Android handout 2 code Layout

1. // create a linear layout manager Linearlayout layout = new linearlayout (this ); 2. // set layout for this activity Super. setcontentview (layout ); 3. // set the layout direction of the linear Layout Layout. setorientation (linearlayout.

Android handout 2-custom View

1. First create a class to inherit the view 2. Override the ondraw (canvas) Method 3. Implement a paint class. This class can be viewed as a paint brush and can be used to set attributes such as color and line. 4. Use canvas to draw images on the

Android handout 2: Image Transformation

// Define an array for accessing imagesInt [] images = new int [] {R. drawable. Java,R. drawable. Ee,R. drawable. Classic,R. drawable. Ajax,R. drawable. XML,}; // Obtain the linearlayout layout containerLinearlayout main = (linearlayout)

Actionbar for Android

If you want to use the actionbar topic, you can use actionbar if the mobile phone SDK version is later than or equal to 11. However, if you want to use the actionbar API, you need to setAndroid: minsdkversionTo"11" However, if you want to use

Automatic update, download, and installation of Android applications

From: /? P = 439 We can see that many Android applications have the automatic update function. You can update the software with one click. Thanks to the software package management and installation mechanism of the Android system,

In Android, the application sets global variables and transmits values.

From: Application sets global variables and transmits values /** * Rewrite the application, which mainly overrides the oncreate method in it, that is, when the application is

Traceview for Android

What is traceview? Traceview is a good performance analysis tool on the Android platform. It allows us to understand the performance of the program we want to track in a graphical way, and can be specific to the method.Role of traceview 1. view the

Android: the problem of top position when updating listview

The solution is simple, that is, when updating the listview, do not use setadapter. If this is the case, the position will be placed to the top; when you need to update the listview, use Notifydatasetchanged method. When using the

Android-based Dynamic listview update

This is a transfer post: I personally tested it, the code is indeed available, you can also implement the function, there is a good reference value. Http:// Sometimes we need to modify the

Android Network type determination (2g, 3G, WiFi)

From: whether the network type is WiFi, 3G, or 2G network, and perform different processing on different networks. Now we will sort out the judgment methods for your reference: I have

Android monitors the traffic of various programs

Public void getapptrafficlist () {// obtain information about all application software installed on the mobile phone and obtain the permission information packagemanager PM = getpackagemanager () in these software (); // obtain system application

Multiple Android activities exit at one time

Turn: upload a tested Demo: allactivtyexit.rar Because Android APIs do not provide a one-time exit interface, it takes a little effort to exit in a multi-activity program. I recorded the reference of the

Aidl implementation demo for Android

Forwarding, but there was a problem in the past. This is basically the case. I have changed all the problematic ones. Now this is the task that can be run. Creating an aidl service is more complex than creating a common service. The specific steps

Android solution: scrollview always slide first, leading to the problem that controls in scrollview do not slide

Sv01 = (scrollview) findviewbyid (R. id. popup_sf_event_scroll_01); sv02 = (scrollview) findviewbyid (R. id. popup_sf_event_scroll_02); sv02.setontouchlistener (New ontouchlistener () {@ override public Boolean ontouch (view V, motionevent event)

Relative layout of Android handout 2 (continuous update)

Relative layout: 1. if this value is true, the control is placed in the center of the parent control. Android: layout_centerinparent = "true" 2. Place the control above view01 Android: layout_above = "@ ID/view01" 3. Align the widget with the

Popupwindow for Android

1. The size of popuwindow is controlled by the following code; Popupwindow window = new popupwindow (view, viewgroup. layoutparams. fill_parent, Viewgroup. layoutparams. wrap_content ); 2. popuwindow. showasdropdown (V); The popuwindow is displayed

Blur the upper and lower edges of Android listview

1 7 Android: fadingedge = "vertical" sets the orientation of the border gradient when the scroll bar is pulled. None (border color unchanged), horizontal (horizontal color fades), vertical (vertical color fades ). 8 Android: fadingedgelength =

Recording Position Selection of listview in Android

Code directly: Android: focusable = "false" // Android: clickable = "false" // requiredAndroid: layout_marginleft = "20dp" Android: layout_width = "wrap_content" Android: layout_height = "wrap_content"/>   Public class listviewcheckboxactivity

Android handout 2: Set imagebuttion in XML

// Put this file under drawable, and then run it under Android: Background = "@ drawable/button_selector" or Android: src = "@ drawable/button_selector. Android: drawable = "@ drawable/button_pressed"/> Android: drawable = "@

Android-Related Charts

First, download the jar package: graph table jar.rar. Linear diagram: Public class mainactivity extends activity {@ override protected void oncreate (bundle savedinstancestate) {// todo auto-generated method stub super. oncreate (savedinstancestate);

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