Android media_eject cannot receive broadcasts.

  String media_eject_action broadcast: You want to remove the extension media (unplug the expansion card ). "Android. Intent. Action. media_eject" String media_bad_removal_action broadcast: the expansion media (expansion card) has been removed

How to solve: Error generating final archive in Android: Debug certificate expired on 10/09/18

How to solve: Error generating final archive in Android: Debug certificate expired on 10/09/18 Problem Overview: The following error is prompted after an app is imported: "Error generating final archive: Debug certificate expired on 10/09/18" Cause

Explanation of Android mediaplayer

Http:// 1 gallery Application PerformanceGallery only provides a rendering framework. Gallery is used to manage all video and image files. It has functions such as playing, viewing, and deleting.

Android Image Processing

Package com. Android. image. Demo;Import java. Io. inputstream;Import Android. App. activity;Import Android. content. context;Import Android. Graphics. Bitmap;Import Android. Graphics. bitmapfactory;Import Android. Graphics. Canvas;Import Android.

Android learning-data storage

From:   In Android, three data storage methods and two storage methods are provided. Three methods: L system configuration (Shared preferences): This type of application is mainly used to save

Android uses mediarecorder API to record audio on mobile phones

Import java. Io. file;Import java. Io. ioexception; Import Android. Media. mediarecorder;Import Android. OS. environment; Public class audiorecorder{ Final mediarecorder recorder = new mediarecorder ();Final string path; Public audiorecorder (string

Android single-choice button dialog box

From: radio button dialog box Main. xml layout File Android: Orientation = "vertical" Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height = "fill_parent"> Android: Id = "

Practical Android skills: Dialog

From: Dialog is a control that is required by any system. It is used as an auxiliary window to display some messages or to request the user to take an action. It is no exception in Android.

Android SDK download and update failure solution !!!

From: Recently I changed my computer and started to build an android development environment. The following error always occurs when I download the SDK: [Java] view plainCopy Failed to fetch

Android 4.0 source code Download Method for Windows

1. Download and install msysgitHttp:// downloading, install and run next, and use the default configuration.2. After the installation is complete, double-click the gitbash icon.Mkdir

SIM card related operations in Android

Reprinted: 1. add, delete, and modify SIM card contactsUri is content: // ICC/ADN/The specific usage is the same as that of other contentprovider operations. For the

How to add a language to the setting language list of Android

Example:After reading this, the android2.2 system has a Vietnamese font, so it supports Vietnamese. However, the language list in setting does not have the Vietnamese option. At first I went to localepicker. line 133 of the oncreate method of Java

Disable horizontal and vertical screen switching for Android

Code in mainactivity:     public void onConfigurationChanged(Configuration newConfig) { try { super.onConfigurationChanged(newConfig); if (this.getResources().getConfiguration().orientation ==

Android module compilation, mm, mmm

If you only modify the content of a module, but execute make every time, the last wait is a long time.To compile a module, you only need to execute mm in the directory or its subdirectory of your module to compile a separate APK!Procedure:1) Open ~ /

Android telephony MMS Study Notes

Document directory Basic processing of Android MMS This article mainly describes how to process MMs in the Android system from the following aspects: MMS initialization, MMS sending, and MMS receiving (including pushing MMS receiving and

Android-SIM/USIM card Guide Contact

From:     There is a previous article about the information on the card (Android information (MMS) (7)-SIM card text message). There is also a very important information on the SIM card, that is,

The real machine lacks com. Google. Android. Maps. Jar. solution:

Http:// article: I wrote an application based on the Google map API, And the simulator has been running smoothly. Because the real machine does not

Android 4.0 support sf mkv parser on GB.

Http:// P = Android/platform/frameworks/base. Git; A = commitdiff; H = d818c244204bee4890e1a76bb3581b9c10113c8b stagefrightmkv: Enable stagefright MKV Author Siva ramaraju     Tue, 10 May 2011 05

How to Use logcat in Android native programming

Http:// Http://  [11.04.02] added log debugging (Logi \ logd \ loge...) Output support on the android C/C ++ layer. Recently, I have

Android uses third-party jar packages

From:   Use third-party jar packages Apart from the methods described below, I have basically tried other methods and may encounter compilation or running errors. The following methods

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