Use WiFi in Android to connect to ADB

Sometimes, due to various reasons, USB cannot be used to connect to the device for debugging. At this time, you can connect to the device through WiFi. First, enable the WiFi settings of your phone to connect to the network. Then, you need to set

Solutions for Android. View. windowleaked exceptions

Although it is a small problem, it has also plagued me for a while. Now, let's write down and give myself a memo. You can also give others a reference.   Android. View. windowleaked literally understands that window leaked is probably a form

How to Create a menu for Android

//Call only once@ OverridePublic BooleanOncreateoptionsmenu (menu ){} //The menu will be called before each display (applicable to creating a dynamic menu item. If it is a dynamic menu, remember to call it first.Menu. Clear ();Clear existing menu

Differences between Android ordered broadcast and disordered Broadcast

Ordered broadcast: receives messages from the highest priority broadcast receiver. After receiving the messages, if they are not discarded, the messages are sent to the next high-priority broadcast receiver for processing, and so on until the end.

Dip and PX mutual conversion in Android

1. dip: Device Independent pixels (device independent pixel ). different devices have different display effects. This is related to the hardware of the device. We recommend that you use this function to support WVGA, hvga, and qvga without

Android manually calls the vibrator (vibrator)

Vibrator VV = (vibrator) getapplication (). getsystemservice (service. vibrator_service );Vv. vibrate (500 );//Earthquake in half a secondVv. vibrate (New Long[] {10,100, 20,200},-1 ); OffYuVv. vibrate (New long [] {10,100, 20,200},-1 ); 

[Android] creates a desktop shortcut for a specified application

A search on the Internet will create shortcuts for your own applications, but this article focuses on creating Desktop shortcuts for "specified applications.Common Desktop shortcuts have two elements: 1. Application name 2. Application icon. The

Android gets the IP address of WiFi

Wifimanager wifimanage = (wifimanager) Context. getsystemservice (context. wifi_service); // obtain wifimanager // check whether WiFi is enabled if (! Wifimanage. iswifienabled () {wifimanage. setwifienabled (true);} wifiinfo = wifimanage.

Android permissions and descriptions

Android. Permission. access_checkin_propertiesAllow read/write access to the "properties" table in the checkin database. You can modify the value of the table (allows read/write access to the "properties" table in the checkin database, to change

Android image conversion class 1. Bitmap de-color, converted to a black-and-white grayscale image, 2. bitmap image plus rounded Corner Effect

/*** Tool for image processing.**/Public class imagetools {/***//*** Remove the image color and return the grayscale image* @ Param BMP Original: Input Image* @ Return the de-colored image*/Public static bitmap tograyscale (bitmap BMP original ){Int

Use canvas in Android to draw images at the specified position and width and height

/*---------------------------------* Draw an image* @ Param X coordinates on the screen* @ Param y coordinate on the screen* @ Param w the width of the image to be drawn* @ Param h the height of the image to be drawn* @ Param bx x coordinate on the

Android: taskaffinity and Android: finishontasklaunch

Recently, I made a call-related small app and used two properties that I usually know little about. I also saw the same foreign project. I started to copy it directly, I did not go into details. During the middle stage of the project, I deleted the

Android dialog box-Part 1-create your own dialog box

Activities provides a dialog box mechanism for convenient management, suchonCreateDialog(int),onPrepareDialog(int, Dialog),showDialog(int),Dismissdialog (INT) and other methods. If you use these methods, the activity willThe getowneractivity ()

Intent Uri and examples are often used in Android development.

The following is the commonly used intent Uri and its example, including the common intent used in most applications.1. Open a webpage. the category is intent. action_view.Uri uri = URI. parse (" /");Intent intent = new intent (

Android paint and color

To draw a picture, first adjust the paint brush. After the paint brush is adjusted, draw the image on the canvas to display it on the mobile phone screen. The paint brush in Android is a paint class, which contains many methods to set its attributes.

Allows Android applications to jump to various settings pages of the system.

In the android SDK documentation, the android. provider. settings class provides jump constants for various pages of the Android system:     String Action_accessibility_settings Activity action: Show settings for

Android generates thumbnails for videos, music, and images.

1. VideoFor a video, take the first frame as the thumbnail, that is, how to obtain a bitmap object from filepath.Private bitmap createvideothumbnail (string filepath ){Bitmap bitmap = NULL;Mediametadataretriever retriever = new

Code snippet for Android SDK listening installation and uninstallation (tested)

// ListenerPrivate Final broadcastreceiver sdcardlistener = new broadcastreceiver (){@ OverridePublic void onreceive (context, intent ){String action = intent. getaction ();Log. D ("tag", "sdcard Action:" + action );If (intent.

Android adds the notification at the top and is in "in progress" (ongoing)

Anyone who has used QQ for Android knows that a penguin will appear in the top notification when QQ returns, indicating that QQ is running. You can open the notification and click QQ on the mobile phone to display the main interface and continue

Android listening Home Key (Android: launchmode = "singletask" and onnewintent (intent) Usage

Android: launchmode = "singletask" and onnewintent (intent) are two features. Here, we will summarize the experience: Android: launchmode = "singletask" is configured in mainifest, which ensures that there is always only one activity in the stack,

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