Differences between Android listview. getcount and listview. getchildcount

Listview. getcount () (actually adapterview. getcount () returns the value returned by its Adapter. getcount. That is, "Total number of items contained ". Listview. getchildcount () (viewgroup. getchildcount) returns the number of child views

Differences between this and this. getapplictioncontext when context is involved in Android

In Android, content related to context is often encountered. In this blog, we will discuss context: in the alertdialog statement. builder = new alertdialog. in Builder (this);, the parameter to be passed is a context. Here we pass in this. So what

Connect to the mobile phone through WiFi for Android program debugging

1. First, let the Android phone listen to the specified port: This step requires the use of shell, so there must be a terminal simulator on the mobile phone, but there are a lot of online, just find one, in turn into the following lines: Su //

Android Google map obtains the API key

After configuring the development environment (including Java environment variables) ----- 1. Find your Debug. keystore file in the eclipse tool, Choose windows --> preference --> Android --> build, The default debug keystore value is the path of

Android. content. res. resources $ notfoundexception

Android. content. res. resources $ notfoundexception This exception occurs during programming today.CodeAs follows: Distancechoiceview. settext (preferencestoredata. getintbykey (aroundactivity. This, finalconst. arrouddistance, 500 )); The cause

Android ADB cannot be started.

When running the android simulator today, the system prompts that ADB cannot be enabled and reports the following information: [22:19:57-gpstracker] the connection to ADB is down, and a severe error has occured.[22:19:57-gpstracker] You must

Android APK Decompilation

During this time, I was learning about Android Application Development. I was thinking that since it was developed in Java, it should be a good decompilation to getSource codeGoogle, it is really simple. The following is my practice process. I

Main. XML Description of the simplest Android Application

// indicates that this text file is described in XML format The namespace of the XML description file is the following URL Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" // Fill up the entire Upper-layer space Android:

Android plugin is 9.png

Release is 9.png: Anyone who has done UI beautification may know, The framework-res.apk \ res \ drawable-hdpi directory contains many xxxxxx.9.png images. Do not think that this 9 is only a distinction between the names of PNG images. In fact, it is

Android. View. windowmanager $ badtokenexception: unable to add window

Android. View. windowmanager $ badtokenexception: unable to add window -- token Android. App. localactivitymanager $ localactivityrecord @ 45f48c40 is not valid; is your activity running? Today, I encountered a problem when writing a Google Map

How to dynamically set menu status in Android: onprepareoptionsmenu (menu)

Override onprepareoptionsmenu (menu) is very easy to use. We can define a Boolean value for determination. If conditions are met, we can dynamically set the menu bar to certain States, such as whether it is visible, text value. For example, I set a

Research on Android Widgets

For more information about the previous configurations such as mainfest. XML, XML/widget, Res/layout/my_widget, see the API documentation.     I. Configure widgets.   You need to pay attention to the following points for setting the pluate of

How does Android prevent the APK program from being decompiled)

  Http://blog.csdn.net/sunboy_2050/article/details/6727640 The author also has an article on how to decompile, which can be viewed at any time ~   As an Android app developer, you have to face an embarrassing situation: applications that have worked

Handling of horizontal and vertical screen switching for Android

In Android, by default, the current activity is destroyed when the screen is switched and the activity is restarted. Of course, this default processing method may not meet our requirements. There are multiple options to change this processing method.

Android content provider component

Content Provider is one of the components of Android applications and is the only way to share data between applications, the main function of content provider is to store and retrieve data and provide data access excuses for other applications. The

Android window. requestwindowfeature () Common Methods

I recently saw an article on the Internet about how to use requestwindowfeature () in Android windows. Requestwindowfeature (window. feature_left_icon );Setcontentview (R. layout. dialog_activity );Getwindow (). setfeaturedrawableresource (window.

Eight open-source android game engines (great resources)

Users who are new to android game development tend to be confused. They often do not know where to start. Whenever they encounter problems they cannot solve, and often will envy iPhone under a free game engine such as Cocos2d-iphone available, while

Android service details

Service Lifecycle Refer to self-csdn blog: http://blog.csdn.net/wtao158/archive/2010/01/08/5149721.aspx   With the service class, how can we start it? There are two methods: • Context. startservice ()• Context. bindservice () 1. Call the

Android popupwindow pop-up tutorial

From: http://www.cyqdata.com/android/article-detail-25069 In Android development, a window may pop up from time to time. This article introduces you to the pop-up window of Android popupwindow. In fact, the pop-up window of Android popupwindow is

Android Broadcast Mechanism

Android Broadcast Mechanism Method 1: static registration Step 1: Mybroadcastreceiver extends broadcastreceiver Override the onreceive (context CT, intent) method to complete the work you want. Step 2:   Register the Declaration in androidmanifest.

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