Build an android Development Environment on Ubuntu 9.10

1. First download the IDE (integrated development environment), and eclipse is the first. You can install the SDK in the following ways: 1 applications-> Ubuntu Software Center-> Get Free Software search, enter eclipse, select eclipse in the list

Download and compile the android source code in Ubuntu 9.10

Write down the steps for compiling the source code under ubuntu9.10 for future reference: Sudo apt-Get install Git-core curl Sudo apt-Get install GCC g ++ flex bison gperf libsdl1.2-dev libesd0-dev libwxgtk2.6-dev build-essential zip curl libncurses5

How to Use Android SDK to develop Android applications

This is a root cause. Android is a new platform because Google has a powerful advantage and Java has been controlled by mobile phone vendors. Therefore, sun has very weak control over Java, so it is appropriate to learn Java. I found a lot of

Android JNI instance

The android SDK does not support JNI and does not provide any instructions on how to support JNI. However, since the entire Android platform is open-source, we can use the source code released by Google to find some clues (such as the

Android JNI Study Notes

JNI is the abbreviation of Java Native Interface. It allows Java code to interact with code written in other languages. JNI is provided in Android to allow Java programs to call C language programs. Many Java classes in Android have native

Git and repo literacy-how to obtain Android source code

Git is Linux Torvalds to help manage LinuxAn open source distributed version control software developed by the kernel is different from a centralized version control system such as subversion and CVS. There is only one warehouse in the centralized

Android Architecture Analysis and driver keyboard


-- Author: lao shu-- Release Date: 15:01:19-- Android Architecture Analysis and driver keyboard I. user space Adroid 2.1 architecture resolution 7 keyboard The above link details the operation of the android user space buttons. Finally, by

What does Android do?

Android consists of six parts: Applications (Java)-------------------------------- Framework (Java) ============================================| Core LibrariesExternal lib | --------------| Dalvik (JVM)|-----------------------------------Hal=======

Linux Kernel and Android sleep and wake-up

Introduction Sleep/Wakeup is a very important part in embedded Linux. The embedded device enters sleep state as much as possible to prolong the battery life. this article details how sleep/Wakeup works in Linux, and how to associate this part with

Android system shutdown and restart

Android system shutdown and restart1. Shut down the Android system, and the restart code is located in frameworks/base/CORE/JNI/android_ OS _power.cpp, which contains Static void android_ OS _power_shutdown (jnienv * ENV, jobject clazz){/* Shut down

Android Power Management Mechanism Analysis (zz)

Android Power Management Mechanism Analysis (zz)In general, the power management of Android is relatively simple. It mainly uses locks and timers to switch the system status and minimize the power consumption of the system. The power management

Android acceleration sensor (G-sensor)

The android accelerometer is of the sensor. type_accelerometer type. Return the value of the accelerometer through Android. Hardware. sensorevent. The Unit returned by the accelerometer is the unit of acceleration m/s ^ 2 (meter per second). The

Android keyboard/touch panel Analysis

Analyze how Android reads keys and touch panel drivers. This is mainly in the $ (android_dir)/frameworks/base/libs/UI/eventhub. cpp file. This is at the Hal layer, which will step by step analyze how the android upper layer accepts events. First,

Linux Kernel and Android sleep and wake-up

Tags: Linux and kernel android Version Information Linux Kernel: v2.6.28Android: V2.0 Introduction to sleep (suspend) In Linux, sleep mainly involves three steps: Version Information Linux Kernel: v2.6.28 Android: V2.0 Introduction to sleep

Android Framework Analysis

Http://! Bf47b6fd104579c9! 797. Entry1. directory tree/Framework/base/API/Framework/base/AWT/Framework/base/build/Framework/base/cameraThe Hal interface library of camera. Finally, the native shared library

Batteryservice for Android

Batteryservice provides batteryservice information, voltage, temperature, and charging status. Batteryservice runs in system_process and is started during system initialization. In batteryservice. Java:Log. I (TAG, "Starting battery service

Android init initialization program analysis

/System/CORE/init initialization program 1. Execute the sigaction function to process the sigchild signal. Actually temporarily blocked2. Set umask to clear the mask of the created File3. Create a file system mount point & Mount memory File System4.

Android Keyboard System

AndroidKeyboard System The life cycle of the keyboard system in Android starts from the startup of the system to the shutdown of the system, during the entire process, we hope that any button that is pressed will have an event. The investigation

Android keyboard system code analysis (1)

Open_device function in eventhub. cpp File In the user State, an open_device function closely related to the kernel state is located in the eventhub. cpp file. This function has a large number of underlying operations to complete upper-layer

Android build system note

Keywords:Android, build system Very useful record. Thank you!======================================================== 1. Android Compilation System AnalysisCompile scripts and System VariablesBuild/envsetup. Sh script analysisBefore compiling the

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