Powerful Tool for visual Android development-basic4android

There are two reasons why I haven't had time to update my blog over the past few days. One is that my personal affairs are busy, and the other is at the invitation of the author of basic4android. . I started Android development the year before.

First teaching post, Android development (1)-Hello world!

I have been engaged in development for nearly six years, and I have been engaged in Android development for more than half a year. I am afraid to name it a cool man, because there are still many cool people. I haven't written a decent post on the

Android connection refused

In debugging, connect localhost or through the android simulator.CodeProbablyURL url = new URL (urlstring );Urlconnection urlconn = URL. openconnection (); But an error is reported !! Exception 1: java.net. connectexception:

Android contact app insights

When I was doing a Contact application yesterday, I encountered a problem and found that I was not very clear about the contact data. So I used the source code debug for one morning and felt that F6, f8 does not run more than a dozen rounds back and

Considerations for integration testing in Android Development

Last night, I sent my network communication jar package to my colleagues to call the test. The data sent to the server is like the data sent to the sea. The client did not receive any feedback or print any information. In my jar package, I have long

Transfer to Android again

In June, I started to build a team for the iPhone. Now, I am familiar with xcode tools and the development mode of the iPhone. This allows me to display some charts and interact with each other, the first version of the iPhone allows the team to

Android development exercise assignment: paper, gold, and silver real-time price query app

From: http://www.techolics.com/android/software/20121204_322.html I recently learned how to develop the Android mobile phone system, so I want to find some practical examples to learn and practice. I just found that there was an app on the iPhone

Android Application Development-running lantern Effect

XML layout attributes Android: ellipsize:Set how to display the control when the text is too long. You can set the following values: "Start" -- ellipsis () at the beginning, "end" -- ellipsis () at the end, and "Middle" -- ellipsis () in the

Android Application Development-Android: Theme

• Android: theme = "@ Android: style/theme. Dialog " Display an activity as a dialog box • Android: theme = "@ Android: style/theme. notitlebar "Do not show applicationsProgramTitle Bar • Android: theme = "@ Android: style/theme. notitlebar.

Android completely exits the application

I. Method 1: [this method is valid in Android 2.2] Intent startmain =   New Intent (intent. action_main );Startmain. addcategory (intent. category_home );Startmain. setflags (intent. flag_activity_new_task );Startactivity (startmain

(Zt) Why is the iPhone better than Android?

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Helloandroid, the first Android Project

In the previous article, I have set up the development environment and now I am going to start a real development journey. The first Android project helloandroid. 1. Create an android project and open eclipse> File> New> androidproject.

Getting started with Android ddms

In fact, I don't just want to introduce the ddms tool, but I want to talk about the log. Anyone who has experience in developing and maintaining the system should know the importance of the log, whether you store logs in the form of text, database,

Eight Android tuyu Designs

Http://news.cnblogs.com/n/106763/ From the day when Android was born, this cute little robot, by virtue of its open-source power, squeezed Ios to the throne with the highest market share. Although the numbers are dominant, IOS is always the mobile

In Android, all programs are actually exited.

Http://www.cnblogs.com/jauntlin/archive/2011/05/28/2060712.html Sometimes our software interface has an exit function and cannot use finish () in the activity. Because sometimes your application has multiple activities, I searched for how to

Do not do anything wrong with Android to cause memory leakage

InAndroidContext can perform many operations, but the main function is to load and access resources. There are two kinds of context in Android, one is application context and the other is activity context. Generally, activity context is transmitted

Very strange problem: visibility of dynamically created view settings does not work (Android, resolved)

During Android development today, I encountered a very strange problem. In a viewgroup, I dynamically created two custom views and then performed the setvisibility operation on them, the custom view does not respond at all.   The possible pseudocode

How to quickly uninstall APK in Android

In adnroid, running ADB uninstall directly Cannot uninstall the APK. Attackers can manually uninstall each time they enter settings. Today, my brother finally couldn't stand it. he deleted the APK directly in ddms. Then run ADB Uninstall!   So

Development of the framework layer of the Android platform (collection, ZT)

Framework development is much more annoying than the application layer. It is enough to make applications in eclipse. You can use controls and other tools in the Android system, or write a class on your own to implement specific functions. For the

Android broadcastreceiver Application

1. Create a consumer in two ways: Dynamic and Static: (1) static registration: First, customize the number of referers, Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/-->Public class myreceiver extends

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