Android program calls Google map of Local Machine

Android Program Call the local Google Map, pass the start and end positions, and generate a Roadmap The android program calls GoogleMap on the local machine, transmits the start and end positions, and generates a RoadmapThe android program calls

Error generating final archive: Debug certificate expired on xxxxxx (date) (there is a cross on the android Project)

Today, I encountered a very strange problem. The Android project I wrote was correct. After opening eclipse this time, there was a big red cross on the project: View DetailsProgram, No errors, only a few warnings. Open Window-show view-problems,

Android prompts the invalid project description solution when importing a project

Today, I wrote a source code on the Internet. The invalid project description prompt is displayed during the import. It means "invalid project description, I don't understand. Baidu has found a solution. Now it's recorded and shared! Android

Display Unit in Android

Frequently used: 1. PX (pixels) pixels: Generally, hvga represents 320x480 pixels, which is usually used. 2. Dip or DP (device independent pixels) Independent pixels: This is related to the hardware of the device. This is generally recommended to

Android development image resolution adaptation

1. The difference between drawable-(hdpi, mdpi, ldpi) DPI is the abbreviation of "dot Per Inch", the number of segments per inch. Four types of density classification: ldpi (low), mdpi (medium), hdpi (high), and xhdpi (extra high) General screen:

Android shares information with Intent

Basic sharing methods: Intent intent = new intent (intent. action_send); // starts the sharing and sending attributes. Intent. settype ("text/plain"); // share the data type sent Intent. setpackage (packagename ); Intent. putextra (intent.

1. Android development based on openfire + smack [architecture]

1. What is XMPP? Extensible messaging and presence protocol, in simple terms, is a protocol for sending and receiving and processing messages, but the messages sent by this Protocol are neither binary nor strings, but XML.2. What is Im? Instant

The fake xoom of shanzhai weiwu received Android 4.0 upgrade before the licensed version.

We are always skeptical about shanzhai products in China. However, many shanzhai manufacturers are increasingly eager to prove their strength with practice. Recently, the Shenzhen ODM manufacturer Taihe times released a tablet called tegra2 +

Android remote service aidl usage

Aidl is the android interface definition language. There are too many posts on the Internet to introduce the concept. This article only describes the usage of aidl. Because aidl is used in a recently developed player project. Aidl is used for

Configure the development environment for Android

When I first set up a development environment, I wrote down several issues that may cause problems for reference.   Required program:     Eclipse, Java IDE,:   JDK:

Coordinates required for Android Game Development

1. Coordinate System in AndroidIn Android, the upper left corner of the screen is the coordinate system's origin () coordinate. The point of origin is to the right of the X axis, and the point of origin is to the right of the Y axis. 2. Screen width

Android GPS Development

Androidmanifest. xml Main. Java Package com. mrsoft. mrgps. App. Mr;Import Android. App. activity;Import Android. App. activitymanager;Import Android. App. alertdialog;Import Android. App. alertdialog. Builder;Import Android. content.

Differences between margin and padding in Android

Easy to understand:MarginIs the outer border,BorderBorder,PaddingIs the inner border. If the distance between the top, bottom, and left is different, you can set it using the following attributes. Margin: Android: layout_margintopandroid:

Determine whether the current network is available in Android

Application Scenario: determine whether the current network is available There are available networks, such: There is no available network, such: Steps: 1. Get the connectivitymanager object Context context = activity. getapplicationcontext (); //

Usage of sharedpreferences in Android

1.SharedpreferencesIntroduction To save software configuration parameters, the Android platform provides a sharedpreferences class, which is a lightweight storage class and is especially suitable for saving software configuration parameters. Use

Application Usage in Android

ApplicationClass Application is a system component of the android framework like activity and service. When the android program starts, the system creates an application object to store some information about the system. The Android system

Parcelable Interface Usage in Android

1. parcelableInterface Interface for classes whose instances can be written to and restored from a parcel. Classes implementing the parcelable interface must also have a static field called Creator, which is an object implementing the parcelable.

Package an android project into an APK File

After the android project is developed, You have to package the android project file into an APK file and put it on the market so that others can share your application! Next, we will introduce how to package an APK. 1, GenerateKeystoreFile In the

Enable android to support custom TTF Fonts

The so-called no picture, no truth, first look:   The Java code is as follows: Package YC. Android. fonts;Import Android. App. activity;Import Android. Graphics. typeface;Import Android. OS. Bundle;Import Android. widget. textview;Public class

Obtain the phone screen size in Android

First look:   It is actually an application of the displaymetrics class. The Code is as follows: Package YC. Android. Resolution;Import Android. App. activity;Import Android. OS. Bundle;Import Android. util. displaymetrics;Import Android. View.

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