Manually update Android SDK

Sometimes it is very slow to automatically update the android SDK. In this case, you can manually update the SDK. 1. download the file to be updated. Open the, and you can find the file

Excited: Support for Android, iPhone, and tablet wayos versions

I have been busy recently, but I have to take some time to do some good work for everyone! Many users in the group complain that wayos does not support Android and Apple operations. What should we do? I promised to develop Android

Wayos firmware modification: built-in simple dial King message controller and support for Android Terminal

In fact, those who use wayos will be relatively depressed, especially those who want to use the security network, they can directly modify users by clicking A previously modified firmware supports Android. However, due to the many simplified things,

Solution to slide and blacklist of listview in Android

Recently writtenProgramWhen a sliding listview item is encountered, the listview background is always black and I don't know how to solve it. So Baidu just got it done, and it was owned by the blogger. B blog: In Android, listview is the most

The Android Application submits the crash report.

Why do we need feedback on the crash report?   Android applicationsProgramTo avoid crash. Although zero-crash is the ultimate goal pursued by programmers, the reality is that programmers can only minimize the occurrence of crash, and it is

Easyradius provides a provincial traffic management interface for UC, Android, and iPhone versions, removing common users from worrying about traffic problems.

Now is the mobile Internet era, and it is much more convenient to have a mobile phone. Previously easyradius launched a mobile phone page, and some features were unavailable due to the update below, we should be the majority of users to update him

Wayos fully supports Android phones, prevents second-level route switches, and automatically redirects to the page when the recharge card expires.

It has always been everyone's dream to make Android support for Android. Although the second generation can be supported, the second generation is far away. I used to say that android 4.18 was released, but now I don't know the time, the difficulty

[Android] compile main. XML to generate a main. Out. xml. Why?

Problem: the first time the main. xml method is changed, a main. Out. XML is generated every time the result is compiled. If the error persists, it cannot be executed. If string. XML is being opened at run time, the string. Out. xml. Analysis:

How to download Android SDK files via BAT file (curl)

BAT file content For/F "delims =" % A in (sdk.txt) Do (Curl-o %) * Download curl: Sdk.txt content

Learning iOS or android

What about Android and iOS? Which one should I invest in first? I have been asked this kind of question many times. I just need to consider the IOS version for my project. I simply did some research, so I had this article (this article does not

Android testing framework

This article mainly introduces Features of the android testing framework, Contains the Test Structure, API used to create a test, Tools used to run tests and view results. This article may not be a hard translation SDK. It is just used to give a

Some good open-source Android Projects

From: Recently I 've been reading some things about andriod application development and seeing some good Android open-source projects. By the way:1. sample projects provided by the android teamIf you do not start by

Android simple animation production and Problems

Package WHT. android. loading; import android. app. activity; import android. graphics. drawable. animationdrawable; import android. OS. bundle; import android. OS. handler; import android. OS. message; import android. view. view; import android.

The Android app obtains the highest permissions of users.

To grant the root permission to the Android app, the Android device must have the root permission. How an application obtains root permissions: grant the highest permissions to the Code Execution directory of the application. In Linux, use chmod 777

Android memory detection tool

No matter how careful you are, it is impossible to completely avoid bad code. At this time, some tools are required to help us check whether there is any place in the code that will cause memory leakage. The ddms in Android tools comes with a very

Problems with Android socket

I recently learned about the network when I was playing Android. I wrote a computer as a server and the simulator as a socket communication program for the client. However, the mobile phone simulator client cannot connect to the computer server, run

Download Android source code

I. Preparations 1. Download The msysgit Tool Git client program in windows,: Install the msysgit Tool See: 3. Create a folder on the disk To store the android source code downloaded by the GIT tool, see: 4.

Android asynchronous download of images

For Android apps, there are several ways to download images from the Internet: 1, 2. Use aquery Simple: AQ. ID (R. Id. image1). Image ("http ://...") Cache Control Boolean memcache = false; Boolean filecache = true; AQ. ID (R. Id. image1). Image

Android knowledge point

1. Use layout_weight to implement adaptive screen  I. Details about layout_weight's most recommended Android multi-screen adaptive solution. This attribute determines the display weight of the control in its parent layout. It is generally used in

Android: Use of focusable

When you see the button on the main interface of Budweiser beer client, it looks novelty. First, watch the film: Pay attention to the arrow I drew in the figure. At that time, the black circle of the mouse was clicked, and then the button was

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