Android SDK manager cannot be updated

Android SDK manager cannot be updated,Error message:"Failed to fetch URL ..."! You can solve this problem by using the following methods: Problem failed to fetch URL, reason:

Debugging method for Android application crash

There are two methods to analyze the stack information of crash. 1 Google provides a Python script from Http:// the Python script and use ADB logcat-D> logfile to export the crash log,Use

Read a single book, Android Client

Original article address: Http:// This is an exercise project that Milo did when he was doing the reading software last year. today, Milo received an email from a netizen asking for the source code of this book. in

Android Network Connection Tool package, supports WiFi and 3G networks

Original article:   Almost every app on the market has a network connection function. For development projects, connection networks are also frequently used. Now Milo encapsulates the network connection code

Implementation of Android P2P voice calls (IDEAS)

I have been studying the implementation of voice calls recently. Now I have recorded my Implementation ideas here. However, this is a simple idea and a learning conclusion after Google and Baidu because of the first access to voice calls. I think a

[Record] Application in Android

  First define an application Package COM. xesam; import android. app. application; import android. content. res. configuration; import android. util. log; public class applicationactivity extends application {static string name = "xiaoxi Mountain";

Custom Android themes

In androidmanifest. XML, you can define the topic of the entire app or the topic of a single activity. The following example defines a topic for the application and activity respectively: The next question is to define your own theme. In fact,

Eight open-source android game engines

1. AngleAngle is a 2D game engine that is designed for the Android platform and is agile and suitable for rapid development. It is developed based on OpenGL ES technology. The engine is all written in Java code and can be replaced with the

Android game development: How to Achieve explosive performance

 During the development of magicbubble In the android game, when two buckets are connected, the bubble disappears in the case of bubbles. The idea of the author is as follows: add an imageview to framelayout and define an explosion of animation.

Android system architecture)

Android adopts a hierarchical architecture like its operating system. From the structural diagram, Android is divided into four layers: application layer, application framework layer, system Runtime Library layer, and Linux core layer.    1.

Android XML layout)

First, perform a Rough Analysis Based on the program's directory structure:Res/layout/This directory stores the XML file used for layout. The default value is main. xml.Res/values/This directory stores a bunch of constant XML

Android Startup Process

1. boot system initialization. For detailed procedures, see (System \ core \ init. c) In the main function. At this time, the screen displayed on the mobile phone or simulator is a console that displays "android" MSG.   2. After successful

Android development tool Summary

Android tools: 1. Android APK ToolA tool used to reconstruct an APK. You can decompress various APK packages to view the complete resources. Currently, you cannot view the source code. Web: 2.

Add songs or other files to sdcard in Android Virtual Machine

Today, I suddenly wanted to add songs to the android simulator. I collected a lot of songs on the Internet, but all of them were using Doc commands. I did not finish it after a long time. Simply do it on your own. I didn't expect it to be done every

Android exception requestfeature must be called before adding content

This problem was encountered during development. java. Lang. runtimeexception: unable to start activity componentinfo It is often found that the original is to add The reason for canceling the title code requestwindowfeature (window.

Android socket programming, chat as an example of

Step by step Android (15): socket programming [chat as an example] In addition to its mobile phone functions, the Android mobile phone app is also attractive because of its openness. This iPhone is incomparable, at least it is too

Problems that may occur during JNI configuration for Android

Debug and configure Android ndk on Ubuntu When debugging local C/C ++ on Android, you can directly use GDB to debug it in the command line, which is very troublesome. The Sequoyah plug-in is used to integrate the debugging function into eclipse and

Android. mk

Application. mk introduction: 0. Basic Knowledge:Application. mk is used to describe the modules required by the application. Application. mk is usually placed in: $ Project/JNI/application. mk. 2. Application. mk variable:Application. mk is a small

Android P2P voice call implementation

Implementation of Android P2P voice calls (IDEAS) Blog type: Android Android memo 1. 2. 3.

Unity3d Research Institute and Android exchange messages (19th)

Http:// In the previous article, we learned how to send messages from unity to Android. If android can give back messages to unity again, this is a wonderful thing. Just like unity for andoid and iOS,

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