You cannot directly add the. So file to the android jar package.

From: If you directly place a XXX. So file in/libs/armeabi in a jar file and export it as a jar package, such as A. jar, In an androidProgramTo reference this A. jar file,

Android handout 2: simple image browser with screenshot effect (for imageview)

Layout highlights: // Distance from the bottom of the previous control Android: layout_margintop = "10dp" CodePhase Analysis: // Return the printable view and convert it down to the printable view of Bitmap. Bitmapdrawable =

Android Study Notes (14th): mediaplayer playing audio

Mediaplayer provides playback, pause, stop, and replay methods. It can only play one audio file at a time and is suitable for playing large files. Usage: 1. Play from resource files, [Java] view plaincopymediaplayer player1 = new mediaplayer ().

Android dynamic Add button

First, let's take a look at the layouinflater class: instantiate a layout XML file as a view object. Instead of using it directly, he uses getlayoutinflater () or getsystemservice (string) to obtain the standard layoutinflater instance. The instance

Transmission of complex parameters between Android intent

In the course lecture03 _ application framework and key components _ 1, the instructor introduced that intent is the medium for passing parameters between activity and service, the usage and example of using intent and bundle to transmit data

Android recording data transmission

Today, let's take a look at how the recording data in Android comes from. Start with audiorecord. The interface for obtaining recording data in audiorecord is: audiorecord: Read.First, call the function obtainbuffer to obtain the address of the

Android cracking APK files

Reprinted please indicate the source: APK Crack Before writing this article, I was hesitant to start a Pandora box? Later, we thought that similar Android malware had already been released,

Basic Android mobile phone resolution knowledge (DPI, dip computing)

From: 1. terms and concepts Terms Description Remarks Screen Size) It refers to the actual physical size of the mobile phone, such as commonly used 2.8 inch, 3.2 inch, 3.

Android ndk solves the problem of mutual calls between the two so

From: Modules A and B are mainly implemented in C and need to be compiled into two. so, B. so, but. so calls B. so function, B. so also called. so functions, and for some reason, A and B must

How to Use GDB to find the encryption key in the android so file

In an article from xda developer, the author describes in detail how to use GDB + IDA to find the encryption key of Lua files in Angry Birds Rio Android. Although there is no reverse engineering, but maybe it will be used one day, first record it.  

Android dlopen calls the so Library

From: The following programs are compiled by GCC on the Ubuntu operating system. However, when I want to move them to Android to run, an error occurs. It is unknown where the problem

Turn: Android power management topic monitoring battery power and charging status | silent Resources

Document directory Obtain the current Battery status Monitor changes in the charging status Obtain the current battery level Monitor significant changes in battery power By checking the current battery power and charging status of the device,

Turn: Permission detection and uid mechanism in startactivity in Android

We often start another activity in one activity or interact with the result of another acitivity (startactivityforresult ). But have you ever thought about permission problems? If you encounter permission denial exception, you need to read this

Android tasks, processes, and threads

Tasks, processes, and threads The components and Applications in Android are mostly static. When an application runs, it will inevitably need to care about the concept of processes and threads. In Android, the most distinctive concept in the Dynamic

Android effectively solves the problem of memory overflow when loading large images

Do not use setimagebitmap, setimageresource, or bitmapfactory. decoderesource to set a large image,Because after decode is completed, these functions are ultimately completed through the createbitmap on the Java layer, and more memory is

Android handout 2 input page

Layout file: Android: selectallonfocus = "true" // "ggg" indicates that when edittext gets the focus, all content will be selected. Android: Password = "true" // indicates that the entered content is password protected. Android: phonenumber =

Android audio recording

The corresponding permission must be set in androidmanifest: Android: Name = "android. Permission. record_audio" 1. first determine whether an SD card exists and obtain the corresponding path /* Check whether an SD card exists */ If (environment.

Steps for using Baidu map on Android

1) download Baidu map mobile API (Android) Development KitTo use Baidu map API in Android applications, You need to reference Baidu map API development kit in the project. This development kit contains two files: baidumapapi. jar and

WiFi usage for Android

WiFi Nic status: Wifi_state_disabled: WiFi Nic unavailable Wifi_state_disabling: WiFi is being disabledWifi_state_enabled: WiFi Nic available Wifi_state_enabling: the WiFi Nic is on. Wifi_state_unknown: Unknown Nic status   Step 1: Use

Floating window of Android

// Create a global variable class1 public class myapplication extends application { 2 3 /** 4 * create a global variable 5 * global variables generally tend to create a separate data class file and use static variables. 6 * 7 * the method of adding

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