take a closer look, the first layer is skipped! You

The unit of measurement for Android is PX, In, mm, PT, DP, dip, sp. SP is used as the unit of text, and dip is used for others. Conversion between PX and dip

  Px: The pixel of the screen. In: inches MM: mm PT: LB, 1/72 inch DP: an abstract unit based on density. If a screen of DPI is displayed, 1dp = 1px. Dip: equivalent to DP SP: similar to DP, but it also scales according to the user's font size

Android service broadcastreceiver

What is service: Service. The name is similar to the "service" that we normally understand. It runs in the background and can interact with each other. It is similar to the activity level, You cannot run it on your own. You need to call it through

Android simulator commands

Android simulator ndroid SDK comes with a mobile device Simulator-it is a virtual device that can run on your computer. the android modulo allows you to preview, develop, and test Android applications without using physical devices. The android

Android activity and intent Mechanism

Activity In Android, activity is the foundation of all programs, and the processes of all programs run in activity. activity has its own life cycle (see activities ). For an activity, the key is its life cycle (for example,), followed by the state

Android add-ons

Android add-ons This article only analyzes add-ons on Android 1.5 cupcake and 1.6 donut platforms. Android add-ons is an optional API in Android. Google, like sun, uses some high-end applications as optional APIs for mobile phone manufacturers to

Android disables an application

When developing an Android Application, consider how to close the application. At first, the current activity is used to call finish (). However, this method is incorrect. In the past few days, when I read the code at the frameworks layer of Android,

Listening event of Android cursoradapter

// Contentobserver only notifies the database of changes in content Cursor. registercontentobserver (mchangeobserver ); // Datasetobserver notifies the upper-layer cursor that the data content has been updated after calling requery.Cursor.

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