Android: inputtype

Android inputtype Android edittext has an attribute set Android: inputtype = "? "Is used to set the text type to help the input method display the appropriate keyboard type. The following settings are available: None, Text,

Study Notes for Android section 2 helloworld Program

1. helloworldProgram Create an AVD, that is, the simulator. In the toolbar, click the SDK and AVD manager buttons, and then new. The configuration is shown in the left figure. After the configuration is complete, as shown in the right figure, click

Return to the Android world and build an android Development Environment

  Baresearch has finally been done, and half a year of freedom is available. Hahaha, I can finally go back to my favorite Android world. The establishment of the development environment is different from the previous so simple, encountered a lot

Android development activity and intent

  An intent object contains the following content: 1. component name: name of the activity to be started 2. Action 3. Data 4. Category 5. Extras 6. flags First, initialize an internal class (listener class) in the first activity

Android learning Notes section 3 basic controls

Part 1: textview Control 1. Display textview controls in two ways   2. textview attributes ① Font size: SP is recommended. ② Height and width: We recommend using DP as the unit.   3. Change the text color   4. Set hyperlinks   5. Effect

[Android] Data Storage contentproviders

This topic describes how to use content providers. Content providers is a bridge between data storage and retrieval among all applications. It enables data sharing between applications. Content providers is a special data storage type that

[Android] share

This section describes how to implement the sharing function in your own applications and how to add your programs to the sharing list. For example, if you want to share an image on campus. This is what we want to do. At the same time, we will add

[Android] shared preferences for data storage

Android provides four data storage methods: Shared preferences: used to store data in the "key"-"value" format. It is a lightweight key-value storage mechanism that can only store basic data types. Filws: file storage SQLite: a standard

Implementation of overlapping icons in Android

When we are developing applications, especially image browsers or file browsers, involving image or file management, we will inevitably need to process them in batches and use the multiple choice function. How can we visually display the selected

[Android] simple music player (Introduction to using service and broadcast to play music files)

Use the service to play a song in the sdcard and broadcast to notify the activity update interface in the service. The following three final figures are: initialization, playback, and pause. There are two buttons on the interface, which use the

Overwrite the view component in Android listview

The left and right parts of the image are quite different, not the content, but the layout. The left part is the layout before I write the code today, root is relativelayout, and framelayout is used on the right. In the interface, the list content

Basic for Android: page Jump and value passing (activity jump and value passing)

An android application rarely has only one activity object. It is a basic requirement to redirect between multiple activities and pass values to each other. Here we will talk about several methods of page Jump and value passing in Android! Activity

[Android Basics] Get Mobile Phone resolution

In the development of mobile apps, in addition to understanding the API, more important is the screen. Screen Resolution is an important factor for images. Because the cell phone screen sizes are different, you need to consider this issue during

Android obtains mobile phone information

Come and have a look at the android games! 1. Obtain the app information installed on your mobile phone (excluding the app information that comes with the system ): Java code: 1 private String getAllApp() { 2 String result = ""; 3

[Android] prevents UI interfaces from being blocked by input methods (images are adaptive with input methods)

Friends who have used Android phones know that, sometimes, after entering text in the text box, the operation button is blocked by the input method, and they have to close the input method to continue the operation. For example: Screen layout:

Android contentprovider Summary

Transferred from: 1. Applicable scenarios 1) contentprovider provides a unified interface for data storage and reading. 2) using contentprovider, applications can share data 3) Many of

Functions of parcelable in Android

Android provides a new type: parcel. This class is used as a container to encapsulate data. The encapsulated data can be transmitted through intent or IPC. Except for the basic type Only the classes that implement the parcelable interface can be put

Android: imeoptions attributes

By default, the button in the lower-right corner of the soft keyboard is "Next". Click it to go to the next input box to keep the soft keyboard Set Android: imeoptions ="Actiondone"In the left-side Navigation Pane, click "finish" at the bottom of

[Android] obtains information about the installed APK files (packageinfo and resolveinfo) on the mobile phone (Application images, application names, and package names)

As we all know, packagemanager can be used to obtain information about the APK files installed on the mobile phone end. The specific code is as follows: Packagemanager = This. getpackagemanager (); List packageinfolist = packagemanager.

Android Study Notes section 1: Build an android Development Environment

1. Download andriod SDK r10.0: Http:// After the download is complete, click SDK manager, which will automatically search for the latest version and other information for download. The following are the parts to

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