Open APIs on WeChat for Android (1)

1. Open Platform address: Lang = zh_cn2. If developers need to publish, they need to register the appkey: Lang = zh_cn3. At this point if you just do a demo for testing, you

Ui refresh for Android (used for invalidate and postinvalidate)

There are two sets of methods to update the view in Android: invalidate and postinvalidate. The former is used in the UI thread itself, the latter is used in non-UI threads. Android provides the invalidate method to refresh the interface, but

Android animation effect-X and Y axes Jitter

1. Control Loading AnimationAnimation shakeanim = animationutils. loadanimation (context, animation Resource (R. anim. shake_y )); View. startanimation (shakeanim );   2. The shake_y.xml file in the anim folder of res   3. The cycle. xml

Gson for Android

{ "ID": 912345678901, "Age": 33, "Text": "How do I stream JSON in Java? ", "Geo": NULL,} If the red part indicates that it may be null, the following name. Equals ("Geo") & reader. Peek () are required during the judgment ()! = Jsontoken. null If

Android solves the problem that Sina Weibo does not need to log on after one login

Make the following two changes: 1. In the com. foreveross. View. authorizeactivity class, modify and save the access_token.Public void oncomplete (bundle values ){ String token = values. getstring ("access_token ");String expires_in = values.

Practical Android skills: in-depth analysis of asynctask)

Http:// and basic usage of asynctask For the introduction and basic usage of asynctask, refer to the official documentation and practical Android skills: multi-threaded asynctask.A problem

Android-based cell phone screen resolution (SWAP between PX and DP)

1/** 2 * switch from DP unit to PX (pixel) 3 */4 public static int dip2px (context, float dpvalue) based on the cell phone resolution) {5 Final float scale = context. getresources (). getdisplaymetrics (). density; 6 Return (INT) (dpvalue * scale + 0

Use WeChat open API for Android (2)-share songs to WeChat

Share music: WXMusicObject music = new WXMusicObject();music.musicUrl=""; WXMediaMessage msg = new WXMediaMessage();msg.mediaObject = music;msg.title = "Music

Use WeChat open API for Android (4)-share to WeChat circle

1. check whether it is supported Int wxsdkversion = API. getwxappsuppapi (); If (wxsdkversion> = timeline_supported_version) = true 2. Send a reply or send it to the circle of friends, wxscenetimeline (circle of friends); wxscenesession (Personal

Android solves the problem that the network audio buffer of mediaplayer is too slow.

I believe many people use mediaplayer to play Network Audio. The buffer between prepare and prepareasync is too slow. How can this problem be solved? Now we will provide a solution for hands-on testing and using it in actual projects.In this

Generation and Analysis of QR codes for Android

Go directly to the Code. The Code has specific resolutions on it and provides jar for download: character code jarpack.rar Generate the corresponding QR code based on the text: // Generate the QR map private void createimage () {try {// you need to

Differences between fileoutputstream and openfileoutput () in Android ()

From: () First, we will introduce how to store data using files. Activity provides the openfileoutput () method that can be used to output data to files, the specific

Android decompilation and prevention of Decompilation

During this time, I was learning about Android Application Development. I was thinking that since it was developed in Java, it should be a good decompilation to get the source code. Google is actually very simple. The following is my practical

Tabhost redefinition for Android

Http:// for more information : Tabhost layout:   Main tabhost file: public class MainActivity extends TabActivity { String[] title = new

Move items in the gridview of Android

Call: public class AniGridViewActivity extends Activity { /** GridView. */ private DragGrid gridView; TranslateAnimation left, right; @Override public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState)

Third-party libraries recommended for Android projects are helpful for rapid development.

1. Use pull up more, pull down Refresh: is more popular on GitHub: 2. Slide menu: slidingmenu.rar (import your own support-4v package)

Listview Optimization for Android (lrucache is used, default image is used when the image slides, and loading is stopped)

Note: lrucache has version restrictions, and earlier sdks need to add corresponding support-4v files in the libs folder.Most of the changes in this article are described at thank you.If there is a key comment in

Android Database Upgrade instance, updated

Turn: applications may inevitably deal with SQLite. With the continuous upgrading of applications, the original database structure may no longer adapt to new features. At this time, the

Parcelable for Android

Parcelable must be implemented: And the writexxx and readxxx attributes must be in one-to-one correspondence. Public class basemodel implements parcelable {public long mid; public long getmid () {return mid;} public void setmid (long mid) {This. mid

Recording the status of the row marked by listview in Android

There is nothing special about the small demo. The most special thing is to use notifydatasetchanged as little as possible, which is too costly. Of course, it will save a lot of work, but sometimes it will still encounter other problems, project

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