Android simulators use sdcard

The project uses a large dB file, which is developed by the simulator in the early stage. Therefore, we want to push the db to the sdcard and then read it: The procedure is as follows: 1, run-> cmd-> E:-> Cd E: \ Pd \ android-sdk_r18-windows \

In Android development, press the return key of the mobile phone. Is the current activity and progressdialog disabled at the same time?

Pd = progressdialog. Show (this, "Please wait .. Refreshing ", MSG, true, false); PD. setcancelable (true); // click the return key to cancel the operation. If it is set to true and cannot be canceled, use false new thread () {public void run ()

Android-webview usage

To change the project to the Android version, use the webview class: 1. You must configure the following in androidmanifest. xml: The purpose is to allow the control to access browser resources. 2. configure a webview (layout

Android install_failed_insufficient_storage Error

If the memory is insufficient and the resource file is too large, you can either process too many resource files or change the memory size. My files in the assets folder are too large. After deletion, it will be fine! Change the memory usage, DOS,

Android moble jquery JSON, incorrect append element format

As mentioned in the preceding figure, data cannot be obtained at the beginning. The reason is that the android php json communication has already said that this time the format is incorrect. After reading this article, the solution is as

How to view logcat in Android

I checked it and found that ADB logcat can be used on the Internet, but I didn't figure it out. After checking the relevant information, eclipse can switch to debug to try. The view has a logcat box. Double-click to enlarge the display and export it

Custom button clicking effect in Android

Many people have said that the button cannot use a custom click or select effect. Therefore, perform the following test: The result shows that the button is very powerful. You can use this flexible method.  Method 1 1. the selector. xml file placed

Android: startactivityforresult and onactivityresult

Startactivityforresult () directly calls onactivityresult ()Developers know that you can use startactivityforresult () and onactivityresult () Methods to pass or receive parameters.However, in the listener project, onactivityresult () is executed

Loading Effect of Android Market

In Android, The progressdialog control is generally used to achieve the loading effect. Apidemos/src/COM/example/Android/APIs/View/ provides two demos: Read the Android Market carefully and find it is different. Please refer to: how

Buttons under the android Tab

                                  Reply:   Shi Fei replied that he should not obtain this button in ontabchanged () at. In oncreate (), he should first find the button with findviewbyid, and then write setonclicklistener (New button.

Selector in Android

Original article address:Http://   Android selector is a background selector and can be used to change the interface status. In short, you can change the special effects you want.   Recently, both listview and

XML-Based Graphics in Android

Original article address:Http://  In the past, there were two ways to map images: 1. We directly paste the graphic design in the UI. 2. For simple images such as Rectangles and slices, the API of the general system

How to block edittext when the android virtual keyboard pops up

Original article address:Http://   Use XML code on the activity node of manifest Android: the use of windowsoftinputmode. How the activity interacts with the keyboard. The setting of this attribute

Custom data adapter in Android

Application entity class Public class app { Private int appid; // Application ID Private string appname; // Application name Private string appicon; // application icon   Public int getappid () {return this. appid ;} Public void setappid () {This.

How to Implement socket communication on the Android platform

First, create a new one on the Java SE platform.Socket server: Public static void main (string [] ARGs ){Try {Serversocket Ss = new serversocket (8888 );System. Out. println ("listening ");While (true ){Socket socket = ss. Accept (); // obtain the

Popupwindow dialog box for Android

There are two common types of Android dialogs: popupwindow and alertdialog. Popupwindow is a blocking pop-up box, which means that the program will wait until we exit the pop-up box, which means that before we exit the pop-up box, the program will

The solution to blacklisting all buttons for the listview option -- Android: cachecolorhint = "#00000000"

  Add one to the Java code, listview. setcachecolorhint (0 );   Or addAndroid: Cachecolorhint = "#00000000" removes the drag background color of listview. When customizing listview, when you do not useAndroid: Cachecolorhint = "#00000000" will show

Android exits an application with multiple activities

 Here we will introduce two methods: one is to remember each activity and then kill them one by one; the other is to use broadcast. This article comes from the network. If there are similarities, It is necessary. I wrote this post just to summarize

In Android, what is the difference between intent and bundle in passing values?

/** * Test the difference between using intent to pass a value directly in Android and using bundle to pass a value.** You are welcome to ask questions.* By garretly* Mail*/   I went around EOE a while ago and saw someone asking

Android Application Module details

In most operating systems, an independent one-to-one executable file (such as an EXE file in Windows) exists, which can generate processes, it can also interact with interface icons and applications. But in Android, This is not fixed. It is very

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