Android development activity and intent

  An intent object contains the following content: 1. component name: name of the activity to be started 2. Action 3. Data 4. Category 5. Extras 6. flags First, initialize an internal class (listener class) in the first activity

Android module compilation, MM command

If you only need to modify the content of a module, but you need to execute make every time, the last wait is a long time.To compile a module, you only need to execute mm in the directory or its subdirectory of your module to compile a separate

Socket Communication Between Android and PC clients

Today, I want to implement a socket communication function between Android and PC clients. I use for local testing based on my previous habits of simultaneous PC and PC clients. Question 1: Android connectexception connection

Android device action and ADB command

1. Restore factory settings "ADB-s" + self. _ serial + "shell AM broadcast-A Android. Intent. Action. master_clear" 2. Obtain the device CPU 'Adb-S' + self. _ serial + 'Shell getprop Ro. Product. devic' 3. Type (eng/user) 'Adb-S' + self. _

Getprop: get Android system attributes

In the Android system, its root file system has several configuration files required for starting the system: /Init. RC /Default. Prop /System/build. Prop Generally, we can get it through the getprop command and set setprop. Before using

Samsung i9023 4.0.3 flash successfully android

Today, I encountered a depressing thing. When I got up in the morning, the mobile phone traffic was gone, and I deducted a few dollars, saying that I was in arrears. I don't know the reason for the mobile phone or mobile phone. Later, I called to

Glloader is transplanted to Android

Reprinted please indicate the source is klayge Game Engine As a sub-project of klayge, glloader is an OpenGL extended loading warehouse that can load OpenGL 1.0-4.2, OpenGL ES 1.0-2.0, and OpenGL extensions such as WGL and Glx. You only need to

How to install the APK application on the android Simulator

1. Start the simulator first: Start AVD manager with Cmd Line: Android AVD-> Select a version of AVD Or start the simulator from eclipse. Otherwise, the no device found error will occur when you install APK with ADB install appname.apk. 2. In

Android Development Environment setup and ndk installation in Linux)

I am also a newcomer to Linux. It takes about half a year to get Linux, and I am also a newcomer to the android team.Since I recently used centos 5.5 every day, I chose centos5.5 as my development environment.I used to dive in linuxsir for the first

Android Boot Image/text/animation modification)

Three images are displayed at the android startup:A. When the Linux system is started, the Linux penguin screen (reboot) appears );B. The Android platform starts initialization and displays the text "a n d r I O D;C. The upper-layer Graphics System

Linux Kernel startup and mounting of the android root file system ()

      This article mainly introduces the Linux kernel startup process and the process of mounting the android root file system, as well as the analysis of the file system in the android source code.      Main source code directory

How to download the android Linux Kernel

1. Install git The android Linux kernel can be selected from the release (portable) version. If git is not commonly used, you can select the portable version. Download the git of portable, decompress it, and run Git-Bash. A console window is

Android and kernel community -- Greg kroah-Harman instructions on Android code removal)

From Linux kernel monkey log | translated by Li Yun. For more information, see the ifanr translation link. Version 2.6.33 removed andirod's code from the kernel. Many people keep asking me what happened and what to do next for Android. Here is my

Why do we not need much memory for Android?

From: Do not care about the remaining memory size. In fact, many people bring the habit of using other systems. Most Android applications do not exit the design, which is related to the system's scheduling

Android adds shortcuts to the desktop to point to a specific webpage

Document directory How does Android call the system's default browser for access? Today, you need to add a shortcut to the desktop so that you can link to a specific webpage when you click it. I found this article

Android UI menu code

The Code has not been sorted out yet. Package com. mediatek. uidemo; Import Android. App. activity;Import Android. OS. Bundle;Import Android. View. contextmenu;Import Android. View. contextmenu. contextmenuinfo;Import Android. View. Menu;Import

Activity of four Android Components

  Activity Definition Activity is an application component that provides a screen and allows users to interact with each other, such as dialing, taking photos, sending emails or browsing maps, every activity is given a window used to draw a user

Android Google Calendar

Turn:   Original article: [Share] Android Google Calendar daily synchronization of metadata-mobile01 discussion group I don't

Klayge goes to Android

Reprinted please indicate the source is klayge Game Engine   After glloader is transplanted to Android, klayge can also be executed on Android. Although, strictly speaking, it is only the most basic empty framework that can be run. Since I do

Use Android ndk R6 to compile boost 1.47

Reprinted please indicate the source is klayge Game Engine   Boost is already common in C ++ development on PC. But what about mobile platforms like android? Because klayge is porting Android, boost, which is one of the dependent libraries, must

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