Settings of horizontal and vertical screens in Android

If Android: screenorientation = "portrait" is selected, the portrait screen is invalid and the portrait screen is always displayed.

Powerful Tool for visual Android development-basic4android

There are two reasons why I haven't had time to update my blog over the past few days. One is that my personal affairs are busy, and the other is at the invitation of the author of basic4android. . I started Android development the year before.

Android Contact Information Retrieval

Android Contact Information Acquisition Public class mainactivity extends activity {string ID, name, phonenumber, email; @ overrideprotected void oncreate (bundle savedinstancestate) {super. oncreate (savedinstancestate); setcontentview (R. layout.

Android program running performance optimization

Android ProgramPerformance Optimization Original article address For Android phones, Google is fully open to multi-tasking while running Java-based explanatory languages, causing a great deal of Ram overhead. With the development of Android

The text in the android import project is garbled.

Text garbled characters in Android import project projects Original article address The garbled problem occurs several times and has never been concerned about it. Today it appears again. The following is a summary: The reason why eclipse

First teaching post, Android development (1)-Hello world!

I have been engaged in development for nearly six years, and I have been engaged in Android development for more than half a year. I am afraid to name it a cool man, because there are still many cool people. I haven't written a decent post on the

Android connection refused

In debugging, connect localhost or through the android simulator.CodeProbablyURL url = new URL (urlstring );Urlconnection urlconn = URL. openconnection (); But an error is reported !! Exception 1: connectexception:

Why is getchildcount always 0 after Android-listview is set adapter ()?

After using listview in setadapter (), perform some operations on the listview childview. However, every time childcount is obtained, it is always 0. Previously, setadapter is not synchronous (asynchronous ). After setadapter (), add the post

Android uses activiyt as the dialog pop-up

Android uses activiyt as the dialog pop-up Add the following topic to androidmanifest. xml: Make the following settings in the activity as dialog: @ Override public void oncreate (bundle savedinstancestate) {super. oncreate (savedinstancestate)

Android Service Usage

AndroidIn development, when you need to createProgramService is required. Services are different from activities (which can be understood as the difference between the background and the foreground ), The Service startup process is as follows:

Transfer to Android again

In June, I started to build a team for the iPhone. Now, I am familiar with xcode tools and the development mode of the iPhone. This allows me to display some charts and interact with each other, the first version of the iPhone allows the team to

Android File Operations

When operating an android file, you must grant the following permissions: The following code writes text to a file: Private Final Static string Path = "/sdcard/Lin"; private final static string filename = "/test.txt"; @ overrideprotected void

Android Network Programming

1. Obtain Network Information First, add the permission to androidmanifest. xml. The Code is as follows: public class MainActivity extends Activity {TextView netWorkTextView;ConnectivityManager cManager;NetworkInfo networkInfo;@Overrideprotected

Summary of JDK installation in Ubuntu for Android environment Configuration

Configure the android environment in Ubuntu 1. JDK installation. I installed JDK 6. For details, see the JDK Installation Summary In ubuntu. 2. Download eclipse Download a Linux version of eclipse and run eclipse. Click Help> Software Updates>

Android-image: Load large bitmap efficiently

An image with higher resolution does not provide any visible benefit, but still takes up precious memory and incurs additional performance overhead due to additional on the fly scaling. Given that you are working with limited memory, ideally you

Android full transparency

First, create the colors. xml file under Res/Values and write: #9000 This value sets the transparency of the entire interface. To see the effect, it is now set to about 56% (9/16. Create styles. xml under Res/values/and set the program

Basic4android development tutorial (5) android process and activitys Lifecycle

In short:Each basic4android program runs in its own process.A process has a main thread, which is also called a UI thread. It runs until the process ends. A process can have several threads which are used for background work. When a user starts an

Eight Android tuyu Designs

Http:// From the day when Android was born, this cute little robot, by virtue of its open-source power, squeezed Ios to the throne with the highest market share. Although the numbers are dominant, IOS is always the mobile

In Android, all programs are actually exited.

Http:// Sometimes our software interface has an exit function and cannot use finish () in the activity. Because sometimes your application has multiple activities, I searched for how to

Do not do anything wrong with Android to cause memory leakage

InAndroidContext can perform many operations, but the main function is to load and access resources. There are two kinds of context in Android, one is application context and the other is activity context. Generally, activity context is transmitted

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