OCR solution (tesseract) in Android)

There are roughly two OCR solutions for Android applications, and the most popular one is tesseract. Here I will write down my solutions for the last two days. If you have any defects, please click here: There are two solutions. One is to use

Android: Drag and Drop UI

Recently, I was busy with some UI special effects. I thought this was not something we developed, but it was something designers should manage. A recent headache, there is no way to do it. I still have to do it slowly. I have a sense of

Android generates XML files

There are many articles for parsing XML files, but there are very few articles for generating XML files in Android. By chance, I found a related article and shared it with me: Xmlserializer is used to write XML files. private static void

Android: framelayout Research

Framelayout is mysterious because it is used in a small number of places, and has always felt that it is ignorant. Recently, we need to implement some layer effects and use it. Its usage is very simple. I will not talk about it here. Let's talk

Handler usage comparison in Android

When I pop up the proressbar, I found that it takes a long time for Handler to directly post a runnable object, but it is much faster to start using the handler progress bar in a new thread. The code for the first case is as follows:

Customize the titlebar layout of the android title bar)

Many users find that the title bar of their android Program Titlebar area is monotonous. If you want to personalize it, you can use the following method to customize a layout file for the title of your software, such as the title bar of your browser.

Scrolling tabs in Android

Perhaps this is obvious but it wasn' t immediately clear to me so maybe it's worth documenting for the benefit of future Google searchers. if you use a tabactivity in an Android Application you can probably fit four or maybe five tabs on a standard

Attribute Daquan in shape in Android

This article transfers to: http://kofi1122.blog.51cto.com/2815761/521605   In Android, shape is often used to define some Display Properties of the control. Today I have read some shapes and have a general understanding of shape. I would like to

Simple timer in Android

First, there is no timer in the android SDK package (in j2se), so the timer function will be implemented in other ways. The thought of asynchronous processing naturally comes to mind Android. OS. Handler to replace timer. But how can I achieve this

Ubuntu12.04 problems encountered when configuring the android Development Environment

With a new system, a new computer, and a previous development environment, everything has to be done again. A. First, some problems occurred when installing apt: Because my eclipse version is newer, some errors occurred when installing apt. I

Use of Android intent

The usage of Android intent is summarized comprehensively. Intent is something special in Android. You can specify the action (such as view, edit, and dial) to be executed by the program in intent and the information required when the

Android-based sax parsing XML file implementation

public class JokeBean {private String id;private String title;private StringBuilder text=new StringBuilder();public JokeBean(){ }public String getId() {return id; }public void setId(String id) {this.id = id; }public String getTitle()

Parsing XML files using pull in Android

First of all, this article is not original. Recently, XML file parsing has been used. Previously, it was all about sax parsing. I went online and heard people say that parsing XML files using Android's built-in pull method should be stable and

Android: Get contact information (name and phone number)

Since people is outdated, you cannot use this method. Use the following method:  public void getUserInfo(){       Cursor cursor = getContentResolver().query(ContactsContract.Contacts.CONTENT_URI, null, null, null, null);      

Obtain the location information of the Android mobile phone

There are three sources of positioning information on Android phones: GPS, cell-ID, and WiFi. the latter two types are based on the network, so they are centrally located based on the network in the android SDK. Currently, the three positioning

Parcelable object in Android

I don't know how to use Object serialization. I personally think that many cases where large objects need to be passed can be avoided. For example, you can write the content of multiple acitivyts to an activity. (You can also find a benefit and

Search a file from directory and get storage directorys from Android device (I use tablet here)

public class Explorer { String TAG = "Explorer"; private final String DISK_DIR = "/mnt"; public static final int DIR_SDCARD = 0; public static final int DIR_SDCARD_EX = 1; // external sdcard public static

One of the four Android Models

Document directory Singletop Singletask Singleinstance Recently, I have been entangled in the issue of passing values between activities. What I want to do is to simply pass values, including passing values between applications and passing

Android: Modify the view attribute in preference

The android Development Kit preference provides some of our setting tools, including preferenceactivity, preference, preferencescreen, and checkboxpreference. They can be used to conveniently set attributes of applications.    Sometimes, we do not

[Learn More] how to switch between portrait and landscape screens in Android

When running Android phones, users usually have portrait screens, but they often rotate their phones inadvertently. At this time, the program will have an exception, thinking that acitivity was re-loaded when the screen was selected, so how to solve

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