Android UI design-Implementation of news or information entries

for example, the number of text messages or news messages is often on the image. The implementation method is as follows. You can adjust the number based on different image sizes. Private bitmap generatenumbericon (INT resid, int newscount) {bitmap

Android miscellaneous-Disable the timepicker control from keyboard input

Android 4.1 and later versions use a scroll time control similar to iOS, but below 4.1, timepicker is used to change the time by clicking the upper and lower buttons. Although it also provides edit box editing, but it may be out of the editing range.

After installation, the "androidmanifest. XML system cannot find the specified file" solution is displayed in the new Android system.

[14:07:27-Com. android. IDE. eclipse. ADT. internal. project. androidmanifesthelper] unable to read c: \ androidmanifest. XML: Java. io. filenotfoundexception: C: \ androidmanifest. XML (the system cannot find the specified file .) [14:07:43-Com.

Android uidesign-popupwindow display position settings

When you click a button and popupwindow pops up, the lower-left corner of popupwindow is aligned with the button by default. However, if popupwindow is the same, it will be misplaced, especially on tablets of different sizes, the misplacement error

Android uidesign-Use of the footer of listview

Sometimes, when using listview to display some data, you want to add a footer at the end of the list item (Note: it is not at the lowest end of the screen). The footer will automatically follow as the number of listview increases, when the number of

Android miscellaneous-what is the baseline in relativelayout?

It seems simple and difficult to understand. In fact, this baseline is equivalent to the line below when writing text in the notebook. The example of baseline in relativelayout is as follows: For example, add two adjacent textviews and a larger

Android miscellaneous-ADB connection to Xiaomi 2 in Ubuntu

I found that ubuntu12.04 could not be connected to Xiaomi development, and ADB devices could not see the device! It took me one morning to complete the operation!   The Xiaomi phone uses USB to connect to the Ubuntu 12.04 system. Run the following

Android uidesign-selected items of listview

Sometimes the app will need to click an item to achieve the selected effect, for example, the effect of the content on the right side of the List implemented by fragment during pad, click an item on the left to highlight the selected item. Sometimes

Android uidesign-The onitemlongclicklistener of the listview item listens to two types of events at the same time

For example, in the MP3 player's music playing list, click an item to start playing the music (onitemclicklistener), and press it to enter the editing mode (not to jump to another page, still on the same page ), at this time, onitemlongclicklistener

Android error-error: Found text "where item tag is expected

Error: Found text "" Where item tag is expected If you create a file by yourself, write value and copy the file to strings. XML, or copy and paste from other documents, the above question may appear, very disgusting This error is caused by

Android uidesign-multiple selection and deletion of embedded checkbox in listview

Sometimes a checkbox needs to be built in the listview of the project for the user to choose, select multiple, delete, and so on. First look at the source code Dataitem. Java package com.example.checkboxdemo;public class DataItem {private String

Android miscellaneous-textview processing HTML tags

Sometimes you need to display the string with HTML tags in textview and want to automatically convert the HTML tag to a clickable link. You can handle the problem as follows: Charsequence richtext = html. fromhtml (Message );Mtext. setmovementmethod

Android miscellaneous-get the launcher package name of the current Android system

Because of customization, the launcher package names of different mobile phones are different. For example: Miui: COM. miui. Home Huawei: COM. Huawei. Android. Launcher Moto and HTC: COM. Android. Launcher Samsung: COM. Sec. Android. App.

A Preliminary Study on mono for Android 4.2

The recently released mono for Android 4.2 allows users to use the xamarin design interface to create beautiful and concise user interfaces. Now, you can use drag-and-drop operations to process any UI elements on the Visual Studio XAML design

Android font effects: stroke and relief effects

 Package CN. iimob; Import Android. App. activity;Import Android. Graphics. embossmaskfilter;Import Android. Graphics. typeface;Import Android. Graphics. Paint. style;Import Android. OS. Bundle;Import Android. Text. textpaint;Import Android. widget.

Five layout modes for Android

1. framelayout framework Layout All soft controls can only be listed in the upper left corner, and complex la s are not allowed. 2. linelayout Linear Layout You can set its vertical or horizontal attribute values to arrange all elements. All

Integrate Android service with runnable

There is no activity to start a service. Even if an activity is used to start a service, it is regarded as an independent event and the focus should be handled. The service is inherited from Android. App. Service. The service ecosystem begins with

Android paint class

/** * Paint class Introduction * * Paint is the paint brush, which plays an extremely important role in the drawing process. The paint brush mainly stores the color, * Style and other painting information, specifying how to draw text and graphics,

Android Rom Creation

I. Preparation of package1: Create a new target and prepare the required files in this directory, such as the system directory file, Boot. IMG, and recovery. IMG.Mkdir testupdateCP system/testupdate/-TFNote: If the file is a system. IMG

[Android] interaction between threads

To learn about thread interaction in Android, you must master the four concepts of thread, logoff, messagequeue, and handler.1. Thread indicates a thread. Not every thread has a logoff, but the logoff must be attached to a thread.2. logoff maintains

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