Problems with compiling Android SDK

Errors such as "W/resourcetype (2888): Unable to get buffer of resource asset file. Is set incorrectly when compiling the SDK.The correct method is:Run 'lunch SDK-eng' or 'Make product-SDK-sdk' directly on the shell terminal that has not run

Android Application Development enhancement (1) -- get local IP

I. Overview I am used to network programming in Linux. I have been wondering how to get the IP address of my mobile phone before I use a smartphone ). Okay, I know that android is based on the Linux kernel. Can I use the network programming method

Android Application Development BASICS (14)-custom title bar

I. Overview The default title bar of each application (note the difference with the status bar) has only one line of text (the name of the project when the project is created), and the color and size are fixed, which makes people feel monotonous.

Android Application Development BASICS (7) -- broadcastreceiver

I. Overview Broadcastreceiver is the receiver of broadcast information. It is one of the four main components of Android. It can receive information broadcast by the system or custom broadcast information, for example, receiving information

Improvement of Android Application Development (6) -- facedetector (face detection)

I. Overview When I first saw the facedetector class, I thought: Android is really powerful. However, when I applied it in practice, I fell down from the bottom of the mountain (I knew the result of the implementation), and then I checked the

Android Application Development BASICS (8) -- surfaceview

I. Overview Surfaceview is also a component used for drawing. However, because of its high efficiency, surfaceview is generally used in game programming and camera programming, another big difference between it and view is that it can be painted in

Android Application Development BASICS (9) -- sharedpreferences

I. Overview Sharedpreferences can be understood as a simple database that stores data in the system as files or reads data, however, it only stores some simple numeric pairs, such as key-values. If some applications need to save some simple data

Android Application Development BASICS (1) -- button

I. Overview A button, as its name implies, is a button. Its main function is to respond to the actions when a user presses a button. II. Application Create a new project named mybutton and add the following content to the/RES/layout/Main. xml file: 1

Functions of parcelable in Android

From: Android provides a new type: parcel. This class is used as a container to encapsulate data. The encapsulated data can be transmitted through intent or IPC. Except for the basic type, only

About Android: configchanges = "keyboardhidden | orientation"

Android: configchanges = "keyboardhidden | orientation" is not used in androidmanifest. xml files. Of course, it is useful. If this attribute is configuredThis function is called directly during screen switching.The onconfigurationchanged method in

About Android: screenorientation = "Portrait"

When Android: screenorientation = "portrait" is defined in the androidmanifest. xml fileWhen we switch between the portrait and landscape screens, the content of the screen is always displayed on the landscape instead of in the screen

Exercise code 3-2 secrets of Android Application Development

Public void oncreate (bundle savedinstancestate) { Textview TV = new textview (this ); String string = ""; Super. oncreate (savedinstancestate ); // Obtain the contentresolver object Contentresolver Cr = getcontentresolver (); // Obtain the cursor

Add Android Library

Add in the. classpath File         Androidmanifest. xml     Project. Properties  Target = Android-7   Default. Properties  Target = Android-7   You can change the android JDK version by modifying the project. properties file.    Android:

Android Network Time Synchronization Summary

I recently read the network time synchronization and summarized it. Overall description: Android Network Time Synchronization uses the network identity and Time Zone (nitz) operator to select Services. The RIL layer actively reports the notify

Android SDK compilation Error

Go to the myandroid directory and run make SDK.If you use Java 1.6, the following error may be reported: javadoc: Error-in the doclet droiddoc class, the method start has thrown an exception in Java. Lang. Reflect. invocationtargetexception.Com. Sun.

Android: descendantfocusability of viewgroup

When looking for a view to take focus. -->  

Download, compile, and install the latest Android kernel source code (Linux kernel) on Ubuntu)

As mentioned in the previous article, the latest Android source code downloaded from the source code tree does not contain kernel code, that is, the android source code project does not contain Linux kernel code by default, instead, use the

Android 4.0 audio system changes (1)

I was about to port 2.3 of the original content to 4.0 recently, but it was difficult at the beginning: I couldn't find the definition of the variable. This seems to be a bit embarrassing. After so long, Android cannot find the corresponding header

Android Volume Curve Analysis

I carefully studied the problem of the volume curve some time ago. As we all know, the voice perception of human ears is not linear, but logarithm. Therefore, the ideal volume curve should be a linear relationship between the adjustment of the

Fun for everyone: ext JS + Android + SSH integrated development of Web and mobile SNS

Fun for everyone: ext JS + Android + SSH integrated development of Web and mobile SNS Basic Information Author: Li NingPress: Electronic Industry PressISBN: 9787121111679Mounting time:Published on: February 1, July 2010Start: 16Page number:

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