Configuration of the android Development Environment

1. Install JDK Download and install. After windows is installed, you need to set three environment variables.     Java_home Specifies the JDK installation path, which is the path c: \ Program Files \ Java \ jdk1.6.0

Use of the android spinner Control

1. UI file: spinner. xml   2. spinneraciti.pdf. Java File Public class spinneractivity extends activity {private spinner; Private Static final string [] city = {"Spinner Item1", "Spinner item2", "Spinner item3", "Spinner item4 "}; @

Use of the android datepicker and timepicker controls

Use of Android datepicker and timepicker controls Public class timerpickeractivity extends activity {private datepicker; private timepicker; Private Static calendar = calendar. getinstance (); @ override protected void oncreate (bundle

Use sharedpreferences in Android

Use sharedpreferences in Android 1. Use sharedpreferences 1 Protected void oncreate (bundle savedinstancestate) {super. oncreate (savedinstancestate); setcontentview (R. layout. activity_main); sharedpreferences mperferences = preferencemanager.

Android handler usage

Android handler usage Handler can perform some operations at intervals. The demo function below shows different data in the myitems array every 3 seconds. Public class mainactivity extends activity {private int COUNT = 0; Private Static final

Use theme and style in Android

Theme and style in Android are relatively simple to use. 1. First, define three styles in resource of RES/values/styles. xml: then, reference the style just defined in the control in activity_main.xml under the Res/layout file.  

Use popupwindow in Android

Use popupwindow in Android. Popupwindow will block the dialog box, and you need to exit in the external thread or popupwindow itself. The layout design of mypopwindow. XML is as follows. Mainactivity. Java file. Click the button in

ArcGIS for Android Development Environment Configuration

Learning programming, all the languages can be figured out, as long as you learn one of them, everything else is cloudization ...... GIS development is typical of ArcGIS ArcGIS will soon release the official version of ArcGIS for Android. The

Apply for Android map apikey

A developed program needs to be signed. In general, debugkey is used for development. If a program is released, its own signature is generally used, you can use commands to generate your own signature files, or eclipse or other development tools to

Android uses ksoap2 to call WebService and correctly import jar packages

Error Message Java. Lang. noclassdeffounderror: org. ksoap2.serialization. soapobject [Java] View plain Copy Print ? Error/androidruntime (600): Java. Lang. noclassdeffounderror: org. ksoap2.serialization. soapobject At WebService. Weather.

Android intermediate course-log graphic explanation (log. V, log. D, log. I, log. W, log. e )! .

Original article address InAndroidPeople in the group often ask me,Android logHow is it used? Today I willSDKLet's get started quickly. I hope to get started with you.Android logSome help. Common android. util. Log methods include:5Items:Log. V ()

Create a hello World app for Android

Assume that the application environment for Android development has been configured. If not, configure the environment first. Create a hello World app for Android, Three methods to create a hello World Program are described as follows: Create a

Android advanced tutorial (5)-layoutinflater in Android!

Disclaimer: The copyright of the EOE article belongs to the author and is protected by law. The following information must be included in the hyperlink for reprinting. Author: android_tutor Address:

How to Use the sample in Android

Original article address Android Sample Apps The android SDK uses des program sample apps that can help you learn Android by inspecting how different APIs are used to build a mobile application. these sample apps are available for download through

Overview of broadcastreceiver in Android

In Android, broadcastreceiver is used to dynamically register broastcastreceiver and statically register broastcastreceiver. 1. dynamically register broastcastreceiver. Define broadcastreceiver: Private broadcastreceiver bcr1 = new broadcastreceiver

Use of Android tahhost

Android tahhost is used. The tabactivity inheritance method is used here. Here, three tabs are customized: American. XML, Chinese. XML, and Japanese. xml. American. xml file  Chinese. xml file   Japan. xml file

Use alterdialog in Android

In Android, alterdialog is used. There are two types of alterdialog: one is to use it directly, and the other is to design a layout and display it as a dialog. 1. Define two buttons, one for displaying alterdialog and the other for Displaying Custom

Use of Android tahhost 2 does not inherit tabactivity

Layout's design is actually because I dragged a tabhost control directly here, and then put a button in each tab. The file name is activity_tab_host.xml.

Use of Android listview

1. Define a simple adapter format. First, define a layout as listviewitem. xml. which contains three textviews. The student ID, name, and class. Put a listview control in activity_main.xml, which is simple and not explained.

Android notication usage

Android notication usage private void sendNotification() {// TODO Auto-generated method stubNotificationManager manager = (NotificationManager)this.getSystemService(Context.NOTIFICATION_SERVICE);Notification notification = new

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