Core game algorithm Round 13 (additional edition)-maze ball (Android implementation)

Well, let's talk about the most classic game! I want to say that I was going to put it in the Wu Hao series "Wu haopin engineering-level Software Project", but I thought about it. If that is the case, will hinder the continuity of the entire round,

Simple implementation of data binding for a spinner in Android

  In Android, spinner is usually used to implement the drop-down list. Unfortunately, it does not directly implement automatic binding like text-value. In some cases, the text displayed in the list is not the value we want to obtain, so we need to

Use application in Android to share data between multiple activities

In Android, the application is only used to save the application.ProgramContext, the core is activity. However, we can simply define public static variables in the application to call multiple activities for data sharing.CodeAs follows: Public

Modify the hosts file in Android

The steps are as follows:1. Get the root permission: ADB Root2. Set/system to read/write: ADB remount3. Copy the hosts file to PC: ADB pull/system/etc/hosts E: \ hosts4. modify files on a PC5. copy the file on the PC to the mobile phone: ADB push E:

How to install and deploy the android real machine to connect to the local server

The method for connecting a real machine to a local PC server is as follows: Set the LAN, and the mobile phone accesses a server in the LAN through WiFi (with a lan ip address)   Background: The Android mobile phone obtains data for display by

[Android] append Android source code androidandroid_gingerbread_javasrc

Android source code.Source codeCreate an android project in eclipse, select the project, Main Menu-> Project-> properties-> select Android, and Project Build target select Android 2.3. Click "Java build path" on the left, switch to the libraries

Android Development Environment Installation

1. Install JDK : Download JDK 2. Install the development environment (eclipse) Eclipse 3. Install the android SDK Android SDK Download the, decompress it directly, and then click "SDK manager.exe" to enter the

[Android] Android advanced UI development series (3)-android style and topic tutorials

  Tutorial Index Android drag and drop tutorial Android plotting (drawables) Tutorial Android styles and themes tutorial Live wallpaper tutorial Homescreen widgets tutorial Custom views for Android (M m views) Tutorial Android supports

[Android] Android advanced UI development series (2)-android rendering tutorial

Tutorial Index Android drag and drop tutorial Android plotting (drawables) Tutorial Android styles and themes tutorial Live wallpaper tutorial Homescreen widgets tutorial Custom views for Android (M m views) Tutorial Android supports

Build an android environment (Windows)

Preface I have seen a lot of articles about Android recently, and I am eager to experience android, so I found some articles on how to build android in windows on the Internet. I would like to share with friends who are not getting started and

Android development-file Introduction

During Android development, after a project is created, some files are generated in the workspace. What are the functions of these files.SRC folder The SRC folder contains the main java files, which are also the files that need to be edited to

Android Learning 1

Let's talk a little bit about it. Let's look at how to start programming for an android project. First, create an android project, and then follow the steps. Step 1. initialize the parameters in androidmanifest. xml. 1: 2:

Android and Web work together (Android reads website-specific pages)

Project ideas: To develop a website with web development knowledge, you must read the content of this module through android. Implementation: You can use a mobile browser to directly read data. Advantages: you do not need to install a separate

Android UI Learning Series

Learning steps and key points Ui Layout Main UI elements Main buttons and events Screen jump Dialog Box I. Android UI Layout This section mainly refers to this person's blog for a little bit of sorting. For the original text, see: Original

Use the PNG technology on the Android platform

Is a special image format in the application software development of the andriod platform. The file extension is .9.png. The smart phone has the automatic horizontal screen function. The same interface will change the display direction with the

Android lightweight JSON operations

Package COM. google. test; import Java. lang. reflect. array; import Java. lang. reflect. field; import Java. lang. reflect. parameterizedtype; import Java. lang. reflect. type; import Java. util. collection; import Org. JSON. jsonarray; import Org.

. NET and Android Decompression

1. C # code (sharpziplib needs to be called ): Using system. io; using system. text; using icsharpcode. sharpziplib. zip. compression. streams; namespace consoleapplicationdemo {public class ziphelper {// // compress the string in Deflater mode,

General AES algorithms for Android and. net

1. net source code: Using system; using system. text; using system. security. cryptography; namespace consoleapplicationdemo {// // AES symmetric encryption and decryption class // public class aeshelper {# Region member variable /// // /Key

ArcGIS for Android spatial data WKT and JSON description

Standard Data Format I,Point WKT: Point (-118.4-45.2) JSON: { "X":-118.4, "Y":-45.2, "Spatialreference ":{ "Wkid": 4326 } } II,Multi-Point WKT: Multipoint (1.01 2.02, 2.01 3.01) Note: This structure is different from the OGC standard, which is the

Android development: environment construction and helloworld

-- To do this, you must first sharpen your tools. Introduction This series is suitable for people with 0 basics, because I started from 0. This series records my experience in Android development and I hope to share it with you! As a newcomer to the

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