Download the android source code 2 under ubantu

1: In order to experience Android development under ubantu, we will use one day to build and download the android development environment under ubantu.Code, 2: First of all, I will give a brief introduction on how to build the download process and

Android development: Android studio released

Google released the android Development Environment Android studio at the developer conference a few days ago. There are many promising features   Gradle-based build support (PS: if the network status is poor, the first time you create a

Android simulator and development environment establishment documentary

I recently studied mobile web development, but mobile devices are not all complete. So I tried to build an android simulator. There are a lot of related resources on the Internet, but it seems that everyone's installation process is not the same.

Android SDK updates and ADT updates

Problem description An error occurred while updating SDK manager.Failed to fetch URL, reason: connection to refusedFailed to fetch URL

Design of playing mode in Android music player

In a music player, the playback mode is generally automatically recognized after the music is played. The following logic is given:Code, You can add appropriate code as needed   Public static final int all = 0; // all loops public static final int

[Pin to top] new graphics improvement in Android 4.3

In the next version of Android, I think it is 4.3. What improvements will be made to the graphic performance? Chet Haase and Romain guy, graphics experts from the android team, gave us some information on the performance of Android graphics in the

Android studio Development Guide

Android studio Development Guide Author: chszs, reprinted with note. Blog homepage: I. Introduction Android studio is a brand new Android development environment. It is based on intellij idea and is similar to the

Android tabwidget location

1 XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8" ?> 2 Linearlayout Xmlns: Android = "Http://" 3 Android: layout_width = "Fill_parent" 4 Android: layout_height = "Fill_parent" 5 Android: Orientation =

[Original] Android integrated barcode scanning and scanning in the android Program

Recently, the company needs to develop an androidProgramLet me do it. net is a little painful to do Android \ (^ o ^)/especially for bar code scanning. I haven't done a good job for 3-4 days. Now I have finished it and I will share it with you, it

[Reprinted] Eight open-source android game engines (great resources)

Transferred from iamsheldon Users who are new to android game development tend to be confused. They often do not know where to start. Whenever they encounter problems they cannot solve, and often will envy iPhone under a free game engine such as

Android package third-party jar packages

A third-party jar package is used for Android project development. Generally, follow the eclipse import jar package method (select a project, right-click build path, build path-> Add libraries-> User library-> next-> User libraries-> New-> Add jars,

Android uses handler to Implement Asynchronous Processing

Public class handlethreadtestactivity extends activity {/** called when the activity is first created. * // @ override public void oncreate (bundle savedinstancestate) {super. oncreate (savedinstancestate); setcontentview (R. layout. main);

Android studio v0.1 early adopters Android studio v0.1

Early adopters of Android studio v0.1 The Google I/O developer conference announced the release of the prospective version of Android studio 0.1. Download it immediately. As follows: Https:// Obviously,

Android side slide Component Design

To achieve slide on the right side similar to the address book, Look at the interface The implementation code is as follows: Friend. xml   Friend_header.xml     The main component is built

Android project compilation process

For continuous integration of Android project construction, you need to build a set of automated compilation and packaging processes, such as building a daily system and automatically generating release files. These require us to have a deep

HTML5 compatibility of Android browsers

Recently, we developed a college GIS Campus System. The system found a bug and accessed the webpage in the android browser, so the map could not be displayed. However, it was displayed normally in the iphone and common browsers (firefox, chrome, ie9

[Pin to top] porting Android ril-6410 Development Board SIM300 Module

++ ++ This article is original on this site. You are welcome to repost it! Reprinted please indicate the source: Http:// ++ ++   Environment Introduction: 1. ubuntu 10.10, used as the Android compiling

Android compilation process (III)

  Android compilation process (I): Android compilation process (2): Android compilation process (3): http://www.cnblogs.

Android compilation process (1)

Android compilation process (I): Android compilation process (2): Android compilation process (3):

Android init process startup

1. Android Init. c Execution Process After the kernel in Android is started, the kernel starts the first user-level process: init, which is a user-level process started by the kernel. After the kernel is started by itself (it has been loaded into

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