Solve the Problem of calling the System camera program using intent and returning images too small [Android]

Reposted from hi_android: The final editor hi_android The following code calls the system photo program, 12 Intent it = newintent ("android. Media. Action. image_capture ");Startactivityforresult (it,

Binder Mechanism 3 of Android system-Service proxy object (2)

In the above "Binder Mechanism 2 of Android system -- Service proxy object (1)", we learned the Service proxy object bpbinder at the C/C ++ layer of the process, and the underlying Processing Method of binder. In this article, we will analyze in

How to compile the JNI module on the Android platform (3)

In this article, the use of ndk is mainly about the research and translation of some ndk compilation options (in fact, Google's documents have already been quite clear ). Even the test environment is slackware 12.0 + Android 1.5 R1 for Linux + JDK 1.

How to compile the JNI module on the Android platform (2)

In the previous article, the Android platform SDK has been released to cupcake 1.5 (the latest development version may be later than this version, and we look forward to Android 2.0: d) For Android 1.5 developers, the good news is that cupcake has

Android launcher-UI framework

Starting with laucher development, I personally think that we should first start with the UI framework, understand the UI framework and have a general understanding of laucher, and know where the key classes are, we will pave the way for further

Android desktop shortcut add Delete update automatically run

Add shortcuts Intent shortcutintent = new intent ("com. Android. launcher. Action. install_shortcut "); Shortcutintent. putextra (intent. extra_shortcut_name, getstring (R. String. app_name )); Shortcutintent. putextra ("DUPLICATE", false ); Intent

Research on the Development of the Android platform for Refresh (2)

The following is an article about editing and modifying boot. IMG and recovery. IMG. I hope to save some time to read documents for interested friends. Thanks to the authors of this article: alansj, darkriftx, ryebrye, Will, try Op9, tonyb133,

Android webview settings

Reposted from underalight and finally edited underalight Webview is equivalent to a browser in Android. developed based on WebKit, webview allows you to browse webpage files, and supports CSS JavaScript and HTMLTo use webview, you must

Android launcher-Detailed description of the Startup Process

Launcherapplication-> oncreate-- 1. // set the minimum heap memory to 4 MB-- 2. // create an application Icon cache-- 3. // create launchermodel-- 4. // register intent. action_package_added, intent. action_package_removed, intent.

Research on the Development of the Android platform for Refresh (1)

I haven't been on the blog for a long time. I don't even remember the real user name and password. Back to the truth, a friend recently asked me how to create a QR code for the Android platform. I finally convinced myself to study how to create an

Android launcher-data loading and change

As mentioned in my previous blog, all the desktop item data of launcher is stored in the launcher. DB/favorites table.When launcher is started, the loadeworkspace function will query all the data in the database and display it. The data loading

Set and obtain the mobile phone number for Android APN

Currently, I work for China Telecom and only work for China Telecom. Therefore, the list only contains China Telecom's APN information. Java code /** * China Telecom APN list * @ Author wudongdong * */ Public class apnnet { Public static string

Android judges the current network WiFi ctwap (cmwap) ctnet (cmnet)

Package; import inetaddress; import android. app. activity; import android. content. context; import connectivitymanager; import networkinfo; import wiFi. wifiinfo; import

Android permissions sorted online

Android. permission. access_checkin_properties: allows read/write access to the "properties" table in the checkin database. You can modify the value of access_checkin_properties to upload the table (allows read/write access to the "properties" Table

Improve program performance with multithreading (for Android)

To develop a responsive Android Application, a good practice is to ensure that as few code as possible is executed in the main UI thread. If any code that may take a long time to execute in the main UI thread, it will cause the program to suspend

Asynctask instance Code demonstrates Android asynchronous tasks

Keywords:Android mobile embedded mobile development platform Google mobile We have mentioned that android provides a more simple thread-based asynctask method for processing multi-task asynchronous tasks. Compared with threads, asynctask is safer

Android desktop shortcut icon generation and deletion, use intent to interact with Launcher

Original Author: dingran By analyzing the process of generating shortcuts for launcher, you can find out the process of sending requests using intent. launcher uses the self-registered installshortcutreceiver and uninstallshortcutreceiver to

Android multi-thread image download

Many times we need to download images from the remote server on the Android device for display. Today, android123 provides two better methods to download images remotely.Method 1: access the remote server directly through the HTTP class provided by

Android applications get root permissions

In my blog post "android program Security System", I mentioned two ways to grant root permissions. I recently found many friends on the Internet reposted the article, but I am not very clear about how to implement the first method mentioned in the

Android simple image processing

Collect Image Processing code on the Internet for future use.   I. Image flip (get the image after 180 degrees of flip) Matrix M = new matrix (); M. setscale (-1, 1 ); Bitmap newbit = bitmap. createbitmap (bit, 0, 0, bit. getwidth (), bit. getheight

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