Google Android platform's first Chinese Dictionary released

Although there are not many users using Android mobile phones in China, some people developed a Chinese dictionary for the platform early. This dictionary has a very nice name-"Palm Words". The English name is "handict", as the name implies. This

How to change the path location of the android AVD Simulator

The android AVD simulator created using eclipse is usually located in the. Android folder under the System Disk (C :) user folder (User) by default, and the path cannot contain Chinese characters. User folders are generally stored on the system disk.

Application global variables in Android

In Android programming, the term "application" seems to be so uncommon, but more familiar to everyone is activity, intent, provider, broadcast, and service. But in fact, the application in Android also has its own use. Open the manifest file and you

Android development-Implementation of the pop-up screen before the application starts

The pop-up screen is the splashscreen. It can also be called the startup screen, that is, when the screen is started, it will be flashed (displayed) and automatically closed after several seconds. The implementation of Android is very simple. It can

How to obtain root permissions for Android applications

Recently, when I was learning Android, I needed to obtain the root permission to write a small program. I have been searching for it online for a long time. I found this method is feasible. The device must have been cracked before! Execute the su

Explanation of telephonymanager class for Android

The telephonymanager class provides a series of get methods for accessing the status and information related to mobile communication. The information includes the status and information of the mobile phone SIM, the status of the Telecom Network, and

Android Application Form display status operation (Application of requestwindowfeature)

During development, full screen display, custom titles (using buttons and other controls), and other requirements are often required. Today we will talk about how to control the form display of Android applications. First, we will introduce an

When "different terminals" are flying over the sky -- Talking about the "different terminals" just launched by the Android platform"

Two days ago, there was a "different terminal" on Apple's App Store, which was actually a very simple thing, however, the author is really ingenious-I mean the author of different terminals in real life or in movies ("Dream of Youth" and "If You Are

Parse XML files on Android platforms: Sax and pull

Using the event parsing mechanism, Sax occupies a very small amount of memory and is very suitable for mobile devices such as mobile phones. Sax is an event The event is defined in the contenthandler interface. The common methods of contenthandler

Android HTTP network data transmission memo

Import java. Io. bufferedinputstream;Import java. Io. bufferedoutputstream;Import java. Io. bytearrayoutputstream;Import java. Io. file;Import java. Io. fileoutputstream;Import java. Io. inputstream;Import java. Io. outputstream;Import

[Android] Sina oauth, progress bar, animationdrawable, toast, Android pre-defined Style

Use Sina oauth: Http:// The application for appid is very easy to use. The official SDK contains two projects, one is the source file and the other is the demo. After filling in the token and

[Android] Add button in listview to dynamically Delete the operation of adding itemview

1. To add a button, you must customize the adapter and use the settag () method of the button view to set the position of the button to the tag. 2. To add and delete itemview dynamically, you must adjust the data source bound to the adapter and then

[Android] style and theme

I. Style 1. style is for the form Element level. It changes the style of the specified control or layout. 2. styles are inherited and overwrite 3. Style definition, defined in RES/styles. xml Themes. XML and style. XML (in the system source code

[Android] [git] Android source code acquisition (Windows)

Http://   Android source code is about 2.1 GB. Address: Https://   Today, I want to get git mainly because of this Article. view the predefined style in the/base/CORE/RES/values directory.

[Android] listview drag a black screen, SQL Delete, display the list of dialog, list long by event, split line

Document directory Solution: Solution: Http:// Listview is a commonly used display control. The default background is the same transparent color as the system window. If a background image or background color is

[Android] Resource path

Ideas: Http:// If the image is under drawable, you can save the image ID to the database,To save the path, you can put the image under the assets folder.   Absolute

[Android] real machine debugging

After searching, there are n methods: Http:// 1. [show the feasibility] In eclipse, select window-show view-other-Android-devices.When the device icon appears, you can see the logcat information...   2. Open

[Android] browses files, such as image files under the SD card.

Http:// Http:// For an image upload function, you need to upload images in SD: File_row.xml Directory_list.xml   Testgrid. Java import;import;import

[Android] task and back Stack

Document directory Basic Concepts Foreground task and background task Multiple instances of activity Manage tasks and back stacks Http:// concepts A task is a collection of activities. These activities are

[Android] dynamically add controls to the code

Requirement: Sometimes you cannot obtain the required controls in advance, so you can add them dynamically in the code. Insert a view in layout: Java code Private linearlayout layout = NULL ;... layout = (linearlayout) findviewbyid (R. id.

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