[Android Development Notes] 1. Build a Development Environment

Preface To improve the competitiveness of the product, we decided to develop the android client, but we were not very familiar with Java and had to start from scratch. I will record the entire process, including Java learning and Android development

[Android Development Notes] 2. First demo

Document directory Preface Body End Preface The android development environment has been set up in the previous section. In this section, a new demo will be created to familiarize yourself with eclipse. Including detailed development steps, how

[Android Development Notes] 3. Compile the first Android Program

Document directory Preface Body End Preface In the previous section, we used a demo to familiarize ourselves with the basic use of Eclipse, how to run it in simulators and mobile phones, and how to package it into an APK, but did not write the

[NFC application API in Android]

About NFC in Android 2.3 Android 2.3 supports NFC (near-field communication. The official website pai.android.com is described in English as follows:Near Field Communications (NFC)Android 2.3 uplodes an NFC stack and framework API that lets

How does Android obtain GPS data through a later service?

Generally, mobile phones with Android systems are equipped with GPS devices. Android provides a good interface for us to obtain GPS data. This article describes how to use android to obtain the longitude and latitude of GPS. 1. inherit a class from

Handler framework code for multi-thread interaction with UI in Android

1 DescriptionMultithreading is a common practice in Android development. After multithreading is completed, the UI must be updated. In this article, I will sort it out and attach the Framework Code to help you. 2 ContentMain code structure:Activity

Exercise caution when developing a UDP data transmission system between Android phones

Exercise caution when developing a UDP data transmission system between Android phones TIPS:1. The communication between mobile UDP and a fixed IP is not a big problem, but it may also cause a slight packet loss. The problem cannot be found here. Do

Ubuntu10.04 build an android Development Environment

Ubuntu10.04 build an android Development Environment   Software Version:Operating System: ubuntu10.04Kernel version: Linux version 2.6.32-41-generic Directory:1. Introduction2. Install JDK3. Install eclipse4. ADT Installation5. SDK Installation6.

Android launcher loop Optimization

The built-in launcher of cyanogenmod 7 is based on ADW, and I have to feel pretty good when I brush cm7. The loop function of launcher is a feature, but the experience is not good. Especially during the critical switch, the wallpaper suddenly jumps,

Launcher drag process summary "Android 2.3 2.2 』

Q: Nima Android 4.1 jelly bean has been released. You still have bb2.3, right? A: Sorry, It is a feature of diaosi. Q: What is the purpose? A: It is very irresponsible to say that the launcher drag process has not changed since 2.2. Q: What is the

Research on the display effect of Android image resources

Formats and features of image resources supported by Android The Android system supports common image resource formats, such as JPG, PNG, and GIF. The main image formats are as follows: 1. Features of GIF images Transparency:GIF is a Boolean

Android 4.1 for developers

  Welcome to the world of android4.1 and Jelly Bean! Android4.1 is the fastest and smoothest version. We have made many improvements and added many great new features and features. In this document, let's take a quick look. The android 4.1 APIs

Android boot animation bootanimation.zip

There are two types of boot animation in Android: Default Android text display and Custom Animation. The main implementation code is in \ frameworks \ base \ cmds \ bootanimation. The following describes how to add a custom boot

Android project practice series (III)-phonegap (integration)

Preface I believe you have heard about the well-known phonegap. I will not detail its strength. You can search for it online. Here, I would like to emphasize that phonegap provides Android, iPhone, palm, and wrapper for the BlackBerry platform, so

[Android] phonegap Development Tool

1. Lightweight jquery compatible libraries zepto and jq.mobi Jquery is very powerful, but it seems a little bloated compared to mobile devices. If the application runs on a WebKit Kernel Machine, we strongly recommend that you use the jquery

[Android] Android system principles and development highlights series-android System Overview

Basic knowledge 1. What is Android? Android is a software heap for mobile devices that include an operating system, middleware, and key applications. 2. What is the dual development mode of Android? [Android] open source project [Android]

[Android] basic layout knowledge points

Linear Layout-linearlayout Linear la s do not wrap lines. When a component is arranged to the header, the remaining components are not displayed. Two most important attributes in linear Layout Android: Orientation sets the arrangement of

[Project Practice-advanced] what can ant + groovy be used in Android projects?

Raise questions: Use ant + groovy to compile and generate APK packages in different environments (for example, prod, UAT, QA, Dev) Problem description:The project package is "com. vmn. app. CRM ", we need to generate the package as" com. vmn. app.

Android foreign language translation series-what kind of Android applications should be like?

Preface The Android platform does not provide specific documentation on how to design and work the Android Application. From the very beginning, Google showed that they had no intention of specifying what Android applications could accept and what

[Android] Android advanced UI development series (3)-android style and topic tutorials

  Tutorial Index Android drag and drop tutorial Android plotting (drawables) Tutorial Android styles and themes tutorial Live wallpaper tutorial Homescreen widgets tutorial Custom views for Android (M m views) Tutorial Android supports

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