Android: how to delete project Cache

How to delete the project cache: Getcachedir () can get the cache address of the current project The webview control is often used in projects. When an HTML page is loaded, the database and cache folders are generated under

Phonegap-based database processing for Android

The select button searches for the database content and displays it in the following list. The insert button inserts the data in the input box into the database. The modify button selects the data in the list, then, modify the data in the input box

Enable built-in alarm and installed application settings for Android

Enable the built-in alarm: Intent intent = new intent (); Intent. setaction ("android. Intent. Action. set_alarm "); Startactivity (intent );   Enable all programs: Startactivity (new intent ("android. provider. settings.

Android sensors (ii) Electronic Compass

Electronic Compass: 1./* Get sensormanager */Sensormanager msensormanager = (sensormanager) getsystemservice (sensor_service );   2./* obtain the required sensor and register the sensoreventlistener */Msensormanager. registerlistener

Multi-touch Android instance

Directly go to the Code, and the code content has corresponding comments. The effect is briefly introduced. There is a circle and a square shape. When a finger is touched, only the circle moves with it. When two fingers touch, the circle and the

Android sensor (3) Acceleration

Taking nesus s as an example, from USB to the receiver is the Y axis, adjust the volume to the switch screen is the X axis, and the on-screen direction is the Z axis.Public class accesssensormanageractivity extends activity { @ OverridePublic void

Android: how to open a file on a mobile phone

// File indicates the file path. Private void openfile (File file ){Intent intent = new intent (); Intent. addflags (intent. flag_activity_new_task ); // Set the intent action attribute Intent. setaction (intent. action_view ); // Obtain the MIME

Android sensor (2) continuous update

Register the sensor: Use the sensormanager's registerlistener (sensoreventlistener listener, sensor, int rate) Method Sensoreventlistener has two implementation methods: 1. onaccuracychanged (sensor, int accuracy) // automatically called when the

Android internationalization (forced conversion language within the Program)

First, let's take a look:   Project Structure:   Android 3.0 and earlier versions:Import java. util. locale; Import Android. App. activity; Import Android. App. alertdialog; Import Android. content. context; Import Android. content.

Android XML data parsing (pull)

XML to be parsed: instructor Zhang 21 instructor Li 25 The jar package where the response needs to be downloaded: Main java files:// Create a factory for XML

Create custom attributes for Android

I. Res/ValuesFile defines Attrs. xmlFile. Code: // use the property name that comes with Android in custom Properties // custom attribute. The format attribute indicates the unit of the attribute. II,InCustomview. JavaThe code is modified as

Android: the timing of onsaveinstancestate and onrestoreinstancestate triggering

Let's take a look at a passage on Application Fundamentals:   Android callonsaveinstancestate () before the activity becomes vulnerable to being destroyed by the system, but does not bother calling it when the instance is actually being destroyed by

Android XML data parsing (DOM)

Dom parsing stores the entire XML file to be parsed in the memory. XML document to be parsed: Lee 30 Leo 24 Java code parsed using DOM:Package XML; Import java. Io. ioexception;Import javax. xml. parsers. documentbuilder;Import

Android-Data Reading from androidmanifest. xml: version number, application name, custom K-V data (meta-data)

  Turn: In Android development, we often need to know the version information of the current application. You can perform automatic upgrade judgment. Extended Custom Data meta-data. How can we obtain this

Android: Changing the background and shape of controls

1. Change the background Create an XML file under Res/drawable: // Background when the control is pressed // Background when the control is selected// Background of the control in normal state 2. Change the form // Gradient // Stroke // Rounded

Android unit test

In actual development, the process of developing Android software must be continuously tested. The junint testing framework is a required technology for regular Android development. components can be obtained in junint to simulate sending events and

Webview tips for Android

Webview settings enable two fingers to scale the webpage: Mwebview. getsettings (). setsuppzoom zoom (true ); Mwebview. getsettings (). setbuiltinzoomcontrols (true );   Webview cookies cleanup: Cookiesyncmanager. createinstance (this

Android uses JNI to call ndk

Configure the ndk environment variables and generate the so file:1. First, find the installation directory of cygwin and find a home \ \. bash_profile file. My files are: e: \ cygwin \ home \ Administrator \. bash_profile. (Note: When I installed

Obtain the remaining memory size and total size for Android

Public class meminfo { // Obtain available memoryPublic static long getmem_unused (context mcontext ){Long mem_unused;// Obtain activitymanagerActivitymanager AM = (activitymanager) mcontext. getsystemservice (context. activity_service ); // Create

Android intent transmits list or object

Method 1: If you simply pass list or list , you can directly use Java code Intent. putstringarraylistextra (name, value) Intent. putintegerarraylistextra (name, value) Method 2:If list is passed, you can convert list to serializable type, and

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