Android memos, for your own use, do not laugh: (1) debugging

The ddms tab is integrated with logcat, which can be printed at runtime.ProgramRunning information. (This is the same as the C # debugging console) You can use the java. util. Log class in the program for tracking. This class contains five methods:

Android memo, for your own use, do not laugh: (2) Resources

1. In the android project folder, the main resource files are stored in the res folder.2. Assets folders are native files that are not compiled and processed.Res Folder: Res/anim/: XML file animation file.   Res/drawable/:

[059] share my Android app

Analysis of insufficient Android mobile phone space: The first is the cache file in DCIM! The second is the source program in the pea pod! It may also be a song downloaded from cool dog! Applications installed on China Mobile Samsung GT-I9100

[062] Getting started with Android Development

● · ● Directory: A1 ............ Android Directory OverviewANATOMY OF AN ANDROID APPLICATIONUse the "Visualization" method to add a StringAndroidManifest. xmlA2 ............ Android development skillsA3 ............ Create a project for AndroidA4 ...

[063]◀▶Android (I)-controls and layout [068] Android ListView & ExpandableListView

● · ● Directory: Package: android. widget Android UI controls A ............ View classA1 ............ TextView classA2 ............ Button classA3 ............ EditText classA4 ............ RadioGroup classA5 ............ RadioButton classA6 .......

[079] use code to create an Android Control

Generally, when creating controls, we complete them in the XML file. The implementation is quite convenient, and the modification can quickly see the effect, however, a major disadvantage is that you cannot dynamically create controls. For example,

[064] Android Tutorial

Android Tutorial Android, an open source operating system for mobiles devices (smartphone and tablet), led by Google. the Android SDK provides a set of tools and APIs to develop Android application, using Java. so, if you know Java, Android

[070] implementation code for Android-related functions

. --- ----- Click back twice to exit the program. Click the button to display the notification implementation in the status bar Use code to layout controls . --- ----- 1 private long exitTime = 0; 2 3 @ Override 4 public boolean onKeyDown (int

Android memo, for your own use, do not laugh: (3) XML

Parse XML. Android has two mage types: the SAX method (stream and event, using a relatively large XML, which requires performance) and the DOM method (the entire file is loaded and parsed, provides interface operations, using small XML, without

Android uses sqllite instances

On the Android platform, an embedded relational database-SQLite is integrated. SQLite3 supports NULL, INTEGER, REAL (floating point number), TEXT (string TEXT), and BLOB (binary object) data types, although it supports only five types, sqlite3

Review Android-adjust screen brightness

Well, I will go to Netease's Android intern for examination tomorrow, so I will go through the previously written Android code and review it. Imagine, of course, this will not lead to too many essential changes, but I have to try it, in this case,

Android development-implementation code for automatic shutdown

Any development language is difficult, so do not feel bored and patient in the course of learning. Let's talk about how to add custom controls for Android widgets. First, let's look at a reference: ARemoteViews object (and, consequently, an App

Android: descendantFocusability Usage Analysis

A common problem in development is that the listview in a project is not just a simple text, but you often need to define your own listview, and your own Adapter will inherit the BaseAdapter and write it as needed, the problem may occur. When you

10 UI tips for improving the visual effect of Android applications

In Android Application Development, style and design may not be the most critical elements, but they do play an important role in determining whether the Android application is successful or not. The following are the UI design skills for 10 Android

Collection of commonly used Android naming conventions (illustrated) (to: from the Network)

Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about the collection of commonly used naming commands in android development. Android commands will inevitably be used in our development. Some commands are indeed very useful. This is especially true for

Usage of Chronometer for Android

Step 1: Layout file:The main. xml Code is as follows: View Code 1 2 3 10 11 12 13 14 21 22 23 24 25 32 33 34 35 36 45 46 47 48 49 58 59 60 61 62 71 72 73 74 75 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 Step 2: MainActivity Code: View Code 1 package net.

Custom Toast for Android

The default Toast for Android is very simple and easy to use. However, sometimes our program uses the default Toast instead of the overall style of the program. In this case, we need to customize Toast to make it more integrated with our program. To

Android custom Spinner drop-down menu and AutoCompleteTextView automatically display (drop-down list box) style

In Android, the Spinner is the automatically displayed style of the drop-down menu and AutoCompleteTextView. It is equivalent to the label in HTML.The Spinner Widget drop-down menu and AutoCompleteTextView provided in Android are very easy to use

Configure a user-friendly Android Simulator

By default, the Android simulator looks like this: The most prominent problem on the screen is obviously its ugly interface. The simulator window occupies a huge space on the screen and has a screen keyboard for no reason. If you have never used a

Android development-like QQ setting interface (custom PreferenceActivity)

Today, I would like to share with you the UI layout Implementation of the QQ setting interface. Set the main interface Skin settings page Traffic Statistics page Friend setting interface (in fact, this is not in the setting interface. This ACTIVITY

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